Are You Willing to Give Up Everything in Order to Get Anything?

Are You Willing to Give Up Everything in Order to Get Anything?

I’m 29 years old.

Though relatively young, I know things men twice my age don’t.

For example, I’ve learned something most people have a hard time accepting.

Life is simple.

It really is.

You can have whatever it is that you want.

I’ve proven it to myself over and over by setting goals.

You’ve heard the saying “You can do whatever you put your mind to”.

This statement is correct.

But it isn’t complete.

Let me explain.

The reality is that, yes, you really can get whatever you put your mind to.

I am so convinced of this now that I am willing to bet this entire blog.


You also have to sacrifice in order to get what you want.

It’s such a small price to pay.

Too small if you ask me.

I mean, do you really “sacrifice” if you’re ultimately going to get something you want?

Think about it…

The power of sacrifice

Listen to me good.

You will not get anything worth having without sacrifice.

At the same time, you’ll get whatever you want if you’re willing to sacrifice.

A man who’s 100% focused on his online business cannot afford to be out with friends on Friday night.

Someone with 30 pounds to lose cannot be watching the game eating chicken wings and drinking beer.

I’ve said it many times before.

Sacrifice the things you enjoy now in order to get things you’ll enjoy MORE.

If you offer a man the ability to earn $100 per day online or a fun Friday night out with friends; 100% of men would choose the $100 per day online.

I mean, why in the world who he choose a fun Friday night over a daily $100?

He wouldn’t because he knows there will be PLENTY of Friday nights to come.

Especially if he’s earning $100 per day online.

But the reality is that most men don’t choose the $100.


It doesn’t happen as quickly as getting dressed and going out Friday night.

In other words, it doesn’t provide instant gratification.

You have to work to get the $100 per day.

In the moment, going out with friends provides the quicker reward.

As a result, it’s what the masses choose.

But if you deny the quicker reward, take action, and sacrifice; you’ll get something much more rewarding than a fun night out.

Trust me.

So why are you settling?

Abundance of money making opportunities

There are MANY more opportunities available today to earn money online than ever before.

Anyone who isn’t making money online doesn’t want to.

It’s that simple.

There are 18 years old all over the world recording themselves and uploading videos on YouTube making more money than professionals in the corporate world.

There are bloggers posting one article per month who are earning more than people who work 40-60 hours per week at their job.

Both statements are 100% true.

The money is online.

And either you take it or someone else will.

Forget Friday night and get the ball rolling with your online venture.

It’s so easy.

You decide what you want, you focus on it daily, and you sacrifice whatever necessary.

Once you achieve it, you go back and enjoy whatever you sacrificed momentarily.

When I was building this blog, I simply could not afford to be out with friends.

But now, I can hangout with friends any day of the week.

Not just Friday night.

See the difference?

And when I sat down to write Mr. $100, I knew that it had to be perfect.

I knew that if I released a product that didn’t get results, I’d ruined my online reputation FOREVER.

So I sacrificed everything.

No going out with friends, no going on dates with women, and no “catching up on Netflix”.

I submerged myself in my apartment and worked.

Mr. $100 was my priority.

Nothing else mattered.

Once it was complete, I gave away a couple of copies to friends and family.

After getting amazing feedback, I knew it was time.

I had created gold.

The book was ready to show people all over the world how to earn money online.

But there was no way I could’ve done it without sacrificing.

Without doing the work.

In life, you choose between work and pleasure.

The more you work, the bigger the pleasures.

But you can’t do both simultaneously.

There’s no way to balance the two.

You either go all in and become obsessed.

…Or you settle for a fun Friday night.

Want to quit your job and earn money online in order to have all the free time you want?


Either do your own research and figure out how or download Mr. $100.

I know this article seems like a sales letter for my eBook.

It’s not.

There’s no need for me to do that.

People go online daily and search “How to earn $100 per day online”.

They find my book and buy it.

Are You Willing to Give Up Everything in Order to Get Anything

Do it to see for yourself.

You’ll find me either on the 2nd or 3rd page of the Google results.

What this article is instead is a wake-up call.

A reminder that if you keep doing what you’re doing, you’re going to get the same results.

I’ve never pushed my eBook on anyone and never will.

You can’t help people who don’t want to be helped.

Remember that.

My book is for those who want to be helped.

For those who want to save time, mistakes, and money.

It’s why I wrote and sell it an affordable price.

To help as many people as possible.

However, maybe you don’t want to earn $100 per day.

Maybe you’re happy with what you do to earn a living.

Maybe there’s something else that you want.

Tell me what it is and I’ll show you how to get it.

The only thing is…

Are you willing to pay the price?

Talk soon,


PS – Download my NEWEST book “How To Make $100 Every Day On The Internet” because it’s going to show you my ALL my proven ways to make money online.

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Are You Willing to Give Up Everything in Order to Get Anything?
Are You Willing to Give Up Everything in Order to Get Anything?

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