5 Tips to Help You Choosing Website Domain Name

5 Tips to Help You Choosing Website Domain Name
5 Tips to Help You Choosing Website Domain Name

5 Tips to Help You Choosing Website Domain Name

5 Tips to Help You Choosing Website Domain Name
5 Tips to Help You Choosing Website Domain Name

Starting a Business and selecting a name for it are the most time consuming and crucial process. And same goes for choosing Domain name .

Website or Blog Domain Name and naming your Business are the same thing. Because a domain Name represents your business status and your Fame. Your domain name is an identity of your business that represents your business on the web, to social networks, to your customers. So, you need to make sure that your domain name should be creative, easy to find and also be easy to promote on online networks.

So, Choosing domain name  could be very confusing and took lots of brainstorming unless you don’t care about it.

Just Follow the Below 5 Tips, and you’re good to go for choosing domain name :

5 Tips to Help You Choosing Domain Name For Your Blog

Before we continue, I would like to tell you that choosing domain name is never been a easy task. First we always try our best to get a domain name that is perfectly matching to our business name. Because once you selected your domain name, it becomes a brand for you. So, go through the tips carefully, learn from examples and try implement them with different related words.

1. Branding and Easy to Read

When you’r going to select a domain name, just remember one thing that you will be going get stick to it for long time. It will become a brand for your business. So, while  searching for words try to make it creative that when people think about it or talk about it should feel hygienic like twitter, google,amazon etc.

To make it more easy for people to read and search in google just one strict rule, never a string or slung (short words). e.g Blogging-Varsity (Don’t use ‘-‘ in domain name), (never use slang like ‘ur’ for Your)

2.  Keep it Short

Always try to think of short words. Keeping your domain name short helps your customers to remember it easily and also in pronouncing. It  also helps in searching your brand faster in search engines without causing any misspelling. In case sharing links o social media Domain URL length matter. you can see people use shorted URL services like

Why? Because social networks like twitter gives you only 140 character and if you fill all with your url then where else you write the important information. some perfect examples of good domain name are : Blogging, facebook, buzzfeed etc

3. Use Searchable Keywords

5 Tips to Help You Choosing Website Domain Name
5 Tips to Help You Choosing Website Domain Name

Using obvious domain as the product or your business is, makes it more easier to get found in Google like search engines. For Example Blogging Varsity is all about blogging tips, so when a user search a term blogging. It makes our blog to come at more upward position in Google ranking.

Using a domain name similar to your business concept is also make it easier to remember by users. You can use different free tools to search for perfect Keywords matching to your blog service. Long Tail Pro is the best long tail keyword research software on the market. Used by 70000+ marketers and SEOs.

4. Use of .com TLDs

TLDs or called Domain Extensions are also the matter of concern for choosing a domain name. Today almost every blog and website owner use .com with their domain because it is common with every person on every corner of the world. But if you still looking for something else you can go for it. You can buy .Net which mostly suited for network companies or >org for organization and even you buy .photo .blog .tech if you’re a tech savvy because recently ICANN has approved all the domain extensions. But still my recommendation will .com

5. If Domain Not Available

Well now doing a lots of research, brain storming and creativity you have choose a domain name. But when you go for it, then you found out its already booked by someone else. Now what?

Don’t be loose yet and use little bit more creative and use some suffix prefix like or use can so doing things like this you will defendant get the one you would like to registrar.

Trademarks :

There is a one more little tip I would to add, just before buying your domain name make sure researched about the keyword as its not trademarked or copyrighted by any business owner otherwise you may stuck into some lawsuit. just stay away from domains like to see replacing little ‘z’ wont give you the trademark. So, be wise and try to be more creative and Unique.

If you’re looking for buying a domain name and Hoting then BigRock, DreemHost and InMotion Provider are the best domain and hosting service at cheap rates. you will even get discount and get yourself a domain in 0.99$. And if you’re also looking for Hosting then checkout BlueHost you will get Domain name free with hosting Account.

Wrapping Up;

As you can see research is very important for selecting a domain name. Because more your business grow, more people will start knowing you from your business name and you don’t want to messed by choosing domain name unwisely.

if you have anything to add up please comment we love to hear from you and share the same with others.

If you found this article helpful, Please do share it with others. Thanks you! Happy Blogging!

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