Amazon Bestseller for WordPress Free Download

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Amazon Bestseller for WordPress Free Download


Amazon Bestseller for WordPress uses the Amazon Product Advertising API and displays a bestseller list on your WordPress posts and pages. The lists will be refreshed and generated automatically.

When using the [amazon] shortcode you specify the output by using keywords or the official browse node ids, selecting different categories or adjusting the amount of products.

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Amazon Bestseller for WordPress - Highlights

Amazon Bestseller for WordPress - Settings


  • Raise your conversion rates and earnings
  • Optimize the presentation of Amazon products on your site
  • Automatic generated bestseller lists for product categories or keywords
  • Diversify the maximum amount of displayed products (e.g. top 3, top 10 lists)
  • Easy [amazon] shortcode handling
  • Up-to-date informations due to automatic data refreshing
  • Nice and clean settings page including a lot of customizations and adjustments
  • Supporting all Amazon countries (de, com,, ca, fr,, it, cn, es, in,,
  • Shows current price, sale and star ratings
  • Show a disclaimer in order to comply with Amazon terms of service (currentness of data)
  • Every product link automatically includes your tracking id in order to receive sale commissions
  • Future updates will be delivered automatically via your WordPress dashboard


Quick Start

Use brackets e.g. [amazon bestseller=”mainboard”] to display your Amazon bestseller list including 10 products by default.


  • If you don’t have already you need an Amazon account to allow the plugin communicating with the Amazon Product API.
  • WebHosting: PHP 5.3 or newer required; PHP CURL/SOAP/REST/FOPEN extensions must be enabled

Updates & Changelog

Regular updates and improvements: Go though the changelog

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