Jaring DNS Servers List
I would like to share with you the Malaysia Jaring DNS servers. Host Name 1 Host Name 2 IP Status ns1.jaring.my Within Jaring ns2.jaring.my Within Jaring ns3.jaring.my gaten.jaring.my Within Jaring ns4.jaring.my gates.jaring.my Within Jaring ns5.jaring.my Within Jaring ns6.jaring.my Within Jaring gate1.jaring.my Within Jaring gate7.jaring.my Within Jaring gate8.jaring.my…… (0 comment)

Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Review
Update (30/03/17): The Galaxy S7 Edge is set to be replaced by Samsung’s 2017 Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+ flagship smartphones, which are available for pre-order now. What is the Galaxy S7 Edge? The curved screen is Samsung’s new headline design trait, and it’s using it more and more frequently. The S7 Edge is the…… (0 comment)

Creating Social Business advanced membership site Buddypress and S2member TechzAround
There are many ways to use WordPress nowdays. Today, I will show you several examples how to get most powerful features of Buddypress and WordPress to create interesting social oriented Directory or Multi vendor site, deal community. When you check most popular directory themes, you will see that they offer simple strategy when each user…… (0 comment)

Affiliate Egg deal TechzAround
Affiliate Egg – is a Wrdpress plugin, which allows you to add in your posts sample products from popular online stores and monetize referrals through the CPA-networks. Watch a short video to learn how does the plugin works. Supported shops Amazon (.com, .de, .co.uk, .it, .in, .fr, .es) Ebay (.com, .de, .in, .es, .com.au) Gearbest…… (0 comment)

Content Egg deal TechzAround
Content Egg – is a WordPress plugin that allows you with just a couple of clicks to add products from different affiliate systems and additional content to your posts: images, videos, news, books, messages from social networks and other thematic materials. Works with modern affiliate systems: Amazon Amazon (US, UK, DE, FR, IT,…)EBay (including local…… (0 comment)