Amazon Affiliate Store Builder WordPress Themes Comparison

Amazon Affiliate Store Builder WordPress Themes Comparison

Amazon Affiliate Store Builder WordPress Themes Comparison

As I have received a decent number of questions about best WordPress theme for Amazon affiliates, I decided to pick top Amazon affiliate store builder WordPress themes which should help you in a decision.

Most bloggers will tell you that affiliate commissions are a great way to monetize a blog. And that is true.

It doesn’t have to be the primary monetization method. It can be an extra weapon in your business arsenal to success.

If you decide to go with earning affiliate commissions by referring to other people products, you’ll be interested that the world’s most popular affiliate program is Amazon’s.

Affiliates earn between 4-8.5% per sale which is very low. But the main advantage is the volume of products available to promote and the well-respected Amazon name bringing sales.

In fact, many top internet marketers earn real money by creating niche Amazon affiliate websites.

Before you even think about placing product links into your posts, you’ll need to create an Amazon Associates account.

To do this, sign into your regular Amazon account or create one. From there, apply for an affiliate account. It’ll take some time for approval which will happen if you pass all criteria.

Once you’ve are approved, you can go ahead and start adding affiliate links to products into your blog content.


Building Amazon niche sites is a popular way of creating passive online income.

If you’re just starting, then let me make it very clear that you will not get rich over night and by only putting few images and few words of content.

You can make money by building product review sites, coupon sites, product price comparison or simple information-based websites.

I will not talk about the best way to promote products from Amazon store to receive a commission.

I will also not write here is it better to have Amazon affiliate review site, a simple blog with in content links to Amazon, compare prices site or plain store site.

That is up to you and your preferences. Please inform yourself about Amazon affiliate program and its rules if you are not familiar how it operates.

Plugins for Amazon affiliate or any other will also not be discussed in this post. If you need plugin, then check my post about best WordPress plugin for Amazon affiliates.


NOTE: Having premium niche-specific theme isn’t necessary since you can start affiliate oriented site even with the simple blog, free theme, and plugins.

But having Amazon affiliate store builder WordPress theme will make your life easier and creating niche affiliate sites lot faster.

It’s sometimes a better idea to invest in buying a premium theme that will bring almost every possible and required functionality alongside.


Best Amazon Affiliate Store Builder WordPress Options

Here are some WordPress themes you can use to create Amazon affiliate oriented website or blog.

Below mentioned themes are specifically designed with settings and features in mind to maximize affiliate earnings and make the process of creating and inserting links simple as possible.


#1 Covert Store Builder – Amazon Affiliate WordPress Theme

One of best WordPress themes for Amazon associates. It is not limited just to Amazon. It can be used for ClickBank or Ebay.

It automatically pulls products and descriptions from Amazon and uses your affiliate tracking code. You don’t have to do much except set few options and settings.

The site can be set up and ready in half an hour but if not experienced you will need few hours to set everything correctly.

Be noted, the last time I checked, this theme has no option to redirect users based on their IP to their Amazon locale store. But I didn’t find a theme with that feature yet.

So if you pick as the central store for your site, users will be redirected to no matter do they come from Germany, Canada, China, Italy….

Why is that bad? Because they will probably want to buy a product from their country store. This means no commission fee for you if you don’t have their Amazon store locale.

If you wish to show prices from several or all Amazon stores, you can use Content Egg plugin, or you could localize Amazon links. In that case, you would have one link and the visitor would be redirected to Amazon locale based on their IP.


Covert Store Builder Theme


Covert Store Builder is aimed at anyone who is interested in making an affiliate store.

Although it is made to look very easy to set up and could be easy for a newbie to get started, the problem, as with many other programs, comes a little later. How will you get traffic?

For getting traffic, as with any site, you will need quality content and proper SEO. Or if you are lazy, copy other people content and use Spin Rewriter to rewrite content (not recommended).

This Amazon affiliate store builder WordPress theme can be customized easily from the theme options page.

The difference with the Covert Store Builder is that it allows you to add products from an affiliate network rapidly.

You choose the product you want to promote, the network and the number of products. The theme then returns a list of products.

