Blogging Tips That Will Make You See What I Saw– 2,051 Page Views of a Blog Post

Blogging Tips That Will Make You See What I Saw– 2,051 Page Views of a Blog Post

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Have you written and published your year-end blog post?

If yes, you are in good company.

All over the blogosphere bloggers are writing their goals for 2017.

Instead, I am far more interested in evaluating what blogging tips worked for me in 2016, so I can replicate and build on them in 2017.

Those are my goals for the new year. In order to meet them, I have to analyze last year’s factors that resulted in high page views.

In 2015’s year-end post, How to Create Blog Content Your Readers Will Love– Guaranteed, I insisted you need to vary your content.

Variety of content = engaged readers = new subscribers = loyal readership.

A year has passed. Do I still feel variety is crucial to blogging success?

This post will examine my top five best-performing blog posts of 2016 to see if variety played a factor and what other factors contributed to the posts ranking in the top five.

By the end of this article, you will be able to copy these blogging tips so that you, too, can see high page views.

Every blogging tips post I’ve read will say to vary your content. Samuel Igwe, for example, explains it’s so important, you can get 10,000 readers and a boatload of comments all by varying your content.

Let’s examine my best-performing blog posts for 2016 and the descriptions of them to see what factors played a part in their high page views:

#1 5 Free Tools to Help You Easily Improve Your Keywords

  • written by a guest author, Amir Ghale
  • about SEO
  • about tools
  • has 5 tips
  • how you can further succeed at blogging for free
  • Note: the post went viral on StumbleUpon
  • Note: With 2,051 page views, this post is my 2nd-best performing post of all time, and I’ve published almost 600 hundred blog post articles. Since the publication of this post, the article is continuing to rise in page views and is now higher than 2,051. (My best-performing post of all time is 71 Awesome Tips That Will Make Your Blog Successful.)

#2 This Is the Way You Can Make Big Money Blogging Now

  • written by me
  • about how you can make money blogging
  • has 21 tips
  • Note: the post went viral on Pinterest

#3 79 of the Most Effective Ways to Get Free Blog Traffic

  • written by me
  • about how you can promote your blog posts
  • with 79 tips, this is a mega post
  • about how you can further succeed at blogging for free
  • Note: the post is still picking up page views although it was written twelve months ago.

#4 How to Easily Make Money by Promoting Your Blog at Niume

  • written by me
  • about how you can make money blogging
  • about how you can get paid to promote your writing at a revenue-sharing site
  • Note: the post finished as one of my top five performing blog posts of 2016 even though it was just written in October, at the end of the year.
  • Note: the post is still picking up page views primarily from search engines

#5 This Will Make You See 566 Page Views in 12 Hours

  • written by me
  • a case study
  • about how you can increase blog traffic
  • According to research, headlines with numbers in them do well. This post has two numbers in the headline.
  • Note: Based on the success of the post, I wrote many subsequent posts about how to get high page views with much higher numbers than this. For example, I wrote a post explaining how to get 842 page views in the course of a day. However, none of the other articles performed as well as this post performed. It could be that since it was written first, it had more time in 2016 to pick up more page views than the subsequent, although higher traffic-generating, blogging tips posts.

To further my point about the need for variety, let’s look at two more posts.

#6 This is How to Hook Your Readers, 11 Ways

  • written by me
  • about writing tips
  • has a number in the headline
  • has an odd number in the headline (Both numbers and odd numbers specifically are supposed to be predictors of high page views.)
  • Note: The post went viral on StumbleUpon

#7 87 Blogging Mistakes You Should Absolutely Never Make

  • written by me
  • about how you can avoid making mistakes when you blog
  • with 87 tips, this is a mega post
  • Note: the post is still picking up page views.
  • Note: several people recently reblogged the post contributing to the rise in page views at the end of 2016.

What conclusions can we draw?

Are the experts right? Do we need variety in our blog post formats and content?

Based on the top-performing posts for 2016, I say both yes and no.

Yes, You Need Variety

I included How to Hook Your Readers to demonstrate that a post about writing tips, admittedly rare for me, made the top 6.

Also, I included Amir Ghale’s guest post, which came in at #1, to show that the voice varied since the author varied.

In addition, the case study, This Will Make You See 566 Page Views in 12 Hours, demonstrates that there is a variety of format. They were not all “tips” posts.

No, You Do Not Need Variety

  • Two out of seven were mega posts. The number of tips ranged from 5 to 87.
  • Six out of seven were written by me.
  • Six out of seven were all blogging tips posts
  • All solved pain points, problems, for my readers.

According to the year-end results, what do my readers want?

Their needs are clear. My readers want tips that will help them make money, save money, and get traffic.

It is possible to know what your readers want. You don’t need surveys or having them ask you questions in comments.

Of course, those can help. However, first and foremost, you should use analysis. Look in your dashboard. Then, you will hear your readers’ needs loud and clear.

In closing, according to predictions, the need to vary your content isn’t going to go away. On the contrary, predictions for successful blogging in 2017 state the need to vary your content will be more important than ever. Infographics, podcasts, Periscope, and YouTube videos, are all examples of ways you can vary your content to keep your readers engaged in the new year.

Also, you might even want to take your blog content one step further and monetize it.

At any rate, whether your goal is traffic from blogging or money from blogging, the importance of varying your blog content remains.

Readers, please share, so other bloggers know about the predictions for blogging success in 2017 and the importance of varying their blog content and format.

  • Do you agree with my conclusions?
  • Do you have any other observations of my results?
  • What were your top-performing blog posts for 2016?
  • How do you keep your readers engaged?
  • Do you have any other suggestions for varying your blog posts? Do you even feel it’s necessary?

I look forward to your views in the comments section.

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Blogging Tips That Will Make You See What I Saw– 2,051 Page Views of a Blog Post

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