10 Best SEO Friendly WordPress Themes with Built-in SEO Features

10 Best SEO Friendly WordPress Themes with Built-in SEO Features
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10 Best SEO Friendly WordPress Themes with Built-in SEO Features

WordPress is a highly powerful and popular Content Management System. Today millions of bloggers and e-entrepreneurs have become absolute fans of this powerful and advanced web platform. The popularity of WordPress is credited to the fact that it provides varied and customizable Frameworks for designing unique, attractive, feature-rich and SEO Friendly Themes.

Here under I have come with highly useful collection of 10 Best SEO Friendly WordPress Themes. Using these WordPress Themes you can design the perfect website so as to meet your goals and expectations.

You invariably require a unique and SEO Friendly WordPress Theme so that you get an opportunity to rank high on the Search Engine Results Page. With High Rankings in Search Engines, your website gets more views, more clicks and as a result, the overall conversion rate increases with the ultimate affect in enhancing the sales volumes. There is a positive shift in your brand value when you use an SEO Friendly WordPress Theme.

All this demands a choice as far as selecting WordPress Themes are concerned. You want to make sure that you get all the elements in your WordPress Theme necessary for running a world class website.

With the 10 Best SEO Friendly WordPress Themes, you can easily enhance your options for a perfectly suitable WordPress SEO Friendly Theme for your website.

These WordPress Themes provide ample customization and website builder features, editing options, creative flexibility, color schemes, layout and design variations, font styles, and much more. The 10 Best SEO Friendly WordPress Themes can help you realize your dream of having an awesome WordPress Theme for your website.

So you can go through the compilation of 10 Best SEO Friendly WordPress Themes, and I am pretty hopeful that you will find the most suitable WordPress Theme for your website.

10 SEO Friendly WordPress Themes

1. StudioPress

If you are looking for Premium SEO Friendly WordPress Themes, then StudioPress comes as one of the best places to have them which will ease the development of awesome WordPress sites. StudioPress WordPress Themes are studded with stunning features, which is why they are the preferred choice for thousands of website owners. One of the most outstanding feature of StudioPress Themes is that they have been powered by all powerful Genesis Framework.

As a matter of fact, the Genesis Framework is one of the best premium Framework for WordPress Themes. The Genesis Framework lets you quickly build incredible WordPress Themes. Moreover, the Genesis Framework is Search Engine Optimized. You get optimized code as well as smart design architecture which help you in achieving high rankings on the search engine results page.

The Genesis Framework has been built on the lightweight code which means that you always deliver fast performing WordPress websites to your customers, visitors and clients. Above all, the Genesis Framework is automatically updated so that your code is fully optimized and up to date. StudioPress has built up an extensive portfolio of WordPress Themes, which have sleek, professional and responsive design. On the whole, StudioPress comes as one of the best option if you want to have SEO Friendly Themes for your WordPress websites.
WordPress SEO Themes

2. Thesis Theme

Thesis Themes is another popular source for procuring SEO Friendly WordPress Themes. The most outstanding benefit of using Thesis Themes is the fact that it employs the all powerful Thesis Theme Framework. With Thesis Theme Framework you can control every element of your WordPress website including its features and site design so that you get to have a fully optimized WordPress website. With Search Engine Optimized WordPress Website, you can be sure to drastically improve your website’s ranking on the search engine results page. Each of the DIY Themes comes loaded with three revolutionary features such as Boxes, Skins and Site Tools. With Thesis Skins you can easily customize your website design from the comfort of your WordPress dashboard. Thesis Skins provide you ample opportunities to explore your creativity so that you have awesome looking SEO Friendly websites.
WordPress SEO Themes

3. Gantry Framework

If you are looking for a WordPress Theme Framework which makes Theming easy and powerful then Gantry WordPress Theme Framework can be the perfect solution for you. The Gantry Framework comes with comprehensive set of building blocks which enable you to have a versatile, flexible and SEO friendly website. It’s an amazing web theme framework developed by RocketTheme. Gantry Framework is available for WordPress as well as for Joomla Platform.

