5 Bloody Proven Steps to Solve Twitter Share Counts

5 Bloody Proven Steps to Solve Twitter Share Counts
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5 Bloody Proven Steps to Solve Twitter Share Counts


5 Easier Steps to fix Twitter Share Counts

5 Easier Steps to fix Twitter Share CountsTwitter share counts… We are sorry. We couldn’t save you.

Twitter made it … on November 20th, 2015, they happened to no more care for share counts. They don’t want it anymore. They don’t interest in share counts and they want to make things up and down for bloggers, social media mangers, social media experts, and social media players.

As you already know that Twitter has dropped the support for share counts and probably won’t revert the decision. That news struck hard in the industry and still kicking — good or bad.

It is still unclear on why they did it and what outcomes they expect from this drastic move and what they are bringing in new. Only the time will answer.


I am not about to keep debating over the topic why they killed share counts instead I want to cover how to cope with the situation as everything with Twitter share counts went to 0 = zero.

Now, the reality is as hard you click the Twitter share button, it won’t record the count.

The situation with Twitter Share button I was facing..

All my Twitter share data hit back to zero.

But I was puzzled..

Actually, I was showing the share count to each social platform as I am using SuMoMe (WordPress plugin).

It was looking odd to have other social platforms showing the number of share but not Twitter.

So, I decided to kick everything out of every social sharing button and chose the total number instead.

Now with it, it is no more showing sharing numbers to each button but the total share number which is kind of okay deal to me. 🙂

How to cope with Twitter Share counts data

First of all, you must have to have SuMoMe (free WordPress plugin) installed up on your WordPress blog.

But that does not limit you can’t do what I am about to say with any other plugins you use for the social media sharing buttons if they have just one ability that I am about to reveal.

Oh GOD! You know what??

SuMoMe is showing the sharing numbers for each buttons. Will they need this post to read and not show the sharing numbers? 😀

Okay! SuMoMe is easy to install and setup and of course is extremely handy. Kind of like one-stop-shop as it involves many features in this little plugin.

Now, let’s get back to business!

I so assume you have SuMoMe installed, setup and that you’re already showing the sharing numbers for each buttons, okay?

If you’re not showing, here’s my warning: SHOW IT! 🙂

Okay! Sorry, back to the topic..

How to actually turn off Twitter sharing counts data on SuMoMe plugin

It is easy, just follow the following visual steps:

Step #1: Hover on the extreme-upper-left side of the page and that crown icon will show up. Click on it and it will lead you to the sign-in box to put in your SuMoMe account’s credentials.

How to fix Twitter share counts

Step #2: After step # first and logging-in, click on “Share” icon.

How to fix Twitter share counts
Step # 3: After step # 2, go to “Settings” as shown in the circle.

How to fix Twitter share counts

Step # 4: Go to “Share Counts” and toggle that sliding button as shown in red circle and hit “Save” placed at the end of box.

How to fix Twitter share counts

Step # 5: Go back to your any post’s page to see whether you’re seeing just Total share count. Toggling it off meant to hide sharing counts for each sharing button and hence will show total count.

You should see the alike result as mine from below screen-shot.

How to fix Twitter share counts


If you have toggled the “Share Counts” sliding button on, you should see the similar result:

How to fix Twitter share counts

See the missing sharing data of Twitter, it does not look good as far as I am concerned.

Too right that this act was taken by Twitter but nothing showing up is better than showing zero data along with other buttons, right?

I have seen some blogs that they have entirely taken down Twitter sharing button from the visible list. It is another blow. Twitter is heavily used for sharing. Many people tend to not click on the indicative button to get to the large list of available social buttons. They like to just click on the visible list of social sharing buttons and then go away.

Over to you!

So, does it ring the bell for you? Are you going to blow the numbers for each social buttons and going to show just total?

Do let me know!

So long Twitter share counts!

5 Bloody Proven Steps to Solve Twitter Share Counts

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