5 Simple Tips For A Daily Social Media Promotion Plan

5 Simple Tips For A Daily Social Media Promotion Plan

There are many of you who are frustrated with your social media promotion plan. You have a daily social media plan to promote your blog as well as other products and services you promote.

The problem is you’re not getting any great results.

And I’m not just talking about getting sales conversions.

You’re just not getting any traffic you can brag about, comments on your blog, shares for your blog and other promotions, or even likes on sites like Facebook or LinkedIn.

Now you’re trying to figure out why is this so and it’s just killing you!

You believe you’re doing everything right, and you don’t believe it’s hard to put your content out there for people to see, right? So why isn’t anybody at least acknowledging the hard work that you’re doing?

But then you read a blog like this that gives you what’s working and you’re thinking that it’s going to take too much more time and effort. 

But let me ask you, were some of those tips so simple that it’ll probably take you an extra 15 seconds to execute each one? Lets be honest.

Now for those of you who are serious and looking for a simple daily plan of action to promote on social media, then you will find that these tips are easy enough for you to start executing right after you finish reading, commenting and sharing this post. So without further adieu, let’s look at what you can do to improve your social media results.

Social Media Promotion Plan

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“Online personal branding is not about self-promotion… It’s about transferring your real world reputation into the online world.” ~ Maarten Schafer

How many of you get caught up in a dead-end social media promotion routine that you just don’t get yourself out of?

You already see that it just isn’t working out for you, but yet you keep doing it.

You write a blog post, you promote it.

You promote quotes whether manually or automatically

You promote your products/services/opportunities.

And still to no avail, you just haven’t gotten the right hook.

You read quite a few blogs about promoting on social media, but yet you don’t want to put in just a little of extra time into applying those tips.


Because you just made a habit that you don’t want to change.

But if you want to get better results from social media, then you’re going to have to make a change in your social media promotion plan.

It just takes a few tweaks here and there, and you’ll see how this will benefit you. In this case this will improve your self promotion resulting in a better online reputation among your peers.

I know, I know. You’ve probably read blogs where they give you 50 to 100 tips of how you can improve your social media promotion and yes with this high number of tips it can be daunting and overwhelming.

Especially if you’re one that doesn’t have a lot of time. You wonder how are you going to execute all of those tips not knowing if they’ll work for you.

Well, let me tell you that I like to narrow those types of tips down enough for you to start putting them into action right after you read, comment, and share this post on social media.

But first I want to focus on what you may be doing now that’s hindering your progress.

There are non-productive tasks I use to do and still see sometimes see others do when they promote on social media.

The one goal that many should focus on is how they can attract the very people within their niche as well as those who are looking to purchase.

A promotional plan with this focus will showcase the value of who you are and how you can be a benefit to others. This is competency, and if people can first see you as someone as competent and trustworthy, then they’ll be more open to what else you have to offer.

But with all the noise that’s out there on social media, there are productive ways in doing this and unproductive ways that will attract the wrong crowd and repel the right one.

And if you’ve been using social media to promote for a while, then you’ve seen both of these ways whether it was you or by looking at someone else.

But first, let’s look at 5 characteristics of an unproductive social media promotion plan that will definitely hinder your progress!

You Only Promote Your Blog

Yes, I know you want to beat out the competition.

If you’re are a blogger, and you have this mentality, then more than likely you’re not networking with other bloggers.

Especially those in your niche, who I believe should be the main ones to network with.

It’s one thing if you’re promoting to your email list, but it’s another thing if you’re leveraging social media.

The one thing you want to focus on is not competing with other blogger and businesses, but to network and collaborate with others within your niche.

This is the great way to build your reputation!

When you build your reputation, the result will be that others will see you as competent with a great work ethic and empathetic aspect about you that will draw them to you.

For ideas of how to work with you others and collaborating with them, Here’s A Great Post where I give you 7 ways you can benefit from others! [ Tweet this! ]


You Only Promote Your Products Or Services

When you’re only promoting your products and services, you end up only promoting the features that they contain.

With that said, you start to sound “Salesy” and I can definitely tell you that most people, if not all, do not like to be sold to.

But that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t give people the opportunity to buy from you. There’s a difference.

When you’re always pushing your products and services on others, then your prospects will tend to reject your actions. They will only see you as someone not willing to help them but only make money from them.

But if you’re more sincere about solving their problems and deliver solutions that they can instantly use, this conjures curiosity within them and they will be more prone to look for the opportunity to buy from you.

So instead of projecting a bunch of features that they probably won’t use, focusing on just one frustrating problem and showing them how to get out of it will do you wonders.

