A brief Information about Triple talak/talaq in india

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A brief Information about Triple talak/talaq in india

Triple Talaq- A serious matter

As per my opinion “A country is not safe until a woman of that particular country is safe and secure”. Talaq in English is Divorce which is a very diplomatic and serious matter in both man and woman’s lives. It teaches and leads to a different understanding of love and separation between both individuals. These different understandings lead to a high major step known as Divorce. However, as per the topic Triple Talaq which mostly happens in the case of Muslims.

Triple Talaq is a form of divorce practiced in India. It has become a great controversy recently with long debates; issues regarding gender equality are common in it. The official meaning of this practice is when a Muslim man can pronounce “Talaq” THREE TIMES by legally pronouncing it. It can be any form either oral or written or electronically.

This issue has attracted media attention in the past two years since a Muslim organization, Bharatiya Muslim Mahila Andolan (BMMA), launched a campaign to ban Triple Talaq and “Nikah halala”- a practice where divorced women, in case they want to go back to their first husbands, have to consummate a second marriage.

All India Muslim Personal Law Board (AIMPLB), a non-governmental organization that aims to educate Muslims on the application and protection of Islamic laws, has opposed to moving the ban Triple Talaq and polygamy. The latter is ILLEGAL in India.

Critics say divorce and polygamy are the main issues Muslim communities are facing nowadays. Islam considers marriage as a contract and it has laid down procedures on how to declare it. A woman can seek divorce under what is called as “Khula” however husband can end the marriage by pronouncing Talaq thrice. This is very abrupt and meaningless.

Nowadays cases of men divorcing their wife through text messaging or over phones are coming in limelight. It has already been outlined by the Supreme Court in a number of cases, including in February 2015. Triple Talaq should be optional as women also needs to think about herself and kids after hearing the word Triple talaq. Courts have said that what is optional cannot be essential or integral.

It’s the worst form of marriage dissolution. It’s injustice to women and also not happening in context with the Quran. As no law or holy book can allow a wife to become ex-wife on just saying of the husband which is unconditional behavior. This practice brings women to streets and many of them commit suicide too. Divorces happen in Islam many times as they are not able to handle their marriages with ease. This should be handled with calmness as it leads to the distance between two individuals.

Triple Talaq is not only hurting women but also hurting religion and every other individual related to that particular family. It’s only ruining families and different individuals. So, in my opinion, Tripal Talaq (a brutal practice) should not be there and must be banned in the country as it’s also not practiced in other Muslim countries like Pakistan, Arab countries. If they can do, why can’t we?

A brief Information about Triple talak/talaq in india

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