Apple’s new iOS 11 beta sneaks in an intriguing new feature – DigiTach

Apple’s new iOS 11 beta sneaks in an intriguing new feature – DigiTach
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Apple released the second public beta for iOS 11 earlier on Wednesday, but it’s yesterday’s third developer beta that has people talking.

Registered Apple developers are reporting a new screen recording and screen broadcasting option, which may pave the way for live streaming the iPhone/iPad’s activity.

Although the button is currently inactive, it seems plans are underway to introduce the feature within coming betas.

What Apple intends to do with it remains unclear. It already has AirPlay for screen mirroring so it appears this may be a new means for broadcasting third-party apps that can then be viewed on other platforms (via The Next Web).


While that feature hasn’t made it to the public beta yet, there are a couple of significant additions in iOS 11 public beta 2 for us Regular Joes

It clears up Bluetooth pairing issues and I’ve already noticed my iPhone is syncing naturally with my Whoop Strap fitness tracker once again. Users can now swipe up to close applications within the multi-tasking view, rather than having to hit the on-screen ‘X’.

Elsewhere, Apple has also launched new public betas for macOS High Sierra and TV OS 11.

To jump aboard, all you need to do is register at the Apple Beta Software Program website and log in with your Apple ID. Then, select Enroll Your Device(s) and you’ll be asked to download a profile. The next step is to head to Settings > General > Software Update and Install iOS 11 Public Beta.

Of course, it’s always wise to make an iTunes back up of the device first and not to run the beta on your primary iPhone or iPad.


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