BLUBOO S8 VS Samsung S8 Comparison

BLUBOO S8 VS Samsung S8 Comparison
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BLUBOO S8 VS Samsung S8 Comparison

When it comes to smartphones, we thought we would give you a product comparison of the BLUBOO S8 VS Samsung S8. These two smartphones come with two very different price tags, with the BLUBOO S8 being $80 and the Samsung S8 being $800. That is a huge difference in price, which might leave a lot of people wondering what the differences and similarities are between the BLUBOO S8 and the Samsung S8. Well, we are here to tell you all about the BLUBOO S8 VS Samsung S8, which goes well beyond price so read on to learn all about these two smartphones.

BLUBOO S8 VS Samsung S8 Product Comparison

The full-screen models of smartphones are becoming more popular, with more brands and phone manufacturers moving towards the full-screen handsets. In order to set the manufacturers apart from one another, the display designs are becoming unique and way more exquisite than in previous smartphone models. The display we are talking about is the 18:9 aspect ratio, and there are two main smartphones that are showing off this full-screen design.

Of course, we are talking about BLUBOO S8 VS Samsung S8. In this particular case, the prices are on completely opposite sides of the spectrum with BLUBOO S8 being $80 and Samsung S8 being $800. While these phones are fairly similar, they are also unique and different. If you look below at the chart, it details a lot of the specifications for both devices. The chart will show you the differences and similarities between these two smartphones.

As you can see from the chart and tables we have included, there are quite a few areas where the BLUBOO model and the Samsung S8 have the same specifications and features. While you might not think that an $80 phone would be comparable in features to the $800 smartphone, the chart proves that it definitely is. As you can see by the chart, the BLUBOO S8 is nearly identical in areas such as video, resolution of front-facing cameras, display design, and the auto-focus.

The BLUBOO S8 is actually better than the Samsung S8 when it comes to things like battery capacity, price, camera count, and rear camera resolution. Another aspect of the BLUBOO version that is better is that the BLUBOO model supports Depth of Field which is a DSLR-quality that the Samsung S8 does not support.

BLUBOO S8 VS Samsung S8 Details & Overall Verdicts

When it comes to the BLUBOO S8 VS Samsung S8 debate, the Samsung S8 does have some better features. Samsung obviously has more hardware and better hardware in the Samsung S8, which makes sense due to the phone being 10 times more expensive. The higher-quality hardware includes having an Octa-Core 2.3Ghz Processor and also features Exynos 8895. Since the price is so much higher for the Samsung S8, you are going to be getting an upgrade in the internal components. Even that though often times cannot persuade people to buy the Samsung brand due to the phone performance in many areas still being poor, especially if you are comparing the Samsung S8 to the BLUBOO version.

If you look at the above diagram, you will see that there are two different BLUBOO models to choose from. There is the BLUBOO S8 Lite and the regular BLUBOO S8. Both of these models have the 3450 mAh battery, and both have the amazing displays. The main difference between the BLUBOO S8 Lite and the regular BLUBOO S8 is pricing, which is due to the hardware specifications and details. A lot of BLUBOO models are based on price, so the BLUBOO S8+ will cost you around $300, and the Lite and regular models will cost quite a bit less. The BLUBOO S8+ should be coming with Helio X30 along with 128GB ROM and 6GB RAM.

To end our product comparison between the two similar smartphones, we have shown you through the product details and hardware specifications featured on the tables that the BLUBOO model can hang with the Samsung S8. The Samsung S8 would be best if you are looking for higher-quality internal components, which could offer you better performance. This much-more expensive smartphone could lead you without an amazing quality phone that is highly overpriced.

The BLUBOO S8 is so similar and comparable to the Samsung S8 that for $80, it is definitely your best bet. This is definitely true if you are someone who is more financially-conscious. If you would like to know more information about the BLUBOO S8, including product details and pricing options, you can head to right now to check out the official website.

BLUBOO S8 VS Samsung S8 Comparison

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