7 Best Plugins To Add Maths Equation in WordPress

7 Best Plugins To Add Maths Equation in WordPress
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7 Best Plugins To Add Maths Equation in WordPress

The WordPress is a best CMS platform with millions of users and that creates a huge trust effectively for writing, blogging, web development, E-Commerce, and marketing as well.

Not only the above-mentioned fields, the WordPress is best to build the online learning management system based websites.

I have already discussed the valid reasons for making the e-learning sites using WordPress.  

The instructors and teachers from various part of the world have started using this amazing writing platform to showcase their teaching skills worldwide. 

However, they struggle on the technical side while compiling their content with Maths Equations and Symbols. 

Hence, they should rely on the popular equation WordPress Plugins for rendering the scientific documentation symbols, mathematical equations, and expressions.

I assume that you have a Maths blog or solving the Math problems through your online teaching WordPress website. 

So, do you want to know, How to add maths equation in WordPress? 

Let’s get started!

The WordPress Plugin developers start creating a solution to satisfy the needs of inserting maths equation without any issues.

The various helpful plugins and documentations are around the internet, but some seem to be outdated and some seem to have no proper update over years.

But I have some helpful resources for you!

7 Handpicked Best WordPress Maths Equation Plugins

The WordPress plugins that I have listed below uses LaTeX syntax which is the MarkUp language format for delivering the mathematical Formulas and Equations.

It renders the complex formatting into a human visual content.


1. WP Quick LaTeX

The WPX Quick LaTeX is a popular Math Equation and Expression inserting plugin for the WordPress platform with huge existing users worldwide. 

With this amazing WordPress latex extension, you can add the scientific expressions, chemical formulas, graphics and related things faster than ever.

It doesn’t require any extra LaTeX installations and it is highly user-friendly in nature. This math WordPress Plugin has a pleasant UI and also easy kid-wise customization section as well.

Thus it makes the work effectively with less effort indeed. You can instantly change the Color, Size and also the BG/FG in a simple manner. The rendered image is of high quality and it is cached in the user’s own server.

This plugin also solves the question How to convert a mathematical MS Word document to WordPress.

Install WP Quick LaTeX Plugin

2. Beautiful Math with LaTeX

The Beautiful Math with LaTeX plugin is the traditional math WordPress Plugin offered by the WordPress via Jetpack Parent Plugin.

The wordpress.com comes with the Jetpack includes this best LaTeX plugin for WordPress where the users have to enable it for their usage.

Likewise, the users those who are into the WordPress self-hosted must install the JetPack plugin and then enable the Beautiful Math with LaTeX for inserting Mathematical expressions effectively.

As the wordpress.com caches the rendered image, the page loading will basically depend on the WordPress.com server.

This plugin has easy to use interface that makes the user’s work simpler than they think. The people those who are in need of help and documentation support could try this plugin as the user could communicate anything through the WordPress Forum.

If any wrong LaTeX syntax is provided, then the output would display as “Formula does not parse”.

Get Beautiful math with Latex Plugin From Jetpack

3. MathJax – LaTeX

The MathJax – LaTeX WordPress Plugin is the one which is capable of rendering the equation/expression images to the High-Quality preference and also able to display the Formulas better on the mobile screen.

It is mobile-friendly WordPress plugin that cares the mobile users as well. It converts the raw expressions and equations to the highest possible PNG format that helps display even better while zooming it. 

This MathJax Plugin loads the script only on the enabled pages/posts which can be initiated by providing the [mathjax]shortcode anywhere inside the desired post.

To experience the best service, it is recommended to turn off or disable the JetPack’s Beautiful Math as per the user’s review.

Download MathJax – Latex Plugin

4. Easy WP LaTeX

The Easy WP LaTeX is one of the best WordPress Math Plugins that helps display mathematics in WordPress drastically without any doubts. The dashboard and the destination work area looks simple, sleek and easy to use interfaced.

Thus it would never confuse or create any complexity while inserting the formulas and expressions to the WordPress posts. The Bracketing Tags with MathType Style and LaTeX style are available with switching mode.

This plugin includes a link to various helpful documentation resources and FAQ page for the user convenience.

Also, a Demo Page is available for the users to play with the Maths Expressions and Scientific Equations and it can be viewed from the developer’s official website.

Activate Easy WP LaTeX Plugin

5. WP – KaTeX

The WP – KaTeX hold a place in our list for making the work easier while narrating the mathematical expression via WordPress since it gives the solution for How to display maths formulas in WordPress?

This extension is capable of delivering the equations and mathematical expressions faster using their advanced jsDelivrCDN Content Discovery Network to the visitors.

This would easily render a large number of equations exactly faster than the WordPress Powered Beautiful Math Plugin.

This WordPress formula plugin for Maths also integrates with the CSS platform that helps the users to highly customize their Equations with a creative mind.

It is a simple and easy-to-use plugin for the beginners those who struggle to start with the mathematical equations and scientific expression in WordPress platform. You can also feel the frequent update of this plugin for better usage.

Fix WP – KaTex Plugin

6. Youngwhan’s Simple LaTeX

Youngwhan’s Simple LaTeX WordPress plugin helps the instructors and the WordPress users to easily play with the mathematical equations and formulas without any complexity.

It also provides the users to post Math Equations and related Expression in the comment section as well. The proper alignment and easy access to the WP LaTeX settings are also available for the users.

The simple algorithm is used by this plugin where the users have to insert the [math]{XXXXX}[math] tag and replace the XXXXwith the valid expression/equation code for instant output. 

This WordPress Math equation plugin allows the users to create a custom based own Mathtex.cgi for extra customization of the math formulas and can create High-Quality images than the previous version named mimeTex as well.

The proper update of the plugin can be seen and it also works well with the latest WordPress version without any flaws.

Set Up Youngwhan’s Simple LaTeX Plugin

7. Wiris Plugin for WordPress

The Wiris Plugin for WordPress is one of the best Math Equation handling Plugins for the WordPress platform. It can be only downloaded from the third party website other than the official WordPress Plugin area.

The formulas can be easily edited and inserted into the WordPress posts using the Visual Editor provided by the Wiris Plugin.

The Visual Editor is capable of easily insert the formulas and math expression after manually editing inside the editor box. Even a kid could access this plugin due to its simplicity and powerful navigation as well.

This add-on for writing equations in WordPress works along with the WIRIS Plugin for Tiny MCE which can be downloaded via their official website. 

The proper Documentation support page and guide brings additional value to this Math equation WordPress Plugin. It solves the query How to display maths symbols in WordPress.

As this helpful Math extension for WordPress solves the query How to display maths symbols in WP, it has acquired a place in my list. 

Acquire Wiris Plugin For WordPress

Conclusion on inserting the Maths equation in WordPress

The complete online course website could be established using WordPress Themes & Plugins that does all the job from creating a course template to the digital content shopping area.

Even though the things can be done without any greater effort, the hardest thing for a non-coder teacher is that they struggle to embed the scientific formulas, expressions and mathematical equations to their WordPress post.

Through this blog post, I hope I have solved the famous question, How to write maths equation in WordPress?

And yes, finally, you have reached the end of this article stating about the 7 Best WordPress plugins for inserting Maths Equations and Expressions.

I have compiled this list after the thorough analysis and you could make use any of the above Math WordPress plugins without any hassle.  

You may pick the best one that suits your needs and do comment if you have any suggestions or queries as well.

7 Best Plugins To Add Maths Equation in WordPress

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