You select the products you wish to include and the category. The products can then be saved as drafts or go live immediately.

For more info about Covert Store Builder theme check my Covert Store Builder review.

#2 Amazon WordPress Theme – WordPress Affiliate Store

This Amazon affiliate store builder WordPress theme is an excellent solution for earning commission fees from Amazon.

The theme is easy to install, a price is very affordable and once purchased theme can be installed on unlimited domains.

Once you set the products, all your shops will be auto updated with the latest products and you will have time to do the marketing and SEO for your business.


wordpress affiliate store amazon wordpress theme


Some of the theme features include:

  • Support 7 Amazon stores (Canada, Spain, Germany, United Kingdom, France, Italy and the United States)
  • Use any keyword you want to generate your Amazon product automatically
  • Include the newest Amazon customer reviewers about product on your site
  • Auto-updating price tags, so the latest price is displayed in your posts all the time
  • Price tag ribbon for getting buyer attention
  • SEO optimized
  • Image product magnifier

NOTE:I don’t recommend purchasing this theme. Few of my readers contacted me regarding the purchase of this WordPress theme for Amazon affiliates.

It seems there is a lack of support if any at all. That also raises a question is this theme updated regularly and does it work with latest WordPress versions, plugins and follows standard practices. If you still intend to purchase, have this warning in mind.

#3 WP Amazillionaire – Amazon affiliate theme for WordPress

 With WP Amazillionaire you can create beautiful Amazon affiliate oriented WordPress sites.

The theme can be used as simple website blog, or you can convert it in reviews site for better performance. It is known fact that product reviews have deeper and better impact on people.


wp amazillionaire amazon review affiliate sites


WP Amazillionaire is built on ThemeStarta framework, and it is one of quality made themes using that framework.

This WordPress theme does not support auto posting, but it is compatible with WP Zon Builder and WP Zon Grabber plugins or any other if you want to set your site on autopilot.

WP Amazillionaire is responsive which means it will be fully optimized for handheld devices.

It is also SEO optimized, localization ready, schema markup optimized and much more. You can get this theme as part of Planet Starta club.

NOTE: Planet Starta does not exist any longer and this theme can’t be purchased.

#4 Prosociate Amazon Affiliate Store Builder

Yes, I know. I said I would not write about WordPress plugins for creating Amazon affiliate in this post. But still I decided to include Prosociate 3.0 as it has some interesting features.

This plugin combines the Amazon API and WooCommerce to create the ultimate Amazon affiliate shopping tool. Plus, you get all advantages WooCommerce has to offer.


prosociate amazon affiliate store builder


Some of the features are advanced navigation, ready-made themes for plug and play site building and customizable shortcodes for placing products anywhere on the site.

You can also generate world wide profits via GEO targeting algorithm which auto detects where users are from so you can benefit from anyone who visits your site no matter what country they are from.

Prosociate is also Google optimized and products will auto-update with the latest pricing data and content. It will also add new products to your site on auto pilot.

#5 Associate-O-Matic Amazon Store Builder

Despite the topic of this post is WordPress Amazon affiliate store builder theme, here is one non-WordPress solution if you want to take a break from our beloved CMS.

Installing Associate-O-Matic is pretty easy as it’s without a database, so not much programming skills involved. You just have to look for a hosting that supports PHP.

If you own multiple stores, you won’t have to pay for each store you create as it’s a one-time payment and you can use it on as many sites you want.


Associate O Matic Amazon Store Builder


This script also extracts reviews on Amazon. The visitor will only redirect to Amazon when he is making a checkout. It has theme pages with prebuild themes according to a different niche.

You can also add associate-o-matic as a side store on your blog or a website. Even if you are running a business, you won’t have to start a new site separately for your store.

Assiociate-o-matic is SEO friendly, and you can set your own custom titles description on the product to get better placement on the search engine.

It has paid and free version. For more information visit the official site. It is not WordPress theme but can be used on WordPress.


