Amazon Prime Day has £100 off Netgear’s Orbi which could solve all your Wi-Fi woes – DigiTach

Amazon Prime Day has £100 off Netgear’s Orbi which could solve all your Wi-Fi woes – DigiTach
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If you’re mulling over getting a new router to improve the Wi-Fi coverage in your home, then Amazon has a hot Prime Day deal which may well be of interest, with the retailer having reduced the price of the Netgear Orbi down to £200.

Normally, the Orbi system will set you back £300, so Amazon has lopped a third off the price here, offering you a saving of £100. Of course, you need to be an Amazon Prime member to benefit from this offer, but if you aren’t, you can always sign up for a free trial today to take advantage of this deal (and a host of others).

Netgear Orbi isn’t just a traditional router, rather it’s what’s known as a Wi-Fi mesh system, meaning you get a router plus a satellite device (and you can add more satellites if necessary).

Wi-Fi wonderment

The satellite(s) effectively extend the Wi-Fi coverage throughout the house, with a handy app provided to help position the device(s) in the optimal position to make sure there are no Wi-Fi dead zones in your home. One of the major boons of the system is that it’s dead easy to set up.

As mentioned, this starter pack gives you the router and one satellite, but you can always purchase more of the satellites if your house is huge and you need extra units to push the Wi-Fi signal to every room.

We found the Orbi system to be excellent in our review, providing great coverage and being highly user-friendly, with the main downside being the cost of the system. The good news with this Prime Day discount, then, is that it makes the asking price far more palatable.

There are, of course, other Wi-Fi mesh offerings along these lines – such as Google WiFi – but if you’ve been eyeing up Netgear’s effort, now would seem to be the time to make a move.


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