5 Easy Steps to Set Up Your Website to Make Money Online

5 Easy Steps to Set Up Your Website to Make Money Online
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5 Easy Steps to Set Up Your Website to Make Money Online

If you are looking for easy steps to make your website today to make money online, you are at the right page. In this article I am going to describe step-by-step, how to set up your website in just one day. After your website is live, you need to add quality content to drive traffic and earn money from it.

One of the main ways to make money online is through your website or blog. To earn money from your website you need two basic things:

  1. Unique, Useful and Quality Content
  2. Targeted Visitors to Your Website

If you have good quality content then search engines will rank your website even without doing any SEO and targeted visitors will start visiting your website. You can easily monetize your website traffic using Google Adsense, Amazon Affiliate Program, Clickbank Affiliate Program, CPM Ads and other methods.

5 Easy Steps To Make Your Own Website:

Follow These 5 Steps to set up your website today:

1- Select Domain Name: This will be your website address. For example www.yourwebsitename.com (2 minutes required). Buy From Godaddy.

2- Select Website Hosting: You need some hosting space to store your website files and publish your website. (2 minutes required). Buy From Hostgator.

3- Connect Domain Name With Hosting: You need to point your domain name to your website hosting server. (1 minute required)

4- Install WordPress: WordPress is free, best and easiest CMS for creating your website. (2 minutes required)

5- Install WordPress Theme: You need to select a proper theme so that your blog look beautiful. (3 minutes required)

Total time required to do all these 5 steps is less than 10 minutes.

Step-1: Select Your Website Name

godaddy domain in just $.99Every website has a name, called domain name. For example name of my website is www.imobappdev.com. Before you buy a domain name you need to decide what type of website you want to create. Suppose you are interested in dog training and want to make a website on the same topic. Your domain name should reflect the theme of your website. A good name for your website may be dogtraining.com (not available).

A good domain name must have following properties:

  1. Domain name should be short (for example ebay.com )
  2. Should be no hyphens or dashes in the domain name
  3. Should be easy to remember and simple (for example yahoo.com)
  4. Always choose .com for your domain name because it is easy to remember

Where to Buy Domain Name?

The best place to buy your domain name is godaddy. I always buy all of my domain names from them. The cost of 1 domain name is about $15 per year. But for first year you can even buy it at only $0.99.

Click following image to get your domain name from Godaddy at $0.99:
Power up your website! Get a $0.99 .COM from GoDaddy!

Step-2: Buy Website Hosting

Now you need to buy shared hosting space to store your website files and make your website available for public to see. There are many companies selling hosting but we need to choose the service that is affordable, reliable, secure and provide good customer support. I have tried many hosting companies but faced major issues with most of them. The most reliable hosting provider according to my experience is HostGator.

Hostgator provides pretty good shared hosting service with minimum downtime. You can buy their basic Hatchling package in just $5/mo. I suggest you to buy hosting for at least 6 months or 1 year in the start.

Here are the steps to get your hosting from Hostgator in 3 minutes:

1- Click this link to start: Hostgator’s Shared Hosting with 25 % Discount. You will land on following page:

buy shard hosting step#12- Click on big yellow button saying “Choose A Plan“. You will land on following area on same page:

Buy Shared Hosting Step#23- In the start I suggest you to choose “Hatchling Plan“.  It will cost you $5.56/mo if you buy it for one year. I strongly recommend you to buy this plan for 6 months or 1 year. Click yellow button saying “Sign Up Now!” and you will land on following page:

buy shared hosting step#34- Now you are on Hostgator Order From. First of all you need to “Choose a Domain“. As you have already bought your domain name from Godaddy click on the button that says “I Already Own this Domain” and then write the name of your website in the text box.

Now Scroll down the page and see second section as shown in following image:

buy shared hosting step#4 5- Here you need to confirm your Package Type (Hatchling), Billing Cycle (12 Months) and create your username with a Security Pin.

