Blogging for money: 6 top secrets of these 5 rich bloggers

Blogging for money: 6 top secrets of these 5 rich bloggers

People have confusing viewpoints about blogging for money. Some pro bloggers believe that every blogger eventually earns money after struggling for some time.

Some other say only 3 per cent of all bloggers earn big money while the rest have to quit or become just another blogger. They quit because they can’t wait or don’t have proper guidance.

But majority of blogging experts firmly believe that blogging for money is a wise strategy that you can achieve with your smart work.

Exceptions are always there but usually the aim of a blog is to earn money or support your money making efforts.

Many other do blogging just for pleasure and fun. They are exceptions and not the topic of this post.

We will talk here about blogging for money that could not only be your source of income but it also makes you earn money from home. No hassle of going to workplace and facing the bossy environment there.

To successfully make big money with your blog you must know these six top secrets of five rich bloggers. Else you would just be struggling with an envious stare on big accounts of these super top bloggers.

blogging for money1. Blogging for money requires clear vision

If you read success stories of pro bloggers most of them have started blogging as a hobby. After knowing its earning potential, they later on switched to money blogging.

At that time they didn’t have any example to follow. Nor they had any pro who could have shared his experience with then newbie bloggers. That is why you read that most of them initially did 20 hours hard labor daily while sitting in basement or garage of their small house.

But now time has changed. Just with one click you can learn from experiences of thousands of successful bloggers. Almost all of them did have shared their success stories on their blog.

Harsh Agrawal has been updating his blogging success story for the last several years. You just need to take benefit from it and develop your vision about blogging.

Blogging for money means you have clear vision for what you want to achieve with your blog. Either it is full-time income, part-time income or a support to your present source of income.

To achieve these objectives you must be clear what you need to do right now, after one month, after one year and then years after years.

2. Quantified objectives

Ahmed Safwan is a well-known blogger of Egypt. Once he clearly mentioned he wanted to earn $20,000 per month in a year or two. This is called quantified objective. If you have opted blogging for money it means you’ve to set your objectives in clear terms.

How much money you want to earn in next three months? You must have this goal with all justification to do it. Else you will be enjoying on whatever you earn.

Being contented is the big hurdle in making huge money from your blog. Your objectives should neither be so humble nor so arrogant. They must reflect your passion to earn as per your skills and hard work.

If you are contented by nature you will become a mediocre blogger.

If you have fiery desire to earn more and more just convert it into your passion and make it happen with your consistency and patience.

3. Bigger action

Steve Pavlina once participated in a forum’s debate on how much traffic blogger should have after one year. He said a real blogger needs not to set lower limit for any target. You must set the highest possible upper limit of your each objective.

blogging for moneyHow much maximum traffic you should get after one year of your blogging for money? This needs a big action to set your each goal in terms of your target and achieve it with your consistent actions.

If you aim to reach the sky at least you will reach to the highest mountain of the world. Else if you aim just a little ahead you can’t be able to go beyond that once you achieve your tiny objective.

4. Diverse investment

Just investing your time is not enough to be successful in any kind of business. If it is so; all the daily wages laborers would have been millionaire as who invest hard labor more than them.

So make a wise mix of your investment by putting your hard labor, creativity, planning and obviously money. You can set ratio of all these required investments seeing your budget but none of them should be missing from your investment plan.

Else with your hard labor you would just be blogging and money would be like a rude girl to you. If you are old enough like me just call your teen-age days to understand what I mean to say here.

5. Rational approach

John Chow earns more than 50k from his blog. It’s great. Jon Morrow earns $1 million every year. It’s very great. You should follow them in long-term and not try to be like them in short-term. To be upfront you can never be like them quickly because they have spent their whole life in blogging.

John Chow has been blogging for more than a decade. Earlier he had also sales experience of several years.

Jon Morrow wrote 8,000 words daily for initial few years of his blogging journey. Then he became one of the best content writers of the world.

So first try to do what they had done to achieve blogging excellence. If you do with consistency you can be more than them. You can learn from their experience and then improve with your own experience as well. So you have double advantage.

You need to put your hard labor and hard-earned money both to achieve huge traffic and then convert them into your customers.

So blogging for money means you need to be above average in your vision, goals and action to earn money and make your blog a joy forever.

6. Free means no guarantee

If you give everything for free people won’t trust you much. Giving away everything for free means you don’t have courage to take responsibility if people don’t get their desired results with it.

By offering your products or services at price means you are confident that people would achieve their certain goals by buying from you.

So those who have self-confidence usually sell while those who don’t have much confidence on what they produce usually give it for free.

What is your take to become a real money blogger? Does it require knowing something more than these top secrets or you also think everyone can make money blogging by just doing hard work.

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Blogging for money: 6 top secrets of these 5 rich bloggers

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