You Dare Not To Promote Others

This goes back to building a reputation!

When it comes to social media, you don’t want to be self absorbed!

If you’re not promoting other blog posts already, you definitely want to start doing this?


In this sense, you want to focus on marketing reciprocation which is the Law of Reciprocity. This is the law that states whatever I do for you, you do for me.

Yes, not everyone is going to follow this Law, which is why it’s important to find those that will.

Yes, I know it takes quite a while, but I tell you that it doesn’t have to be. One smart thing that I did was connect with the commenters of other blogs by going to their own blog posts, commented and shared their content.

With that said, at least 50% of those commenters would return the favor which is huge. With this stat, if you go to 10 blogs a week or 100 blogs a week, the fact that you get half of them to reciprocate the same value means a lot.

If you’re not convinced of not promoting others, then maybe This Post will help. In This Post I give you a few examples of how my own name and reputation is being put out there from the result of promoting others. [ Tweet this! ]


You Promote Posts That Doesn’t Resonate With Your Target Market

How many times have you heard a salesperson say that they can sell ice cream to an eskimo?

I always questioned why would you do such a thing in the first place?

This builds a bad reputation, especially when your audience finds out that you tricked them into buying something that doesn’t benefit them at all!

And this is why it would be a detriment to you if this is tried on Social Media.

If you’re going to execute a social media promotion plan, then you want to make sure that your social media audience can actually relate to whatever you promote and benefit from it.

When it comes to promoting content, resonation is key whether it’s great content or not. Your audience is going to determine if it’s valuable to them or not.

So the best thing to do is to figure out which content really gets them going. That’s why it’s a great thing to use analytic tools like Google Analytics.


You Don’t Network With Others Within Your Niche On Social Media

When it comes to your blog or home business, then networking is a powerful way to really build your personal brand.

You want to leave some type of great impression for people to remember you by.

And no, you don’t have to be this big time, gregarious socialite who can just easily talk to anyone and draw attention to yourself within a blink of an eye.

There are many people who are introverted and rather not be surrounded by a big crowd and yet still have a big loyal following.

And this goes back to branding yourself!

With taking this type of action, you also want to be choosey on who you connect with. It’s best to find those who have the same thinking as you.

And yes, this also goes back to finding those that practice the Law Of Reciprocity in the previous point!

Here’s a great Guest Post that deals with who you should really connect with in the blogosphere. In this post I give you 5 Characteristics Of People that are great indicators of genuine bloggers you should connect with. [ Tweet this! ]


5 Simple Actions That Will Result In A Productive Social Media Promotion Plan

Now that we got that out of the way, I like to give you a simple Daily action you can start doing that will help you build your reputation.

I comment on at least 6 blogs a day, 5 days a week as well as post in 10 different places

Do you have to do this?

Not necessarily.

If you do more or less it’s fine, but more importantly it’s about how you promote.

A social media promotion plan, or any type of promotion, is not just about putting yourself out there, but also it’s about attracting genuine people to you.

And if people can see that you are of value to them, then that’s where the process of attraction begins and continues on.

Your value to others is your ticket! Exchange of value is the goal! So without further adieu lets see what simple daily actions you can take that will be productive.

Read, Share and Comment on Blog Posts Of Other Bloggers

I make an effort to at least do this 5 days a week, Monday through Friday.

If I skip any of these days, I’ll make it up on the weekend!

Has this amount to anything?

Yes, quite much so. It works, but also it’s enjoyable for me. Especially whenever I find content that solves an irking problem I’ve had for a while or can just benefit from in general.

I’ve been more or less active on 3 Social Media sites which are Facebook, Google+ and Twitter.  Also I promote in Pinterest and LinkedIn, but I haven’t been socializing on them as much.

Here is a general routine I’ve been following on these 3 particular social sites

  • Share my blog posts
  • Reply to comments and tweets
  • Thank those that shared my content
  • Share other blog posts
  • Interact with others in groups (I mainly interact in 3 groups)
  • Like, Favorite, or +1 shared content
  • comment on other posts

To make it more convenient for me I installed the Twitter and Google+ app on my phone which I can easily apply this routine.

For Facebook, I usually get on my laptop do execute this routine

Make Sure To Mention The Author Of The Blog Post

I can remember reading Dale Carnegie’s How To Win Friends And Influence People a few years ago, and one thing I remember was that addressing a person’s name was the sweetest sound that they hear.

Well in this case it would be the sweetest thing they’ll see on social media.

The one thing I make sure I do when sharing other’s blog posts or thanking them for sharing my posts is I mentioned their names or their handle.


