3 stunning styles to begin your blog post with storytelling

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3 stunning styles to begin your blog post with storytelling

What are the three most effective tools to bring huge traffic to your blog?

The most effective tool to boost blog traffic is your contents. The second most and even third most effective tool is also contents and only contents.

If your contents are fresh, informative and interesting, it is not much difficult to increase traffic on your blog.

If contents are poor, boring and nothing new in it, one should think to pack up and back to a 9 to 5 job. Those who follow a routine and are not go-getter should not blog for money.

As a hobby they can do but to sell something on their blog they must come out of shell and think beyond the limits.

In every productive work creativity is must. Otherwise it will be simply reproduction of work that is already done somewhere in the world.

blog post

In blogging you have to create and not to perform unlike in many non-creative fields you do.

So it is must to create contents that insanely work to make you achieve your blogging goals. If a blog post is devoid of creativity it will be just another blog post without any attraction for your blog visitors.

If you can tell a story by binding the interest of your listeners you can be a good marketer. What is done in marketing? To convince people buy your product. Not by just narrating its features. Nor by just describing its benefits.

It is the art of marketing to tell the benefits of a product to your client without letting him know what you are doing.

If he understands you are convincing him he may start thinking critically about your words. So tell him as if you are just telling him stories and not the benefits of your product. Else he may be convinced but will not buy your product.

Nowadays there is rising trend of starting a blog post with a story. It grabs the attention of your readers. They stick to it after reading first paragraph. It means they are ready to read it to the end.

Jon Morrow share this story-based post On Dying, Mothers, and Fighting for Your Ideas five years ago but it’s still a classic and never lets you quit before finishing it.

To start a blog post with a story it is must to plan it off the track. Basic idea of the story should relate to real life. But it is not necessary it must be true. It can be concocted as well.

Your objective is not to tell the story but to take support of the story to attract visitors. The ultimate goal is to convey the original message of your blog post to achieve its objectives.

Style of once-upon-a-time

There are different styles of story-telling. If it relates to remote past it can be started with the phrase “once upon a time”. It should be introductory in nature and should not go beyond two paragraphs. It must not go into deep details.

blog post

You must finish the story in second paragraph and bring the readers to main message of your blog post. Using more than two paragraphs to tell a story only means unnecessarily making your readers expect more details with regard to it.

Your first two paragraphs should be so compact to not only tell the entire story but they also link it with main topic of your blog post.

Shocking disclosure

To start a blog with any shocking disclosure means putting the readers into shock and making them to curious to know further details about it. This is an effective way of starting a blog post.

But here a balance must be retained between emotions and rationale otherwise readers may feel exaggeration into it.

If the revelation relates to harmful effect of anything on human beings it should be described in softer tone to avoid scaring the readers.

Beginning from mid of the story

It is an art to begin a story from its middle then give its introduction, then climax and ultimately its conclusion. Such haphazard start works so well and readers want to know what it is all about and it develops curiosity in them.

Here again the most important thing is to where from start the story; from its climax or conclusion and then tell the introductory part of the story.

In both the cases it is must to keep the element of interest up and avoid any confusion while narrating the last part of the story in the beginning.

It must be narrated so simply. Readers should easily understand what it means to say.

So to write a story based blog post its start must be so effective to retain the interest level of the readers to its end.

story based

For this purpose above three styles of starting a story-based blog post are very popular and can work to boost blog traffic.

Mouth-watering benefits of starting your blog post with a story

First of all your bounce rate will monumentally improve. This is the biggest attraction of story that readers rarely quit it in between.

If you hold a reader till the story ends obviously he will be influenced by your art of writing. So he would read further your main message and be converted to your next desired level.

It proves that the most important quality of a blog post is to glue your readers till its end. So it will help you achieve:

  • Improved bounce rate
  • Higher conversion rate
  • More sales
  • More money

But you can’t get its perfection in days. Start telling stories more and more in your daily conversation. Try to mention small incidents of your daily life in your conversation.

Also refer interesting events in your blog posts in the beginning. By and by you will easily learn how to put a small story and keep your readers stay with you till the end of the post.

Do you tell stories in your blog posts? If not why you haven’t tried it so far? Share your views in comments section below.

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3 stunning styles to begin your blog post with storytelling

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