10+ Low Cost Marketing Ideas for Startups

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10+ Low Cost Marketing Ideas for Startups

Are you a small business owner or have started a business with low investment? Possibly you don’t have money to advertise big like your bigger competitors can. Small business start-up entrepreneurs need to be more creative in their advertising and marketing approach in reaching targeted customers. If you are looking for ideas that can match your low budget, consider the following low-cost marketing ideas for startups.

Low Cost Marketing Ideas For Startups

1. Create your own business award competition.

If there isn’t a competition in your industry or there’s no way you can compete in one, hosting your own unique competition creates buzz as other businesses scramble to win your award.

2. Host free events

Reporters are always looking for a good story. You can host a free event. Give them what they want. You will get some free publicity by hosting a free event. You’ll get more response if there’s food or freebies involved.

3. Network at your local Chamber of Commerce

This is a classic marketing idea for small businesses because it can yield big dividends. Association with the Chamber will make your events more credible. This is a must for small business owners. You can find new partners or clients, or discover opportunities to teach or speak.

4. Join associations and use the provided resources

You can do this without paying any charge. Join local networking events, online forums, and job boards. Networking is the most wonderful marketing ideas for startups. The more people you know, the more customers you will have.

5. Build a referral network

Referrals and word of mouth are the most powerful advertising. Build relationships with professionals and other businesses. You would happily refer your customers to and who can send referrals your way, as well.

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6. Send handwritten holiday, birthday, or thank you cards

It gives a caring message to your past and current clients, valued partners, vendors in your referral network, connections who have helped you–everyone you can think of. This is a low-cost and unique marketing idea for small business, but many entrepreneurs have reported its effectiveness.

7. Be everywhere

Having a blog, YouTube channel, and podcast on iTunes in addition to social media makes you more well known and credible. Expand beyond your website to get more traffic and leads.

8. Create a customer loyalty program

A loyalty program may give a customer free merchandise, rewards, coupons, or even advance released products. It is important to encourage future purchases and referrals.

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9. Use bumper stickers and window decals

In addition to putting on them company vehicles and owners’ cars, give them for free to employees, partners, stakeholders and investors, charities you donate to, and other contacts to display.


10. Imprint company logo on hats and T-shirts

Your loyal customers will be happy to wear them and will become free brand promoters.

11. List your business in local business directories

Google My Business from Google and Bing Places for Google from Bing are absolutely free for local businesses. Yahoo Localworks from Yahoo is a paid service allowing to list your business in 50 directories (Yahoo Local, Yelp, WhitePages, Bing, Mapquest, etc.). Once you’re listed, start taking advantage of local search results. Ask your customers to leave reviews on your page.

10+ Low Cost Marketing Ideas for Startups
10+ Low Cost Marketing Ideas for Startups

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