4 Steps How To Create Viral Content by SEO Experts

4 Steps How To Create Viral Content by SEO Experts

I’ve been following up with Neil Patel SEO tips and tricks for already 4 years.

Spike on his tricks privately and learn from Neil Patel SEO tricks publically.

Before reading Neil Patel SEO,

As an Internet Marketer, I used to market a lie to everybody that

“Google keeps changing their algorithm, what is the point of writing articles for SEO?”

After all this time, I finally find out the why Neil Patel always sharing his SEO tips and tricks to his audience,

but on the other hands, I’m telling myself Neil Patel SEO is not working.

I was wrong. Here is why:

There are 2 sides to Neil Patel SEO,

  1. Black Hat SEO: People buying backlinks = Google bans them.
  2. White Hat Neil Patel SEO: Help Google accomplishes their mission statement.

According to Google mission statement: Google’s mission is to organize the world’s information and make it universally accessible and useful.

If we write useful article to our audience,

Our audience.

Then, all we need to do is promote the content all over the internet to build backlinks

And don’t have to completely ignore SEO.

Note: If you’re going to write articles, might as well optimize it for SEO and save your promoting energy to get free SEO traffic.

Watch this video: How To Rank on Google Page #1? Present by Matt Cuts

Now if you’ve watched the video, you will see the important elements that can improve your search ranking & know, how Google ranks your site?

Here is everything I learned from Neil Patel SEO, the expert and also Brian Dean to crafting viral content.


4 Steps How To Create Viral Content


Table of Content:

Step 1. Get Started with Google Search Console by Neil Patel SEO Expert

  • Google Search Console
  • Google Analytics Tool

Step 2. Brian Dean #3 Easy Steps Finding Blog Topics & Viral Content (Skyscraper Technique)

  1. Find Low-competitive Keywords to rank on Google Page #1
  2. Improve the Content via Length and Design
  3. Start to Ask for Backlinks by Sending Out Emails

Step 3. Free Promotion & Paid Advertising. Neil Patel SEO experts on Both

  • Blog Commenting
  • Guest Blogging

Step 4. Track your PageRank Results & Update your Content


Step 1. Get Started with Google Search Console by Neil Patel SEO Expert

I learned the most effective SEO tool from Neil Patel SEO expert.

Tips from Neil Patel:

  • If your blog can rank higher it will boost your free SEO traffic – but you don’t have to.
  • An alternative is to focus on creating more appealing title tags and meta description by be more specific and narrow down your topic.

The different between

  • Google Search Console: Use to track keywords & backlinks
  • Google Analytics Tool: Use for studying your audience behaviors.

Note: You only need a Gmail account to access all Google products.


1. Google Search Console

First, sign-up for Google Search Console and when you’re at Google Search Console, you land on this page,

4 Steps How To Create Viral Content

Second, click > Search Traffic > Search Analytic + Tick on Clicks, Impressions, CTR, and Pages. You’ll see something like this,

4 Steps How To Create Viral Content

Looking at CTR, if you have a low CTR, you will need to change your title and meta description to get a high CTR.

So people will click on your title and read your article.

Third, back to Search Analytics > Click Queries then you’ll see this,

Neil Patel SEO

Tips from Neil Patel SEO expert:

  • Improve pages that have less than 4% CTR by adding keywords to the title tags and meta description.
  • Skyrocket your CTR by adding [how-to, free, # list, you, tips, blog post, why, best, tricks, great]
  • Once you’ve edited your title tags and meta description have Google re-crawl your site by…

Fourth, at Google Search Console > Crawl > Fetch as Google > leave blank and Click Fetch and Render > Submit to Index.

then you will see this…

Neil Patel SEO Google Search Console

Google Search Console will show you the new data within a week.

Neil Patel SEO expert mentioned “you have to wait for Google Search Console for 30 days to see results”

Bottom line, once you have gathered all the results from Google Search Console, then you’ll be able to determine your CTR throughout all of your copies.

