10 Ways To Write Quality Comments At Every Blog You Visit.

10 Ways To Write Quality Comments At Every Blog You Visit.

write quality comments

Blog commenting isn’t new to you. Every time you read about building human relationships with your fellow bloggers, commenting comes at the first place.

But how would you vow the blog owner with your comments? What’s your way to write quality comments at different blogs?

This is one of the most important topics to discuss.

People tell you about writing more and more comments but no one tells how?

I am here with a guide to embrace your blog commenting skills within a few days.

Things To Consider When You Write A Blog Comment.

Before you even think about commenting on someone’s blog, there are many things which should be analyzed.

There are many mistakes people make.

Let me point out some ways to improve your blog commenting skills.

#1. Always Start With A Perfect Designation.

It’s always recommended to start with a personal touch. You know that people like to get connected with others.

Just drop the name with “hi, hello, hey” etc.

For example, Hey Josh, Hi Brenda, Hello John.

It adds a value to your comment. Don’t ever start directly. You are talking to a person and it’s important to mention that person in your comment.

If you start like –

I am here with the great approach of friendship and value.

I don’t think it would work out. To whom you are talking. Say it gently.

#2. Start A Conversation From The Article.

There are many people who drop by and write a few words from their own world which are not even related to the content.

Have you noticed any? Well, the world is not small, you will get to know about it some day.

The thing is, start your conversation with the motto of the article. The heading of the article says everything. Make sure that you add some value.

#3. Tell Your Personal Story.

how to write quality comments

A personal story always works. There may be many life experiences which can be related to the content.

If someone is writing about confessions of a professional blogger then you can relate to many things. You may also have something to say.

What about your secret confessions which are yet to be revealed to the world? Share something you always wanted to confess about blogging.

#4. Follow The Smart Guide, Read The Basic Points.

It’s not possible to read the whole article every time you comment.

People try to comment on many blogs as possible. So you can follow the right path by having an idea about the content from the highlighted points.

It would be great if you pick a few lines from the article so that the blog owner can really think that you have invested a few minutes.

#5. Don’t Flaunt, Add Genuine Compliments.

You may find any blog post really helpful. Maybe you can add a few words about that.

“Hey Jessica,

You have rocked it.:)

I have read many articles related to this and you brought something that touched me. “

The comment may go on like that. You can add the words like “informative, useful, wonderful” and many else.

Don’t start like you’re trying to impress a girl with your fake attitude.

Just be normal and say what you really mean. This is something you should follow to write quality comments.

#6. Say The New Things You Read.

There are many blog posts on the same topic. So it’s important to bring something new.

Skip the old piece of the content and mention something which is new to you. Use your reading skills and analyze something unique from the content.

It’s like spying your own old home.

Don’t you feel good when someone notices the changes you have made? The same thing goes for everyone.

#7. Use The Main Point of The Article.

For every blog post, there is a central idea.

Suppose you have read about “start your own blog and make money from it“. Doesn’t it an obvious guide everyone is providing?

Well, you should stick to the main point of starting a new blog and extend it with your knowledge.

Whether it’s about buying a new domain or the web host, mention the companies you trust.

It would be really good if you add the company names the blog owner has mentioned so that he/she can relate to your comment.

#8. Never Skip The First Paragraph.

write quality comments

To write quality comments, it would be a great idea to generate the content for your comment from the first paragraph of the article.

You know that the starting points are always the best. You can mention those points in your comment to make it look better.

People like it when someone relates to their views. How about you?

#9. Add Some Emotions.

This is the secret to write quality comments.

Bloggers like when someone tells them about the how they felt about their article. Maybe the content has helped many people.

You know what, whenever you start writing a comment, always remember the things happened to you in the past. Add the lines telling that you wish if you could find the article before.

It shows how important it is to read the content.

#10. Never Skip The Conclusion.

Some bloggers ask your opinion in the conclusion, others tell what they think.

You should read the last paragraph so that you can share what has been asked. If someone asks about your thought related to the topic then go for it.

It’s the direct way to connect with the bloggers.

What Are You Going To Do To Write Quality Comments?

Every now and then, people are working hard to get noticed by influencers. And the best way is to comment on their blog posts.

What about you? Are you following any of the points mentioned above?

Do you have your own style? It would be great if you share your ways to write quality comments.

From my perspective, you should always try to relate to the content. Never ever comment if you don’t have any idea about it.

Read and then start writing.

If you want to share something, people would love to hear about it.

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