15 Domain Name Mistakes People Make For Their New Blog.

15 Domain Name Mistakes People Make For Their New Blog.

domain name mistakes

Every second is the time to start a new blog and people are buying new domains every day.Whether you want to bring your offline business to the web or want to start your own business, you would need a domain name.

From a professional perspective, there are a few things you should keep in your mind while buying a new domain name.

It’s because people make many domain name mistakes with their first blog. What about you, have you ever mistakenly chosen the wrong name for your blog?

What Are The Mistakes You Shouldn’t Make?

From the numbers to the words, many things are considered.

You should have a success route to start your own blog and make money from it.

Let me provide you the guide the avoid the mistakes.

#1. You Add Numbers.

It may seem good when you pick up any name including the numbers and from the SEO point of view, it’s bad.

Your users can’t remember the domain names with the numbers. Let me show you some examples.

These domain names may seem attractive but it would be great if you choose something with only the text.

#2. You Extend It Including Every Name You Know.

People are really bad with their memorizing power and you shouldn’t put any extra pressure.

Don’t be the person having the domain name including every family member. Keep it short so that it’s easy to remember.

The domain names like – can’t work.

How would you expect someone to even take a minute to read it?

#3. You Use Funny Words To A Professional Domain Name.

It’s not your playground or a comic place. You may have noticed some domain names having some funny words which are not even considered as professional.

For example –

Don’t you even have any idea about the word “bummpy”? It’s ridiculously funny. Don’t make such domain name mistakes.

#4. You Add Spam Words.

common domain name mistakes

In this internet world, there are many words which are considered as spam. You should search for them before you choose your domain name.

For example, there is a much difference between “hacking” and “ethical hacking“.

You can’t use “hacking” in the domain name. Google doesn’t consider it as good as you think.

#5. Wrong Spelling.

Just the matter of fact, people are so much affected by the online dating and chatting that even their professional life has been influenced.

“Love” has become “luv”, “happy” has become “hpy”. What’s wrong with everyone?

Can’t you use the full spellings of each word? You should make such domain name mistakes.

#6. You Try To Choose The Similar Names.

Some people try to get the similar names to the famous websites.

Have you visited any blog having the similar name including  “journal, problogger, beginner”? Such words are included in the famous domain names.

People have the misconceptions to attract more visitors with the similar names.

#7. You Choose An Unusual Domain Name Extension.

Most of the people recommend to have the extensions including .com, .net and .org. But a few people start their first blog with an unusual extension.

It doesn’t make you unique, it’s useless. No one is going to remember it until you become the most famous person on the internet.

#8. You Use Dashes And Underscores.

Have a look on the domain names like What do you think about it? Can you ever remember that?

Let me give you another example.

This is even worse than the earlier one. The dashes and underscores don’t really work good in the professional domain names.

#9. You Settle For Something Normal.

If you’re serious about your online business then never underestimate the domain name. It’s like the starting of your brand building.

You can’t choose a name which doesn’t even relate to your business. Don’t ever get disappointed. To find the right domain name, you should put some efforts.

#10. You Don’t think About The Long Term Goals.

domain name mistakes

One of the domain name mistakes people make when they don’t think it from the long term perspectives.

When you start on online business, you should always consider the future goals. In the starting, if you choose a name which is irrelevant and then after the popularity, you think about changing it.

Does it make any sense? It will only increase one redirect and a lot of work to rebuild your brand.

#11. Not Including The Keywords.

Every now and then, you may read to choose a domain name including the keyword of the niche of your blog.

Whether you’re starting a company website or a personal blog, you should use a keyword.

For example, include blogging, blogger in a blogging niche blog. Include tech, techie or any other world relate to the tech in a technology blog.

#12. You Give Up Your Idea.

It’s possible that you come up with an amazing domain name idea and find out that it’s already taken. Do you give it up?

Well, the one thing is to contact the website owner if he/she is ready to sell it at some affordable price. Nowadays, people are using the expired domains to get more exposure.

Why can’t you buy one?

#13. Not Doing Some Research.

Before you even think about buying a domain name, you should check the related domains so that you don’t end up with the similar name.

Make a list of all the famous and already trademarked companies and relate your idea with them. You won’t like to mismatch your domain name with anyone else.

#14. You Don’t Check The Foreign Meaning of the Domain Name.

what are the common domain name mistakes

Yes, this is something people always neglect. For a few words, there are different meaning in different languages.

Before you make your blog live, it’s important to check it’s proper meaning everywhere is possible. You won’t like to get it screwed in any country just because of its meaning.

#15. You Choose An Overqualified Name.

It’s quite surprising how can a domain name be overqualified? Well, a few people try to show their vocabulary skills in the domain name.

There are billions and billions of words in the dictionary and for each word, there are many synonyms. If you use a word for which people need to open their dictionary then I don’t think it would work.

Don’t you think it would be quite unusual and overqualified? Don’t make these types of domain name mistakes.

Have You Made Any of The Domain Name Mistakes In Your Past?

We all have something to regret and if you have done such domain name mistakes then it’s time to correct it.

For your next blog, you should keep all the points in your mind. Whether you open any business website or a consultancy service, you should always look for the best domain name.

Never give your idea, always seek for the similar domain names to your idea if someone has already taken that.

What are the things you would like to add in this? What are the domain name mistakes people shouldn’t make other than the points above?

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