Amazon Affiliate Store Builder WordPress Comparison

  • Product

  • Amazon affiliate

  • Ebay affiliate

  • CJ affiliate program

  • Importing Content

    Content imported straight from Amazon

  • Option to register

    Registration option built with theme

  • Slider

    Slider showing most recent products

  • Automatic update

    Automatic price update

  • Built in social sharing

    Theme comes with option to share products on social sharing sites without the need of plugin

  • Multi Site license

    Once purchased you can use theme on unlimited number of sites

  • SEO optimized

    Well every theme will say it is SEO optimized so take this with doubt

  • Import reviews

    Import product reviews from Amazon

  • Image Zoome

    Image Product Zoomer

  • All Amazon Stores

    Support different Amazon country stores

  • Shopping Cart

    Built in shopping cart

  • Autoposting

    Autoposting new products

  • Rating option

    Built in option to rate products (review site)

  • Responsive

    Optimized for handheld devices

  • Duplicate Post

    By activating duplicate post detection you can check if you have already posted a product before

  • Quick Loading

    Pages are optimized and tested to boost loading times

  • Custom Search

    Amazon Custom Search

  • 90 Day Cookies

    Standard Amazon affiliate links only set 24 hour cookies

  • GEO Targeting

    GEO Targeting algorithm which auto detects where users are from so you can profit from anyone who visits your site no matter what country they are from

  • Control

    Control the Look and Feel

  • Free version

  • Price

  • Covert Store Builder

  • SEO plugin is needed

  • Available with Covert store content which is paid extra

  • $47

  • WordPress Affiliate

  • Category descriptions, meta tags and title tags

  • Need to buy additional wordpress plugin

  • $29

  • WP Amazillionaire

  • It is possible to obtain license for unlimited sites for higher price

  • In built compatibility with the incredibly powerful WordPress SEO Plugin by Yoast, including support for titles and interior links / breadcrumbs

  • Need to buy additional wordpress plugin. Optimized for WP Robot,WP ZonBuilder, WP ZonGrabbing

  • $17

  • Prosociate

  • Need to buy additional wordpress plugin

  • $49

  • Associate-O-Matic

  • Need to buy additional wordpress plugin

  • Free version has limitations

  • $99 First Year

    $20 Per Year Thereafter


NOTE: As time goes, themes get updates, modifications, changes or even become abandoned. I try to update content and comparison tables as much as I can.

But with so many published content I just don’t have time to keep pace consistently. Please check product sales pages for most current information’s and features.


Other Amazon Affiliate Store Builder WordPress Themes and Alternatives

If you are planning to build an Amazon affiliate niche website, then you need to work really hard on many things like using a clean coded and fast loading WordPress theme, write a lot of quality content with targeted keywords, follow non-spammy backlinking practices, etc.

Here are some more WordPress themes and tools for creating Amazon and other affiliate sites.


1. REHub – Directory, Shop, Coupon, Affiliate Theme

This is my number one and WordPress theme which I currently use when building affiliate stores. I use it on several of my niche affiliate sites in combination with Content Egg plugin and YITH Compare.

From the time I have written this, many more features had been added. This is must have theme no matter what kind of website you intend to have.

You can use it for various purposes. From standalone blog to the portal with shop, review system, news magazine, comparison websites, digital products store.


REHub WP theme review


I was amazed how good this theme is and how many options it has. It is regularly updated, and new features are added weekly. Few authors will do that.

Rehub looks beautiful. It comes with Meta Filter plugin and few other worth plugins. Rehub works great with WooCoomerce, ECWID, BBPress, EDD plugin….

You can add coupons, do reviews, insert various great looking shortcodes, provide visitors with top lists, product comparison, show price deals from the different store, connect the post to offers, insert ads, create branded pages…

This theme doesn’t come with integrated features like automatically pull products from Amazon, product price, and product description, so it is not specifically Amazon affiliate oriented theme.

2. Fresh Store Builder

Fresh Store Builder is designed to build online storefronts for anyone who wants to promote Amazon products as an affiliate.

The ability to add pages, posts, and images can be done from right within the Fresh Store dashboard. It has a full editor and even offers some options for basic SEO (search engine optimization).

Fresh Store Builder is an Amazon only. Which means you won’t ever be able to sell products from any other company.

Part of the appeal is that Fresh Store Builder simplifies the process of adding products to your store from Amazon.

