Leftovers of PSLV C39 Mission Will Fall Back Towards Earth in Two Months
“As per our current estimates whatever remains of the structure – [fairing], satellite and the rocket’s fourth stage – will fall into the sea.” The IRNSS 1H in the clean room at the Satish Dhawan Space Centre, Sriharikota, ahead of its launch. Source: ISRO The Indian navigation satellite IRNSS 1H, stuck inside a rocket’s payload fairing…… (0 comment)

Any Wonder That the King-Sized Tiger Genome Still Has Its Secrets?
A new study has found that India’s tigers aren’t all the same. Instead, their genes suggest they form three distinct clusters. A tiger in Ranthambore, Rajasthan. Credit: Christopher Kray/Flickr, CC BY 2.0 Janaki Lenin is the author of My Husband and Other Animals. She lives in a forest with snake-man Rom Whitaker and tweets at @janakilenin. India…… (0 comment)

10 Things To Consider In Purchasing Machine & Equipment Purchasing machine and equipment are the most common things in the manufacturing business. Even a home-based business requires different small machines and handtools. However, taking a right decision of purchasing machine and equipment are not the easy tasks for new entrepreneurs. Because here you are investing… (0 comment)

Pradhan Mantri Yuva Yojana for Indian Entrepreneurs Pradhan Mantri YUVA Yojana is MSDE’s flagship scheme on entrepreneurship education and training. Basically, this is an encouraging scheme for the entrepreneurs who are not properly skilled. Under this scheme, an entrepreneur can avail the basic skill development programmes and other learning and develop processes for the entrepreneurship… (0 comment)

List of Top 10 FMCG Companies in India in 2017 FMCG stands for Fast Moving Consumer Goods. India is a big destination for the FMCG business. And more than 100 crore population of the country depends on the FMCG companies to satisfy the daily requirements. Basically, FMCG companies operate the business through a wide distribution… (0 comment)

Top 10 School Management Software in India
Top 10 School Management Software in India Are you looking for best school management software in India? Here we have compiled top school management systems for you to consider. Generally, school management software facilitates paperless administration of schools. School software has the ability to host modules which allow a user to maintain an academic history of… (0 comment)

Top 10 Best Architecture Software in India for Small Business
Top 10 Best Architecture Software in India for Small Business Architecture software or architectural design software is an essential item for the both architect professional and students. Additionally, this type of software comes with different features and advantages. You can create a plan, elevation, and design of any project. Basically, an architecture software is a blueprint… (0 comment)