Because for one it’s the sweetest thing they’ll see of course, but for two it alerts them on social media that you said something about them.

So what will they do?

They’ll check to see what you said about them of course!

This will give you some clout, bringing you to their attention. As a result this builds your reputation which correlates with your personal brand.

Building your reputation is a vital goal that everyone should do to grow a blog and home business. In This Post I emphasize how we all should focus on marketing reciprocity and show how my blogging friends have mentioned me in Facebook and Google+ [ Tweet this! ]


Link Each Of My Social Media Accounts To Each Other

If you want to leverage your time wisely, one thing you can do is link your social media profiles to each other.

Now to some this is a No, No.

But if you’re press for time, I see no problem in doing this.

The benefit of doing this is that instead of going to each site to share your content or other’s content, you can just simply share it in one place and it will also share it on other social media sites all from one click of a button.

For instance…

I have Twitter account linked to my Facebook account, and I have my LinkedIn account linked to my Twitter account.

Each time I share any post on LinkedIn, it automatically shares it in Twitter and Facebook all from one click of a button.

The only downside to this is that if you mention someone in LinkedIn, it won’t show up on the other sites.

But in many cases, if you have a tight community where everyone shares each other’s content, then in a lot of cases they’ll notice that you shared their content.

I usually manually go to each site and mention their names anyways. You can do what’s best for you.

Check Your Analytics For Your Sites Performance

I check my analytics just about everyday.

There are a lot of analytic tools, but my choice is Google Analytics.

I installed the app on my Mobile Phone so I can get easy access.

Many of you don’t know which analytics to check. I mainly check 3 analytics which gives me the scoop about the traffic I’m getting.

Heres a break down what each one is and what they tell me.

Visits (Sessions) How many visitors I get on a monthly basis

Session Duration Time – How long my visitors stay on my blog

Bounce Rate – Percentage of visitors that leave without doing any type of action

With Analytic tools like this, you can also see what sites are giving you the most referral traffic. In the case of this blog topic, it would be social media sites.

To see this in Google Analytics you would go to Acquisition>Social>Overview

If you want to see more Google Analytics metrics you can use to see how well your marketing funnel is doing or how many clicks your affiliate links are getting, then you can check out this post about Tracking With Google Analytics where I talk about 4 other metrics to look at. [ Tweet this! ]


Schedule Your Blog Post Sharing As Well As For Other’s

One routine I just started to do is schedule blog posts to be shared on social media.

I do use Revive Old Post plugin which tweets and share posts in LinkedIn and Twitter which and this has been a great way to keep my older posts (no more than a year old) in the flow.

If you’re not using this plugin and want to start using it with your blog, then Click Here. This is my Affiliate Link and I will get paid a commission for each purchase.

When you go to the site, click on Plugins at the top, and you’ll see a list of plugins. One of them will be Revive Old Post

As I mentioned before you build your reputation online if you share the content of other bloggers.

So one other task that I’ve been doing that saves time and builds your reputation is scheduling posts using the Bufferapp tool.

From the previous point I’ve made, marketing reciprocity is a vital goal that you want to make sure it’s in your social media promotion plan.

When other’s see that you’re consistently promoting their posts, it makes you even more attractive to them and the serious bloggers will want to return the favor.

The only downside with the bufferapp I’ve seen so far is that you’re not able to do mentions.

For more information on this tool read the review of my friend Reginald Chan on his Step By Step Social Media Scheduling With The Buffer App


In Conclusion

There are many bloggers that talk about branding.

I’ve talked about it many of times, but with this post I wanted to give you some simple, time saving tips to help build your reputation through social media.

It’s not enough to tell you to go brand yourself, but it’s more resourceful to let you know what I’m doing in order to build my reputation on social media in regards to blog content.

Blogging in some sense can be time consuming if you’re not leveraging your time conveniently.

I wanted to focus on those of you who just don’t have enough time and are looking for some convenient ways to build an optimum social media promotion plan that takes less time so you can focus on other things.

Do you have to follow each tip down to the “T” and use the tools I suggested?

No you don’t, but hopefully it will give you a general idea of how you can come up with your own plan just in case you don’t follow these tips exactly.

Now It’s Your Turn

Has this blog post been helpful?

Are you press for time when it comes to your blog and your home business?

What is your routine now?

Do you feel that it’s becoming more challenging to not fall behind schedule?

Is there anything you would add or take away from the list?

Please sure your comments below and share this post with your friends. I look forward to read them!

5 Simple Tips For A Daily Social Media Promotion Plan

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