10 Simple Ways to Be an Expert Blogger as Seen on Quora.Com Part I

10 Simple Ways to Be an Expert Blogger as Seen on Quora.Com Part I
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10 Simple Ways to Be an Expert Blogger as Seen on Quora.Com Part I

Best free blogging tips from Quora.com

Welcome to my Summer Series:

Answers to Frequently Asked Blogging Questions

as Seen on Quora.com

Do you know how many questions about blogging there are at Quora.com?

31,500! Clearly, there’s great confusion about how to blog better.

Last summer, I shared blogging questions asked on Mostly Blogging and my responses.

This post will share 10 of the frequently asked questions related to blogging on Quora.com and the answers I shared.

Question 1: What is the use of blogging?

Answer 1:

You get to help other people who need your tips

You connect with people who share your passion for writing

You are in a community of like-minded people where you discuss your common interests in the blog topics

You have a chance to make money doing something you love

Q2: What is the best way to get targeted traffic to a brand new blog rather quickly? 


Thanks to Facebook groups that allow daily self-promotion, my readership has grown.

Here is a link with 18 Facebook groups that allow daily self-promotion of your blog posts:

18 Facebook Groups You Need to Join Today

You mention targeted readers.

I would go to the Facebook search bar and type in the name of your niche + groups so you can find targeted visitors.

Question 3: What are the best tips to becoming a successful blogger?

A3: Solve people’s problems for them in your posts and then promote the heck out of the post.

This post will tell you how to solve people’s problems for them

How to Be Memorable in a Sea of Bloggers: Sticky Blogging

I offer 79 free tips for promoting your articles

79 of the Most Effective Ways to Get Free Blog Traffic

Good luck.


Question 4: How can I make money by giving out free a free service?

(Note: I assumed the question asked how can we monetize when we give out our information for free.)

A4: There are sites you can to for paid writing gigs while you give out your blog info for free. Udemy, Upwork, Fiverr, and ProBlogger will all pay you to write.

Question 5: How can you get your blog seen by more people?


  1. At the end of your article, ask your readers to share your posts.

2. I quote influencers in my posts and I send them my article. Many will share. As influencers, they have a huge social media following. That would be widespread exposure.

3. Promote everywhere. I shared a list of 18 Facebook groups that allow you to promote your posts daily. Many of the groups have thousands of members.

18 Facebook Groups You Need to Join Today

Good luck.


Question 6: How can I get more views on my blog and more people to interact on the site in terms of liking, commenting, and sharing?


The best blog posts solve a problem for the reader.

You have to start with your headline. Let people know in your headline you’ll solve a problem for them.

My article on Sticky Blogging will tell you how to get people to “stick” to your blog. They will stay until the end to find out the answer to their problem. How to Be Memorable in a Sea of Bloggers: Sticky Blogging

How to… headlines are popular since they get the most clicks.

If your headline says you’ll solve a problem, and then in your post, you solve that problem, people will want to share your posts.

As far as commenting, you need to ask a question at the end called a Call to Action. Tell them to put their answer in the comments section. If you solve a problem by the end of the article, they’ll read to the end and see your Call to Action.

This article explains how to write a call to action that will boost comments and subscribers: This Is How to Write the Best Call to Action That Will Boost Comments and Subscribers

I strongly advise promoting your posts in Facebook groups that allow sharing. There are Facebook groups designed to boost comments, likes, and sharing.

In the Facebook search bar, just type what you’re looking for + group.


Question 7: Is there any free keyword research tool?

A7: One of my most popular posts answered this question.

Happily, yes! There are many free keyword research tools.

I wrote an article offering a tutorial for 13 of them.

13 Best Free Tools You Need to Improve Your Long Tail Keywords

KW Finder, Soovle, Ubersuggest, Semrush, Moz, Answer the Public… are just a few of them.

Enjoy the article.


Question 8: Are there any bloggers [who can help with] collaborating? I am a lifestyle blogger from Serbia. 


I actually just hosted a Twitter Chat yesterday where I gave tips for blogger collaboration!

The reason they chose me to host is I have subcommunities on my blog where we help each other collaborate.

We stumble each other’s links here StumbleUpon Group

We have a collaboration group here Blogger Collaboration Group

We help each other with link building here Link Exchange

and we help each other with list building here How to Get New Blog Followers

I hope these groups serve your needs.


Question 9: What are the best ways to get a link beside guest blogging?



I would recommend creating content so excellent people will want to link to you. Guides, tutorials, and case studies are examples of that quality content.

I actually conducted an expert round-up post and asked this very question. Here are 20 expert recommendations for link building:

How to Easily Get Links: 20 Experts Share Valuable Tips


Question 10: How do I get traffic that converts?

A: 10


Are you trying to get traffic that converts? It’s easy.

Step 1: Bring traffic to your blog. Here are 79 ways to do that. They are all free.

79 of the Most Effective Ways to Get Free Blog Traffic

Step 2: Offer your site visitors something for free in exchange for signing up. Here is an article with 50 ideas for freebies you can offer:

How to Easily Get New Followers with Optins: an Update



In closing, these were the answers I gave at Quora.com.

Do you notice any patterns? I do.

Of the 10 questions cited, most seemed concerned with traffic and link building.

How would you have answered these questions? I look forward to your views in the comments section.

Note: Janice will answer comments as her vacation schedule and internet connectivity allow.



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10 Simple Ways to Be an Expert Blogger as Seen on Quora.Com Part I

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