Beginners Tips for Blogging and how it helps in SEO.

Beginners Tips for Blogging and how it helps in SEO.

Blogging Tips For Beginners And Its Influence In SEO


Every business needs a blog. And if done rightly, your blog can be your business. Here in this guest post, the author, Arpin Gajjar a Digital Marketing Strategist brings out few important blogging tips every business owner should make note of and implement in their business blogs.  So read on as these are some vital tricks and hacks that’ll help you get started on your blogging journey by following the SEO factors.

Why Blog?

Whether it is a business, social campaign or personal project, blogging is the most essential and the most useful aspect of digital marketing. And like any marketing strategy, the aim is to reach the widest audience possible.

Now, SEO is a term slowly tossed around while discussing blog penetration and reach. So, let’s dig deeper and help you kick start your professional (and successful) blog.

Blogging Tips and SEO

SEO or Search Engine Optimization refers to the process of boosting the visibility of a blog or web page by improving its listing in search engines. The higher it is listed, the better chances of it being visited by users and improving web traffic.

We know what you’re thinking. To increase the web traffic to your blog, you must be ranked high by search engines. But to be ranked high by search engines, you must increase the web traffic to your blog. Catch 22!

But don’t fret yet as we are here to make things a little easy.

What to do and How to


  1. Content Quality:

Your blog must contain high-quality content. Obvious right? But you’d be surprised by the number of bloggers out there who try every trick in the book and still fail. The reason? Poor content quality.

So write highly relevant content which would benefit the readers and add value to them. So don’t just stuff your post with keywords and think it’s done. Search engines are smarter than you think and it’ll end up doing more harm than good.


  1. Back Linking:

As you write high-quality user-generated content, it will begin featuring in other bigger, more reputable blogs. This is known as ‘back linking’.

And that will not only instantly spike up the traffic to the mentioned post, but will also increase the ranking of your blog in Google’s SERP.

  1. Consistency:

The brains behind Google recognize and punish websites which have a set number of articles for a long time and have not been updated.

So keep writing good content for your blog on a regular basis. Not doing so will have a negative impact on your rankings and your dreams of a successful blog might be delayed.

  1. Keywords Strategy:

Yes, they’re critical, but there’s a trick to doing them right. The keywords you should be using more often are long-tail keywords.


These are more specific and higher ranked. So instead of writing “blog tips”, maybe try “Beginners Tips for Blogging” (See what we did there?)

  1. Social Media

Social media can also be an important tool in promoting our blog. When your blog or article is shared by the masses on social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn, it increases traffic to your blog and builds positive credibility, both of which aid in SEO.

  1. Updated Content

Search engines have tools which can identify how fresh your content is. If the articles in your blog were written a long time ago and had not been updated ever since it’ll push your rankings on the lower end.

To avoid this, regularly update your content by adding new information, stats, pictures, etc.

These blogging tips are the pillars of good and profitable blogging. If you follow this everything else will fall into place. If you have any suggestions or if there’s a particular aspect of blogging you’d like us to elaborate on, please let us know in the comments section. Happy blogging!

 Author Bio: Arpin Gajjar is a Digital Marketing Specialist at Bonoboz which is a dedicated digital marketing company based in India that enhances brand’s and individual’s online presence. They cover SEO services, social media management services, web designing and web development services. Their astute experience of scaling business digitally and socially with accurate profitable execution can help enterprises and brands strengthen their online potential.  You can find him here on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn

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Beginners Tips for Blogging and how it helps in SEO.

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