Instead of manually creating images, writing descriptions and linking to the product, Fresh Store Builder manages all that for you.


create amazon affiliate sites using fresh store builder


Fresh Store Builder from recently integrates with WordPress. FSB is a nice way to earn money by promoting Amazon products though there is controversy about it and its author Carey Bird.

FSB is full of features and options. It is not WordPress theme or plugin. You don’t even need WordPress or any other CMS.

But it does come with WordPress theme + plugin so you can integrate it with WordPress. What you need is a domain name, hosting, and Amazon Associates account. Simple as that.

I have wrote a post about it so check my Fresh Store Builder review for more info.

3. Datafeedr is an affiliate marketing solution that can integrate thousands of products from different merchants and from a wide variety of options into your WordPress site in an instant.

Datafeedr connects to all the affiliate networks and downloads affiliate data-feeds. It pulls this data into a central administration area called the Datafeedr Factory.


datafeedr affiliate store builder


With Datafeedr, you can earn a lot of money from helping merchants market their products into your site, not just to one site but to every site you wish to create.

Datafeedr can instantly feed any products into your site, and you are in control for any niches you can think of.

It offers an easy way to create browsable, searchable WordPress affiliate store, website, comparison site or blog.

4. Kingdom – Woocommerce Amazon Affiliates Theme

Kingdom is specifically made WordPress theme for Amazon affiliates. It offers all the features one need to create an affiliate website.

With the only support for the affiliate segment, you can find the theme perfect for your needs.

For customization, you will get a shop page custom options where you can set all the features according to your requirement.

You can choose to display as many products you want. It offers the review system, product tags, product categories and more.


best wordpress theme for amazon affiliate site


The homepage comes with a full-page slider, and it also provides color widgets for great customization. It also supports WPML if you are thinking of translating the theme.

This theme was created to work perfectly with the WooCommerce Amazon Affiliates plugins, so it’s not loaded with any unnecessary features and functions.

Its fundamental purpose is to enable you to build a WooCommerce store and sell anything from Amazon as an affiliate.

You can import customer reviews and additional information from Amazon, implement an eye-grabbing homepage slider to retain visitors, and easily personalize your store to match your preferences.

5. Compare – Price Comparison Theme for WordPress

Compare it great price comparison WordPress theme which can be used as Amazon affiliate store builder tool. You can use to help users quickly find and compare the best deals across the Amazon store.

You can manually put products from Amazon and add in a unique description to help with your search engine ranking.

Or you can import products via a CSV Product feed to bulk import a ton of products freeing up time to concentrate on your marketing effort.

There’re various options which allow you to customize your website according to your individual taste and needs.


wordpress theme for amazon affiliate


Compare theme is also translation ready meaning you can reach customers in all different languages. This theme supports multiple currencies.

There’re several widget areas to help you promote popular products and any deals or coupons you may have going.

The homepage layout is fully widget eyes so you can drag and drop different modules to create something different.


Amazon Affiliate Store Builder WordPress Final Words

Earning online still has a lot of potentials. If you have tried your luck online, you know how much profitable it is to run an Amazon affiliate website compared to other sources of revenue streams such as Adsense.

When it comes to building a niche site, choosing a proper theme will make your job a lot easier.

Once you have chosen such a theme, you can put your primary focus on developing the content and promoting your website.

If you’re confused which one to go with, I’d recommend you to create a list of requirements and then start the matchmaking process with each of the themes.

It will help you quickly find the theme that is covering most of the requirements. Starting an Amazon website is not an easy task, and that’s why you need to have proper tools built right into the theme.

Once the theme is setup, you need to focus on the content part. The good part of buying any of these premium themes is that you never have to worry about the functionalities and can completely focus on the content and other parts.

That concludes my top best Amazon Affiliate store builderWordPress themes and tools. All mentioned themes can be made even better by adding plugins per need.

I recommend REHub, Covert Store Builder or Datafeedr for creating Amazon affiliate stores in WordPress.

I hope the theme compilation helped and saved your precious time. Do click on social buttons I’ve added to share it with people in your social network. It will take only a click.

Let me know in comments below which theme or plugin do you use for your Amazon or any other affiliate business.

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