3 Proven Ways to Make $100 Per Day Online

3 Proven Ways to Make $100 Per Day Online
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3 Proven Ways to Make $100 Per Day Online

Earning $100 online is not as difficult as most of the people think. There are many legit and proven methods that can earn you $100 or more per day. But most of the people are unable to achieve this goal. The number 1 reason of their failure is lack of confidence and consistency. Please note that you cannot start making good money online overnight. Please read my post why people fail to make money online for full details.

Now let’s discuss the legitimate ways to make $100 in a day. There are lots of proven ways to earn $100 or even $1000 per day online, but in this article I am only sharing the methods that I am using myself to make money online.

3 Legit Ways to Earn $100 a Day OnlineMethod#1 to Make $100/Day Online – Publish Kindle E-Books:

Publishing e-books on Amazon Kindle Store is one of my favorite ways to make money. Amazon allows you to sell your e-books free of charge. You can upload as many books as you want, there is no limit. I know many marketers who have uploaded 100 or more e-books to Amazon Kindle store and earning $500-$1000 per day revenue. But before writing any book for kindle store, you must do proper research about topics that are in demand. You should not waste your time and money to create books on the topics no one is looking for.

I usually sell my e-books at the price of $2.99 and after deductions I receive $2 commission per book sale. To earn $100 per day from kindle books you need to sell 50 copies per day. Please note that selling 50 copies of a single e-book is not so easy. That’s why in order to earn $100 or more per day, you must create and publish as many kindle e-books as possible.

It means if you have published 25 e-books and 2 copies of each book is sold on average. Then you can earn $100/day easily. Please check out my detailed article on making money from kindle e-books.

For step-by-step guide to make $100/day online from kindle e-books follow the link and read my kindle book.

Method#2 – Way to Make $100 Fast From Amazon Affiliate Websites:

This is another technique for making $100 a day online. The idea here is to make small niche review websites of 25-50 pages that can earn at least $10/day from Amazon affiliate program. By creating 10 such websites you can easily make $100 every day. I have also written a detailed post about how to make $100 per day from Amazon Affiliate Program.

To create good review website to make $10/day follow these steps:

Step-1: Do proper keywords research to find the main website topic and keywords for website posts. You should find the keywords that are in high demand and still have lesser competition. For this purpose I recommend using SemRush Keywords Analysis tool.

Step-2: Select your domain name and buy website hosting from a reliable host. The hosting service should be reliable, fast and secure. I recommend using Hostgator for hosting your websites.

Step-3: Create a website using WordPress and some Responsive WP Theme.

Step-4: Write yourself or hire some content writer to get detailed reviews on your selected keywords. Use odesk.com or elance.com to hire some professional writer. Embed the Amazon affiliate links within your website content so that people can follow them and buy your recommended stuff.

Step-5: Do proper onsite SEO and create few links from bookmarking websites, forum posting, blogs commenting, article marketing, facebook pages etc. For more information read detailed articles about SEO.

If you can attract around 50-100 targeted visitors per day to your Amazon affiliate website then you can easily make $10 or more. By making 10 similar websites, your goal to make $100/day will be achieved.

For Step-By-Step Guide For Beginners To Make $100/Day From Amazon Affiliate Program, Follow link to read my kindle e-book.

Method#3 – How To Make $100 A Day From Multiple Small Niche Adsense Websites:

This is another way to make money online from your website. The idea is very similar to method#2. I have many websites where I run Google Adsense Ads to earn money. Some websites earn me about $3-$5 per day while other make about $15-$20 or even more per day. It is also possible to earn $100/day from a single Adsense website but it needs a good amount of traffic and lots of time. Another problem is that if your only website is failed all of your efforts will be wasted.

I do make many small Adsense websites at a time to check what really works. After adding content and doing some SEO I check the results. Some websites simply don’t work while others start attracting visitors and earning money. I usually stop working on websites that don’t convert and focus on the websites that earn me some bucks.

Adsense websites are usually information based websites on different topics. They are different from Amazon affiliate websites. On Amazon affiliate websites we usually review and compare different physical products and earn money by referring people to Amazon products. On Adsense websites, we focus on delivering information on any topic like fashion, health, relationships, parenting etc.

The steps to make Adsense website is very similar to making Amazon Affiliate websites. Here are the steps:

1- Keywords Research: Use SemRush Tool.

2- Buy Domain & Hosting: Use Hostgator.

3- Install CMS: Use WordPress and some Responsive WP Theme.

4- Publish Content: Writer yourself or hire some writer from elance.com.

5- Do proper SEO.

6- Add Google Ads to earn revenue.

I have seen that if your Adsense website can attract 100 visitors per day, then you can easily make $10 or more per day. The exact Pay per click depends on the topic and keywords of your website, but usually $0.2 per click is an average. By placing Google Ads on suitable places on your website you can expect good CTR.

How To Make $100 Per Day Online Fast Using Above Methods:

It is absolutely possible to earn $100 from each of above mentioned methods separately. But in the start you should focus to earn $100 from all these methods collectively. It will give you exposure and introduction to all methods at the same time. After testing you can put full efforts on the method, that works best for you.

How To Make Well Over $100 Every Day By Monetizing Your Website:

Once you have some websites that are getting regular website visitors, then you can increase your earning by some other monetizing methods. For example on your Adsense websites, you can put CPM Ads to earn some extra bucks every day. You can also sell some advertising space on your website. Another way is to add in-text links from Infolinks to increase your earnings.

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3 Proven Ways to Make $100 Per Day Online
3 Proven Ways to Make $100 Per Day Online

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