Now Scroll Down the page to fill your billing information as shown in image below:

buy shared hosting step#56- Here Just fill your “Billing Info” and Scroll down the page to see “Additional Services” Section as shown in following image:

buy shared hosting step#67- Now you are on “Add Additional Services” section. Hostgator offers 4 extra services here. 2 of them are selected by default. But you don’t need these extra services. Just uncheck all boxes here to save money on your first order. See above image for details.

Now scroll down the page and see “Coupon Code Section” as show in following image:

Buy Hostgator Hosting Step#7 image8- Now you are in “Enter a Coupon Code” section. By default a coupon code “SNAPPY” is added to the box that gives you 20% discount. But you should delete this and enter my coupon code 30PercOff to get 30% discount. Enter code 30PercOff in text box and click on the button saying “Validate“. This will give you instant 30% discount on your order. See above image for reference.

Now scroll down the page and review your order as shown in following image:

Buy Hosting Last Step Image9- You have added your coupon code “30PercOff” and you just need to review your order as shown above. Select the check box to agree to terms and condition and then click big yellow button saying “Checkout Now!“.

10- Congratulations you have successfully purchased your website hosting from Hostgator for one full year. You will receive an email from Hostgator that will contain your important login information to your Cpanel and billing section. Keep it save.

Now let’s move to step#3.

Step#3 – Point Your Domain Name to Your Website Hosting Server (1 Minute Required):

You have purchased your domain name from Godaddy and hosting from hostgator. Now you need to connect both. This is very simple step and will require only 1 minute.

After you signup with hostgator you will get an instant email from them that will contain important information. This email will also contain the Namesevers for your hosting account. It will be like this:

1st Nameserver:     ns6081.hostgator.com
2nd Nameserver:     ns6082.hostgator.com

Copy these two values.

Now login to your Godaddy account and visit your domains management section. The link of this section will be like this: https://dcc.godaddy.com/dcc50/Default.aspx. On this page select your domain name and click on the top link saying “NameSevers==> Set NameServers“. See following image for reference:

Godaddy Nameserver Change Step-1When you will click “Set Nameservers” link a popup window will be opened. It will be like following image:

Godaddy nameservers change step#2Here select the “Custom” radio button then click on “EDIT NAMESERVERS” link and add your hostgator nameservers (ns6081.hostgator.com and ns6082.hostgator.com). Once you are done click “SAVE” button and you’re done.

Congratulations! You have successfully pointed your domain name to your hosting server.

Step#4 – Install WordPress On Your Website (Requires 2 Minutes)

1- Login to your hostgator Cpanel. Scroll down to see the section “Software/Services”. Click on the icon that says “Quick Install”. See image below:

Install WordPress Step#12- On next page click on link saying “WordPress” as shown in following image:

Install WordPress Step#23- On next page click on “Continue” button to start installation of WordPress. See image below:

Install WordPress Step#34- Now Select your website name where you want to install wordpress and fill the basic info about your site like Your Email, Blog Title, Admin Username, First Name and Last Name.

Now Click “Install Now!” button.

See following image:

install wordpress step#45- Within few seconds WordPress will be installed on your hosting server and you will get links to your website admin panel with login details.

Now your website is ready and you can start adding your content. But before you do this, you should change the default wordpress theme.

Step#5 – Apply a Responsive WordPress Theme to Your Website:

There are countless wordpress themes available both Free and Paid. You must find some responsive WP theme for your new website. A responsive theme will fit your website for all types of devices like tablets, mobiles and desktop etc.

I recommend you to spend some bucks to buy a paid WP theme for Themeforest.net.

Browse All Responsive WP Themes on Themeforest

If you don’t want to spend on paid themes then you also start with a free WP theme. Click to browse some free WP Responsive Themes.

Installing a theme is easy. Just download the zip file and upload this zip from your website admin panel.

Your Website is Ready Now. What to Do Next?

If you have followed all 5 steps your website is now ready. Now you need to add related, unique and high quality content on your website to attract website visitors and earn money.

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5 Easy Steps to Set Up Your Website to Make Money Online
5 Easy Steps to Set Up Your Website to Make Money Online

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