Blogging is Unpredictable

Blogging is Unpredictable


Blogging is unpredictable.

It’s 6:36 AM down here at the time I am starting to write this blog post.

Outer temperature is 30 Celsius and room’s 24 Celsius with the air conditioner kicking.

Oh, you don’t know how good 30 is because it is the middle of summer with the monsoon (rainy season in Asia) pleasuring the mood of the sun to keep him cool.

We often get hit with 52 Celsius, and we already had back in the days.

I am still up early because I don’t have a set schedule for the sleep (at least not in the summer because of the heat, sun up at 4’o clock in the morning, late sleep, etc. but I do catch up with good sleep during the winter.)

Well, I spent the good amount of the previous night in the hospital.

And that my mother was not feeling well. That’s because of the summer’s intensity that almost everyone is falling ill. Humidity is at its highest mark to blame.

Even though I slept late, I am up early to take charge of the day.

Yesterday was the hectic day full of ‘outer’ work.

Got the air conditioner unit installed in the morning, wiring work, other personal tasks and then to the hospital.

So, things do come out of nowhere, and you’ve to be ready to deal with them. And they will even make you steer away from your ‘normalcy.’

Blogging is unpredicted

Just like the personal things that are unpredicted to predict what will catch you up in next hours, the blogging is also unpredicted.

You never know what the next day has for you.

You could be benefited with the money, network, applause, and much more that are part of the blogging’s perks.

And even hacking could be done; you could get hit with the severe issues with the site/server, and even much more.

So, be ready to face the “unpredict” part all the time to keep your cool.

Keep cool and blog

In the end…

Keep your cool in uncertain situations at all.

And let me know how you deal?

Blogging is Unpredictable

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