Then test your title to achieve best CTR.


2. Google Analytics Tool 

I was totally sharing everything and copy exactly what Neil Patel SEO expert taught me.

Now onto the Google Analytics Tool, I’ll show 1 simple thing to look at, it’s the bounce rate. The lower the bounce rate, the better.

When you have a low bounce rate, it means readers are staying on your site longer.

Neil Patel also has an in-depth article 13 Ways How To Reduce Bounce rate.

  • Tip: As you’re promoting your blog, visitors will come but how long they stay on your blog (Bounce Rate) will become your unique visitors.

Therefore, bounce rate is kind of a big deal.


Step 2. Brian Dean #3 Easy Steps Finding Blog Topics & Viral Content (Skyscraper Technique)

Brian Dean Skyscraper Technique

Recently, I have thoroughly analyzed the Skyscraper Technique by Brain Dean

After learning the technique seems like finding a topic and creating viral content is possible.

The process of finding competitors is quite complex and it definitely works.

Brian Dean presents to you the #3 steps of finding content idea and creating viral content:


1. Find Low-competitive Keywords to rank on Google Page #1

When you come across an article that their content is useful to you that has tons of social shares and comments.

It shows the content is great for you to share with your readers.

And it brought results to other people. Therefore, if you’re going to share these types of content, your readers found it helpful, they will also share on their social media.


First, start finding keyword using Google Keyword Planner
Second, put in a keyword relates to your article topic, i.e “weight loss” > Click > Keyword Idea > Pick a long tail keyword (+3 words)

Third, use Buzzsumo to find popular content using broad keyword terms “weight loss”, then take note on all of the articles there.

Buzzsumo Creating Viral Content


2. Improve the Content via Length and Design

Now let say you pick on article that says “5 Tips on How To Lose Weight Naturally Based on Science”

First, make your post longer and come up with an attractive copy “50 Quick Tips How To Burn 10% Unwanted Body Fat”

Second, use the existing popular content you’ve gathered from Buzzsumo

Third, put them all together that will reach your article goal of “50 Quick Tips How To Burn 10% Unwanted Body Fat”

By following these steps, you pretty much don’t have to think much of how to craft great content yourself and it’s already existed and popular as well.

Forth, design is important. It is a long piece of content. Images are an option to keep your readers stay longer (low bounce rate, better).

Check out Help Scout’s Advance Customers Acquisition Strategies


  • Provide relevant images to the topic.
  • Have a few links out to other content as evidence to what you’re sharing on the post.


3. Start to Ask for Backlinks by Sending Out Emails

This part’s included in the Skyscraper Technique and another 3 promoting strategies next.

Use to identify your competitors, see what sites are linking to your competitor original articles.

Export a list of domain that linked to their site, and contacts the site own with an email below like this,

Email to Neil Patel SEO

Brian sent a total of 160 emails, and he landed a total of 17 links, that is an 11% success rate.

Now, try this method out. It works out for him, it will work out for you.

This is one of the ways to building backlinks.

This is what Neil Patel says about Brian Dean,

“When come to link building. Brian Dean dominates the business”.


Step 3. Free Promotion & Paid Advertising. Neil Patel SEO experts on Both

The 2 free promotions and paid advertising that Neil Patel SEO expert uses it…

You can’t believe it.

Neil Patel, although he’s been on the internet for so long and he’s helping many companies including Google, eBay and founder of CrazyEgg and KissMetrics.

But Neil Patel he’s also using these 2 free promotion methods that work, great.


1. Blog Commenting

Blog commenting seems to be straightforward, as you’re read around blogs, you could leave a comment on an article that allows you to put your website link.

By doing blog commenting, 2 things will happen,

as you’re leaving great insights comment on other blogs and through the consistency, you will start to get noticed by readers, therefore gain more visitors to your blog.

You’ll also be building backlinks for your blog as well. However, blog commenting is not primarily for link buildings anymore since 2007.

