10 Technically Proven Secret Information to Start Professional Blogging

10 Technically Proven Secret Information to Start Professional Blogging


10 Technically Proven Secret Information to Start Professional Blogging


logging is not just a piece of cake.

Blogging turns to become a passion first.

Then it transforms into the profession.

I meant not just a random profession that you would just keep kicking.

But to make it a profession, you got to have to treat it as a normal thing.

Not an online thing that you can just hop on in delays spanning to days and even the weeks (don’t think months and of course years).

We should not treat blogging as *a normal thing* just for the sake of it is being done online.

Give it your serious look.

Your good thoughts.

Your precious time.

And think positive in making blogging a business.

Yes, it is your business.

But the only difference is that it is online.

How come my blogging’s passion turns into business?

Just take it, folks!

Business requires so much from you.

It requires time, thoughts, body, attention, vigilance, and money too.

And for that, you need to become SERIOUS. And more SERIOUS.

You would need to measure your actions.

Your tongue and the decisions.

So, these are not generally evaluated when you have the blogging as the passion.

In passion, you skip so much to keep going with it.

And that you have no thoughts of even cashing it out (or at least you do not have).

I do not enforce you to turn your passion into a business but why not take a good move and cash out your time? 🙂

How can I start professional blogging then?

Yeah, it is easy.

It is so easy to start professional blogging.

I am still confident in saying that blogging is not easy.

But professional blogging is easy.

All you have to do is to learn the curves of blogging.

The basics of it.

And then you have to keep doing.

Keep following them every day.

It all depends on the time that you invest, and how smart you go.

But I am not telling you to glue to the secret information word by word or stick it in front of your face.

You just take them as proven examples and go differently.

So, how really can I start professional blogging?

With these 10 tips.

The proven ones.

And a bit of the secret. 🙂

  1. What value your blog gives?
  2. Networking.
  3. Don’t get caught up with what everyone’s doing.
  4. Make yourself 1% better every day.
  5. Do focus on getting better and doing better.
  6. Know your worth.
  7. Do not be afraid of no use.
  8. Always be professional and polite.
  9. Have a plan.
  10. Just start.

Here is such a nicest video tips from Sarah Barnes of

Hop on the video and this is what you need to start professional blogging the right way.

The one example who is kicking the professional blogging

And that is Ryan Biddulph.

Ryan is doing a marvelous job in doing professional blogging.

And that he turned his passion into the professional blogging.

He actually is kicking the professional blogging as his passion.

Totally, he is loving it. 🙂

Oh BTW, he is the world-traveller. 🙂

So, just start. Set your feets on the road of professional blogging.

And do it NOW!

10 Technically Proven Secret Information to Start Professional Blogging

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