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10 Reasons You Should Start Blog Today
10 Reasons You Should Start Blog Today

10 Reasons You Should Start Blog Today

10 Reasons You Should Start Blog Today
10 Reasons You Should Start Blog Today

Before I m gonna tell you about Reasons why you start a Blog. There are some Facts I would love to share with you about Blogging.

You know in early 90’s Blogging was just a mere tool for a Moderated Discussion between few top groups and “Blog”word  was not existed that time.

After that People started this platform as Online Diary to write and store their own personal Life on web.

And Soon from 1990 to 2004 People started sharing their Experiences with others on Internet and commenting systems start. LiveJournal, SlashDot which are the Biggest Blogs today were started in 1999.

And Now these days as the internet and Technology is growing everyone is using Blogs and Websites to share and seek Information.

People  are also use blogging for sharing their hobbies, tips to help others and also to make money by various online ways. These are few reasons why you should start a blog today how blogging can change your life for better.

In the Same way i started a blog to share information and experiences with online communities. After a while it just a become regular hobby to write something daily, And with time my goals set towards making money from my blog. And soon I wasn’t even aware with the reality i was doing a full time blogging as my career.

So, what i am trying to say that blogging can give you more than what can you think. and the same i am sharing with you here.

10 Most Common Reasons why you should Start a Blog Today


1. To help people in making their lives easy

Most important reasons why you start a blog is to help others, make their lives easier by sharing your experiences about life, hobbies you possess or by reviewing about products you are using. Like I do, and this is reasons i started Blogging Next to help new bloggers starting their own blogging journey without any hustle.

And other example is Life Hacker they write about everything to make thing easier for everyone. I learn to increase productivity for myself and they’re real real good in this stuff. So, make yourself useful to the world

2. Blogging is Very Easy

You know I started my first blog in 2011, and that time very few peoples know about Blog and stuff. And at that time blogging is not that easier as it is today. In those days Bloggers need to learn coding to make tweaks and customization in their blogs and also there were not many blogging platforms other than Blogger and WordPress.

But now days, WordPress has made it so easy. you just have to follow some steps to start a blog, make some clicks, install some plugins instead of coding and you are good to go to publish your first.

3. It’s Free and Affordable

You can use free Platforms like Blogger and to start your Blog. Or if you want to take your blog to more upper level then you can use Scripts (There is a Difference Between and install it on your own self Hosting and Domain which will not cost you more that 50$ for a Year.

4. Make Money from Blogging

Yes, you can generate a [eafl id=285 name=”PopAds” text=”Passive Income”] from your blog.It could be a little in start because nothing comes for free without hard work. you have to work hard in the start, grow your blogs, create a community and you’re money making machine is ready.

There are tons of ways to make money online with Blogging. You can place ads on your blog or you can your sell products., you can also use affiliate service to sell other peoples products for some commission.

5. You Will Become a Writer

From school time we start learning about writing a word and then combining the poer of Pen and Paper we drew our thoughts into real life, give them a purpose to do something better.

Writing is a always a better way to communicate your expressions, thoughts.

With Blogging, You will write everyday something, things you knew and you want to learn. In no time even if you’re not thinking about learning How to become a Expert Writer, It will happens eventually without knowing yourself.

6. You will become Think Tanker

Blogging is a process of getting your thoughts on the paper combining differnent nature of words, Blogging fills you will confidence to make deeper connections with stories you are writing. It let ou think deeply about the next line you’r going to write. It makes you read and write about facts,facts people no aware of.

Bloggers thoughts never stops until they satisfy themselves with the information they have written is fully completed with a full stop. They are always eager to add something in the phrase to make it more interesting to read.

7. Build up your Self-Confidence

Confidence is the one other reason why you should start a blog. Blogging gives you a goal and confidence to fulfill an achieve those Goals. Blogging gives you self esteem that what you’re writing is for betterment of the world and other people. you can set your own goals and complete them without any Fear of Blogging.

8. You’ll Become a Speaker

School times, when the first time you go to a stage and have to make speech, and nervousness you feel, confidence you lack. You won’t feel it again.

Once you start your Blogging Journey, you will find many ways to communicate with people. Which give you the opportunities to share knowledge which you already sharing them on your blog, but in person with an audience on a bigger Stage. Instead of being nervous, you will feel better than ever.

9. Give your Life a Goal a Challenge

We all know at some point in our life, we all have some goals and challenges. Some are able to achieve them and some people just change their goals cause of fear of failure.

And same happens with Blogging, You can start a blog in 20 mins with few clicks, but to manage it, and grow it. No,its not that easy, you always has to Think Tank, write something that people loves read and share.

You can set your goals, some people star a blog with a goal of making 1000$ Dollars a month and some people start because they wants to promote their and some people just want to share there travelling experience to the world. so the next time, when you are thinking about starting a blog.

Just Think about a Goals and Challenges you want to Set.

10. Blogging Make you a Celebrity

Today Blogging is not just mere about writing, sharing and make money. It gives your more than that, it make you famous celebrity if you do it in the right way. Even if you have 1 Follower or 1 Million but think that one reader is a Fan of your writing. And more People will start reading about your writing and they share it with others. and at some point whole world will know you, about the things you’re doing with your Blog.

Just More Few Words:

Never take Blogging as a one way route, Because with time you won’t know on which path your going. Start with small steps. Write only what people wants to read not what people already reading on other blogs.

We can Achieve many goals with Blogging, We can [eafl id=283 name=”Adsterra” text=”make money”], We can start our career becoming blogger or Journalist. You can start a Charity with a Blog to help/Aid causes.

So it’s always up to you what you’re doing is write or wrong. If you’re still not sure. I will help you find out your next step.

And if you have already decided to start a blog and or have a blog. We love to see what you’re sharing with world. Please share in Comments.

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