Beginners Guide to Make Money as Amazon Affiliate

Beginners Guide to Make Money as Amazon Affiliate

A good portion of my online income comes from Amazon Affiliate program. It is a very good source of passive income for me. If you are a newbie and searching for a reliable method to start making money online, I recommend you to start your career as an Amazon Affiliate. Because this is relatively easier way to make money online and you can scale your business easily.

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How Can You Make Money From Amazon Affiliate Program?

You can earn money from Amazon affiliate program by creating small niche websites where you can promote Amazon products. You will get commissions whenever your website visitors will buy products from Amazon using your affiliate links. I always recommend my readers to make small niche websites of about 100 articles/reviews. Your goal should be to make $10/day from each website.

I don’t recommend you to use all your energies to make only one big website, because no one wants to put all of their eggs in one basket. Instead, make multiple Amazon affiliate websites each earning small revenue like $10/day or more. This will help you to scale your business easily. If any of your Amazon websites fails, do not lose heart and simply go for another website around another topic/keyword.

If you want to earn $100/day, then you need to create 10 small but successful Amazon Affiliate websites each earning at least $10/day. But your first goal should be to learn how to create your very first affiliate website that can earn you $10 every day. You may take longer time to earn from your first such website. But once you are successful, you can create more websites very easily and very quickly.

What Do You Need to Make Money From Amazon Affiliate Program?

The basic requirement to make money from Amazon is a website. You need to buy a domain name and a good fast hosting. You can get your domain name for $10/year (get $0.99 a domain for first year) and good shared hosting for $4/month only. You may also need a tool to do keywords research. But you have the choice to use free tools in the start. It means that in the start you only need to invest around $5/month. You don’t need to invest more money if you can write simple product reviews yourself. You may require more money if you want to hire some freelancer writer to write reviews for you. I will explain all this later.

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How Much Money Can You Make From Amazon Affiliate Program?

You can earn unlimited amount of money from Amazon. There are many successful affiliates who are already earning thousands of dollars every single day. The key to earn maximum money from Amazon is to send maximum number of visitors to their website using your Amazon Affiliate links.

The most important factor is the amount of targeted traffic that you can attract to your website. On my websites approximately 50% of website visitors click affiliate links to visit Amazon. From those 50% about 7-10% people do some purchase on Amazon.

Suppose one of your Amazon Affiliate websites is getting 100 targeted visitors per day.

Suppose 50% people visit Amazon through your Affiliate links ==> 50 visitors/day to Amazon

Suppose 10% of those 50 people bought something from Amazon ==> 5 products purchased/day

Suppose Average price per product purchased was $30 ==> 5 x $30 = $150 worth of products/day

Suppose your commission rate was 7.5% then ==> Your earning will be $11.25/day

In above example I have assumed the average product price as $30. If you are promoting products with higher prices then you can earn even better money per day. For instance if we consider average product price as $50 then your daily income becomes $18.75.

Please note that if you are promoting high priced products then your conversion rate may be lesser. But in that case your earning per product will be higher and you will still be earning same or more money.

What Are Exact Steps to Make Money From Amazon Affiliate Program?

The whole process of making money from Amazon as an affiliate can be divided into following steps:

  1. Do Keywords Research to Find Good Topic/Keywords for Your Website.
  2. Get Good Domain Name+Hosting and Setup Your Website Using WordPress.
  3. Publish High Quality Unique Reviews/Content on your Website. Embed Amazon Affiliate links within content.
  4. Drive Traffic to Your Website using SEO and other methods.

Here I have assumed that you already have an active Amazon affiliate program. If you don’t have one, you can apply for it after creating your website and adding some content. Here is the link to apply for Amazon affiliate program:

More in Next Posts:

In next few posts, I will discuss all of these steps in detail. This will help beginners and intermediate affiliates who need easy to understand steps to earn passive income online. I recommend you to Subscribe to my newsletter, to stay informed about all updates.

My Book About Amazon Affiliate Program:

I have also published a book on Kindle where I have described complete details to make money from Amazon Associate Program. You can download this book from here: Kindle E-Book: Make Money from Amazon Affiliate Program.


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Beginners Guide to Make Money as Amazon Affiliate
Beginners Guide to Make Money as Amazon Affiliate

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