3 Amazing Shortcuts for Writing Headlines in Record Time

3 Amazing Shortcuts for Writing Headlines in Record Time
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3 Amazing Shortcuts for Writing Headlines in Record Time

GETTINGHave you ever asked yourself how readers find your blog posts to read?  Many potentially new readers find your posts through search engines.  Then, many search your archives and hover over a title wondering if the post will be interesting and if the information will apply to them.

How long is that decision-making process? A second?  That’s all the time you get to have your headline make so powerful an impression that a new reader, or a reader with limited time, will stick around and read your post.

There are more than 152 million blogs on the Internet.  Why should readers who find your blog stay there?  New readers will continue reading your blog if the headline is compelling.  It’s their first impression of your blog.  It’s your foot in their door.  Wouldn’t it be great if you could write a better headline in less the time?

Advanced Marketing Institute

Shortcut 1: Enter Advanced Marketing Institute!

The Advanced Marketing Institute will analyze the merit of your headline for you. Advanced Marketing Institute actually takes the guess-work out of headline writing, so the effectiveness of your headline is no longer subjective.

The site will give your headline a rating. They even give you a disclaimer that 100% perfection is not achievable so you don’t feel bad that your headline didn’t get 100%.

In addition, they will analyze the merit of your proposed headline down to the tiniest detail. The analysis is so complimentary, your self-worth is bound to rise along with the caliber of your headline.

  • Go to http://www.aminstitute.com/.
  • Click Headline Analyzer.
  • Type your headline idea where it asks you to.  In addition to a rating, you will receive a label of your headline.

The Analyzer puts one of three labels on your headline, intellectual, empathetic, or spiritualIntellectual headlines are for professionals trying to market a product or service.  Empathetic headlines are for bloggers who want to elicit positive emotional reactions from the readers. Spiritual headlines contain words which will influence people and appeal to them.

The best part, the Advanced Marketing Institute is absolutely free to use.

Power Words

Shortcut 2: My post 13 Foolproof Ways You Can Stop Writing Ineffective Blog Headlines explained that there is a formula to writing

Scissors represent cutting headline writing time down.

These 3 tips will reduce the time it takes you to write your blog headlines.

headlines. The formula is number + adjective + keyword + promise.  However, the post didn’t explain what adjectives are most effective to use in the headline.

Shortcut 3: These power words will make your headline so interesting that your readers will be compelled to keep reading your blog past the headline.

Readers want to find useful information that can help them solve a problem.  Your headline, with a power word in the title, will convince them that they can indeed find those solutions at your site.

What power words will you use in your headline?  That depends on your readers.  What do they want?  Put yourself in the minds of your readers as you try to answer.  No psychic ability is required.  Do they tell you in their comments and questions what they want?

Let’s brainstorm together.  What do people want?  What do they like?  People like things that are

  • free
  • time-saving
  • effective
  • magical
  • amazing
  • revolutionary
  • stunning
  • easy
  • simple
  • new
  • perfect
  • fabulous
  • fantastic
  • great
  • remarkable
  • unbelievable
  • super
  • smart
  • important
  • successful
  • ultimate
  • cheap
  • inexpensive
  • mind-blowing
  • little-known
  • quick (the subject of this blog post)

Get the idea?

Now ask yourself when readers want those things.

  • now
  • immediately
  • instantly

I realize these are adverbs, but you just got a 3-item bonus list!

Thanks to the power words, you’re able to write a more effective headline.  Thanks to the Advanced Marketing Institute, you don’t have to wonder just how effective your headline is.

First, craft your headline using the formula and an adjective from the power word list.  Then, jump on over to the Advanced Marketing Institute and let the site analyze your headline for you.

Between the two, the guesswork is gone, and the time is reduced.  Your confidence, on the other hand, should increase.  Research shows the power words inserted into the formula works to keep readers at your blog longer.  The Advanced Marketing Institute took your deliberation about your headline away.  What could you do in the time you just saved?

While you fantasize about the quality time you could be having, head over to the Advanced Marketing Institute and let the site do your headline analyzing for you today.

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Source: http://www.o2-v2.com/en/blog/how-to-write-a-blog-80-power-words-to-entice-new-readers-to-your-blog

Readers, if you think others would like to write more effective headlines in less time, please share.

What are your successes?  What has helped you write more powerful headlines?  I look forward to your views.


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3 Amazing Shortcuts for Writing Headlines in Record Time

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