ADZBuzz UBlock Review: The Best Free and Paid Popup Ad Blocker

ADZBuzz UBlock Review: The Best Free and Paid Popup Ad Blocker
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ADZBuzz UBlock Review: The Best Free and Paid Popup Ad Blocker

One of the best ways to get sales is through online advertising.

You can reach far more people within your target audience for them to click on the ads and make money from it.

Many of you may be using Google Adsense or something similar to it.

For those of you who haven’t heard of a system like Google Adsense, it’s a way for you to publish ads on your blog or website where you get paid each time someone clicks on it, and advertisers get paid each time someone purchases something through the ad.

It’s an easy way to make money as long as you’re targeting your potential audience.


Yes, there is that but!

On the flip side, you, yourself, hate ads!!!

You love to browse the web for videos and articles, but yet there are a lot of sites with ads that pop up on them

So what do you do?

You use an Ad blocker so that you aren’t being disrupted from the pleasure of reading articles and watching videos.

Now if you’re using Google Adsense or something similar, your potential target audience could be the spinning image of you when it comes to ads.

They may have an ad blocker, leaving you and advertisers penniless when it comes to whatever system you’re using.

How can you have your cake and eat it too?

Meaning, how can you use an ad blocker and yet at the same time be able to make money through advertisement without your target audience blocking your ads?

The solution would be a system like ADZBuzz Ublock that can benefit you and advertisers. I will go more into detail about it on this post.

The Best Free and Paid Popup Ad Blocker

“The Solution often turns out more beautiful than the puzzle” ~ Richard DawkinsClick To Tweet

Here are some important stats about ad blocking in a 2015 article on PageFair

  • Ad Blocking estimated to cost publishers nearly $22 Billion
  • There are at least 198 million active ad block users around the world
  • Ad blocking grew 41% globally between 2014 and 2015
  • US ad blocking grew by 48% in 12 months up to June 2015
  • UK ad blocking grew by 82% in 12 months up to June 2015

This is a big problem for you and advertisers!

If you have seen a decline in revenue from your ads or you’re just not making any money at all, these stats pretty much says it all.

As many ad blocking plugins there are out there, their main function is only just to block ads.

This can be great for you, but if you’re also using space on your site to promote ads so you can also make money, it can be detrimental for you.

This is why ADZBuzz Ublock is a great solution for you!

What Is ADBuzz UBlock?

Simply put, ADZBuzz Ublock is a tool that blocks ads so that you and others won’t be so frustrated and actually fully enjoy the sites that you visit.

So far, it can be use with the Google Chrome browser. The creators are currently working on Firefox, Opera, and Microsoft Edge browsers.

Besides that, what makes it unique is that you and advertisers can also make money through ads on your site despite the fact you have an ad blocker on it.

How Do You or Advertisers Profit From ADBuzz?

We all love options!

Especially when it comes down to the ads displaying products and services we’re interested in and willing to go ahead and make a purchase.

Wouldn’t it be great to have that choice when we visit different sites we’re interesting in instead of it popping up in front of our faces?

I mean we go to visit these sites for the full pleasure of reading or watching videos first of all right?

With ADZBuzz UBlock it’s possible to do both!

ADZBuzz has a centralized advertising platform which gives you and visitors a choice whenever you get ready to make a purchase.

One of ADZBuzz UBlock team members, Jens Steyaert, explains in the comment section of This Post that you will be able to earn revenue through their ADZlink (WordPress Plugin) and another section called ADZBuzz Savers.

Not only you will be able to earn revenue, but also advertisers reap the benefits of getting traffic, branding and sales. These pieces of ADBuzz are set to launch soon and Jens recommends that you join the site so you can stay up to date with all updates.

Get Started With ADZBuzz UBlock

Before I give you the information of how to get started with ADBuzz UBlock I like to give you a summary of 3 ways how this tool is a win for everyone!

How You Can Benefit As You Browse The Web

The Best Free and Paid Popup Ad Blocker

  • Block intrusive Ads
  • Support Your Favorite Publishers 100% Free
  • Save Money On The Shopping Portal
  • No Whitelisting of ads and you can surf 100% ad free

How You Can Benefit As A Publisher

The Best Free and Paid Popup Ad Blocker

  • Install the WP Plugin Or Script on your site
  • Earn revenue like you would with regular ads like Google Adsense
  • Drive more quality traffic to your site
  • Solves Ad Blocking problem

How You Can Benefit As An Advertiser

The Best Free and Paid Popup Ad Blocker

  • Maintain a great brand
  • Build a better reputation
  • Advertise only where it makes sense
  • Get more sales using less from your budget

Ready to get started?

You can Click on the button below which is my affiliate link to install ADZBuzz UBlock on your browser. It’s 100% Free and once installed you can almost instantaneously start driving more traffic.

The Best Free and Paid Popup Ad Blocker

Also I highly recommend you sign up for the ADZBuzz website to check out updates for future tools to come. To do this, you can click on the button below!

The Best Free and Paid Popup Ad Blocker

Let’s solve the problem of doing away with the old ways of ad blocking and lets give your visitors a better experience as well as increase your revenue!

ADZBuzz UBlock Review: The Best Free and Paid Popup Ad Blocker

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