Here’s a summary on 8 Blog Commenting Mistakes You Need to Avoid by Neil Patel SEO expert:

  • Over optimizing your keywords ‘name’ section: instead of using ‘Working Anywhere’ as your name – use your actual name.
  • Not using your full name: This is a chance of personal brand development when you’re your full name.
  • Using Fake email address: Instead use 1 email address for commenting and 1 email address for business relationship.
  • Not connect your email address to Gravatar: People becomes more recognize looking at your photo before what you’re writing in your comment.
  • Not commenting on blogs with same industry: If you’re selling a book on SEO, and you’re commenting on the entertainment industry. They’re not interested in what you’re offer.
  • Comment that’s not relevant to blog topic: If someone thinks your comment is interesting, then they read but it’s completely different to blog topic, it will disappoint them [1].
  • Asking a question instead of contributing
  • Comment Spamming: When spamming your comment can be filtered by Akismet.


2. Guest Blogging

Guest Posting is quite complex but you could literally double your traffic overnight and also attract more new visitors and already qualified relationship, they trust a little more.

Neil Patel SEO expert also taught us from his class on guest blogging.

For more in-depth on where to find blogs that accept guest post, Neil Patel SEO expert has covered The Advanced Guide to Link Building via Find Site to Guest Posting.

Neil mentioned guest blogging is another great way to build backlinks.

Here’s how Neil shows you how to do:

  • Find sites that related to your niche, example of ‘weight loss’
  • Contact the author using the guest blogging email template below

Note: Bigger site such as Entrepreneur and Forbes can be hard to feature on.

Neil Patel SEO Guest Blogging

Once you have your article published on other blogs, by applying the Skyscraper Technique to the article will triple visitors coming to that article.

Guest blogging seems to be a longer process while waiting for other bloggers to reply to your email.

Blogging commenting is the best way keep promoting your blog.


3. Paid Advertising 

Paid advertising is pretty straightforward where you spend money on cold traffic and if they’re not converting,

then you retarget them until they convert by also spending more money.

Back to getting viral content, with paid advertising, viral content is not a problem at all.

Neil Patel has an amazing, complete Facebook Ads Guide for you

Very honestly presenting all the great information:

  • What is Facebook ads?
  • How to identify a sponsored post?
  • Different Facebook ads CTA
  • Identify different Facebook Ads Displays
  • 3 Case Studies on Successful Facebook Advertisers. Marina De Giovanni collect 17,000 emails in 6 weeks.
  • Step-by-Step on How to Getting Started with Facebook Ads.


Step 4. Track your PageRank Results & Update your Content

According to an interview between Neil Patel and Kate “Google will index your site in 1 to 2 days”

Now it comes to a problem,

How many post to publish?

Although Neil Patel seems to be posting once a day with great content, lengthy and great design.

If you’re not able to catch up with your content, you can follow how Brian Dean and Derek Halpern update their blog.

Brian Dean has a more focus and step-by-step on how to do to keep his content fresh, and you can also follow.

For Derek Halpern is able to combine phycology with internet marketing.

These 2 experts, do not focus on creating more and more content. But they focus on promoting.

Brian Dean shared how he promotes his content leverage SEO and it works great also teaching us the Skyscraper Technique to create viral content.


Here’s how you can track your result back on using Google Search Console:

1. After 30 days or less, you should see result.

2. Go to Google Search Console > Search Traffic > Search Analytic + Tick on Clicks, Impressions, CTR, and Pages.

4 Steps How To Create Viral Content

3. Base on the result you have and looking at CTR, then change your copy by adding keywords phrases to the title tag and meta description.

4. Wait to see the differences then continue to update your content, change title tags and meta description.



By following these 4 big steps recommended from the 2 SEO experts,

We’ll be fine on creating viral content.

Viral content is possible to create when you craft popular content together and

improve it via the length of your article and design for better user experience that make your post easy to read.

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