20 Experts Reveal Their Secrets to Blog Promotion

20 Experts Reveal Their Secrets to Blog Promotion
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20 Experts Reveal Their Secrets to Blog Promotion

Are you so busy you don’t have time to read articles about how to deal with being so busy?

What if I told you there is only one instrumental task to blogging success that you absolutely have to find the time to take care of?  For many reasons, I feel networking is that answer.

I interviewed twenty blogging experts and asked, What is the #1 secret to blog promotion?

Did they agree with me that networking is key?  Did they agree with my guest speaker Lysa Wilds about all that successful blogging entails?  Did they agree with each other?  Did they echo the voices in my previous expert interviewLet’s find out.


What is the #1 secret to blog promotion?


The Experts Weigh In


The Content

Guy KawasakiBlog good stuff. Everything else follows… Guy Kawasaki, meerkatapp.co/guykawasaki


It’s to have something that’s worth promoting. Promotion alone only gets it seen. Something useful and unique and relevant and well done? That gets it JulieJoyceinto the cycle where other people do the promotion for you. Julie Joyce, linkfishmedia.com



 Keep making good contents and RTs are going to come! Guillermo Paz, Author of the RV Blog Series, Series And TVseriesandtv.com



Mike WhitakerSalesman walks up to me with the mindset that his money is in my wallet, which is okay, since I see he has something of value in his hand. 🙂, Mike Whataker, theperfectbusinessforyou.com/4023/everybody…

The Readers

Rand FishkinAsk a question: Who will help me promote/share my content and why? Rand Fishkin, moz.com




Building a network of strong & loyal audience who love your past stuff and will gleefully share your new stuff.
  Mark Traphagen, stonetemple.com   


Yaro StarakKnowing whom you are trying to reach and what they are trying to do. Yaro Starak, Entrepreneurs-Journey



Chris GarrettThe secret to blogging is Soylent Green*. (*It’s people.) Chris Garrett, ProBloggerBook.com

The Bloggers

John MeeseThe #1 secret to blog promotion is consistent persistance… Each social share or email blast by itself may not do very much, but brand awareness is cumulative. In time, it adds up!  John Meese, JohnMeese.me



Bill SlawskiResponding to your readers’ problems and issues in an effective manner.  Bill Slawski, seobythesea.com



The #1 blog promotion secret is building social relationships in your niche and delivering what your Sylviane Nucciotarget reader or client wants. Sylviane Nuccio, sylvianenuccio.com



Matt Banner

A detail many bloggers miss when it comes to blog promotion is consistency. You can promote one blog post​ effectively and generate a few shares and inbound links as a result. However, continuing to consistently do that for every blog post you publish will help you break the seal of consistent results. Matt Banner, OnBlastBlog.com


blogicianMost important thing is to gradually build the right connections and then get the influencers to endorse your work.  So the biggest secret is to build connections with the right people from day one. Know the influencers and build relationships.  Neil of Blogician



Sue Anne DunlevieInclude or link to influencers in your posts and then ask them to share your post is my #1 promotion key for beginning bloggers.

After you include or link to influencers, send them an email or a tweet that you have done so and, most of the time, they will share your post with their followers. This will get you more traffic than if you just shared your post to your own social media channels.

You will also start to build a relationship with influential bloggers by doing this. Continue that relationship by sharing and commenting on their posts. Once you have done so for at least 3 weeks, you could ask them if you could guest blog for them. Sue Anne Dunlevie, SuccessfulBlogging.com


Dennis SeymourJust one “secret”… It’s actually telling people about the piece of content 🙂 People usually don’t go the extra mile. Dennis Seymour, LeapFroggr

Syndicate, syndicate, syndicate… share your content via all social channels always including Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and LinkedIn, which also makes it easy for others to share. And don’t be afraid to do it more than once periodically sharing old posts via your social channels, especially those that were well received.  Also let others freely repost your content with a link back to the original post. 

Welcome to the ‘Age of Influence,’ where anyone can build an audience and effect change, advocate brands, build relationships Ted Rubinand make a difference.  Ted Rubin, rebelmouse.com/TedRubin



Debi StangelandThe #1 secret to blog promotion is promote more than once.  Get your posts in front of as many eyes as you can. Debi Stangeland, DebiStangeland.com



James ChartrandPutting in the effort and doing the hard work. James Chartrand, menwithpens.ca



A Combination of Factors

Truth is, there are no secrets. Give your readers value, network with other Ileane Smith bloggers and be consistent.  Ileane Smith, Basic Blog Tips



Lorraine RegulyThere are many. No number ones. Having others share your stuff is helpful, especially if they have a huge following.  Justretweet.com helps too. Lorraine Reguly, lorrainereguly.com 



The Results

The experts have spoken!

Their answers fall into four categories, and that is how they are grouped.  They feel the responsibility lies with the blogger, the blog reader, the content that is produced, or a combination.

The success of blog promotion lies in the blogger who should work hard and put in the time to network.

Others felt the onus lies with the blog readers who should share content they find valuable.

Other experts felt the above is irrelevant; if the content is strong, it will promote itself.

The final bloggers felt many factors matter.

Infographic of Ways to Promote Your Blog

Experts Reveal Their Secrets to Blogging Promotion

Now that the strategies for getting your content exposed have been laid out by the blogging experts, it is apparent that you,  too, can experience the blogging success they have.  So, what are you waiting for?  Go implement their ideas!

Readers, if you feel others could benefit from these tips, please share.

What is your opinion of the experts’ answers?  Are there any you agree or disagee with?  What have you found to be your biggest asset to blog promotion?  I can’t wait to hear your views.




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20 Experts Reveal Their Secrets to Blog Promotion

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