Using the Gantry Framework you get to have unprecedented control over the design, layout and features of your WordPress Website. The Gantry Framework compatible WordPress Themes are lightweight, flexible, customizable, secure, and above all are SEO friendly. By installing Gantry Framework you get the opportunity of using free child themes for your WordPress themes. You can also use premium themes for your WordPress Website which are set on the powerful Gantry Framework. You can use free themes or can buy premium themes from RocketTheme for Gantry Framework.
WordPress SEO Themes

4. PageLines Framework

PageLines Framework provides one of the most formidable Design Management System (DMS) for building awesome, beautiful, flexible, and professional WordPress websites. With PageLines DMS, you can easily build custom marketing websites. It provides features for incorporating Search Engine Optimization elements, Social Media Optimization, excellent Typography, splendid Layout, superb Color Control, and much more.

So with PageLines DMS, you can easily create professional WordPress websites. Moreover, you get to build 100% Mobile Ready Websites. So whatever website design you create, it is optimized to work in different viewing environments such as laptops, tablets, and Smartphones. You also get eCommerce capability and can set shopping website features right from your WordPress Dashboard.

You can even customize the texts on your site using web-safe fonts as well as can use the awesome Google Fonts, as well. The PageLines Store provides you the capability to add amazing extensions to your site. It incorporates modular drag and drop functionality so that you can build your websites code free.
WordPress SEO Themes

5. iThemes

If you are looking for ease-of-use, enormous control, creative freedom, extensive customization, and great website design, then iThemes WordPress Themes can be a fantastic choice for you. Moreover, it comes with the iThemes Builder which lets you quickly create your WordPress sites with ease. The iThemes Builder employs Responsive Design so that your WordPress sites are compatible with different screen sizes like tablets and smartphones. It comes with a powerful Layout Editor which provides various building blocks for creating a great looking and feature rich WordPress site. You go on inserting modules such as header, images, content area, navigation, widget bars, HTML areas, footer, etc. So you get complete flexibility for creating a WordPress website according to your own set of requirements. You also get various Themes options with its Builder Developer Pack. You get really nice designs in the business/corporate theme area.
WordPress SEO Themes

6. Canvas

Canvas is a flagship theme from Woo Themes. If you are looking for a highly customizable, SEO friendly Theme, then Canvas will definitely prove to be an excellent WordPress Theme for your online project. Using its options panel, you can customize the Canvas Theme to suit your requirements. You get the flexibility to modify its design, layout and typography so that you can have a WordPress website according to your own set of requirements. That’s not all, as you get hundreds of customizing options which help you to achieve the desired look for your site without even touching a single line of code.
WordPress SEO Themes

7. Swift Themes

If you are on the lookout for a simple, clean, fast loading, extensively customizable, and SEO friendly WordPress Theme then Swift Themes can be a perfect choice for you. With Swift Themes, you get to have a full design control, as well as top notch SEO. Swift Themes are lightweight. You get to have fast performing WordPress Websites when you use the Swift Themes for designing your sites. It is a thoroughly versatile and flexible WordPress Theme. You get every functionality in Swift Themes that you expect in a top notch WordPress Theme. Moreover, unlike other themes, Swift employs core WordPress functions to generate your site thumbnails. With Swift Themes, you get to have a super-fast page loads. You can easily expect to get Google Page Speed Score of 90+.
WordPress SEO Themes

8. Elemental Theme

Elemental Theme is another professional WordPress Theme from Pro Theme Design. It packs in strong SEO elements so that you get a SEO friendly WordPress website. Its powerful blog framework provides various options for customizable layouts, typography, page templates, widgets, navigation, and more. Elemental packs in all the functionalities you need to run a world-class WordPress website.
WordPress SEO Themes

9. Headway Themes

Headway Themes are simply awesome. If you want to have a SEO friendly WordPress Website, Headway Themes will make it happen for you. It features all powerful Headway Visual Editor which enables you to have any layout for your WordPress site. With its Drag and Drop Website Builder, you can easily customize any page you want, add fonts, colors, and much more.
WordPress SEO Themes

10. Themify Themes

Themify Themes are absolutely amazing, awesome and stunning. If you are looking for SEO Friendly WordPress Themes, Themify Themes can be the perfect choice for you. Themify Themes are non-coders delight and are equally good for beginners as well as for professionals. Moreover, The Themify Framework allows for quick and extensive customization through its option panel. You can tweak the theme settings and style your way for a unique, attractive, user friendly and feature-rich WordPress website theme design.
WordPress SEO Themes

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10 Best SEO Friendly WordPress Themes with Built-in SEO Features

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