Best Social Bookmarking WordPress Theme
People are asking on many different places that which is the best Reddit clone script or theme. Reddit is the social bookmarking site where people bookmarking their posts, pictures, videos and also up-votes and down-votes on it to shows the popularity. Same like here, UpVote WordPress theme, the best social bookmarking WordPress theme on the…… (0 comment)

How to Start a Blog on Tumblr Site in Next 3 Minutes
There are two major leading blogging platforms to create a blog now a days Blogger and WordPress. I’ve discussed about them in great length later, but now today I choose a very popular and leading young generation platform called “Tumblr” a rich media blogging platforms that provide you the facility to create a free blogs.…… (0 comment)

20 Ways to Get Free Subscribers 2017
When any newbie start working on YouTube, and create YouTube channel, uploading videos and then try to get more views and more subscribers. But the basic question they always find on different places that,how to get more views on YouTube and how to get free YouTube subscribers to their newly born YouTube channel. In content…… (0 comment)

How to Embed YouTube Videos in WordPress Blog Posts
There is no doubt, video content has it’s own significance. There are number of people who consume video has increased significantly in the last few years? So blogging now goes to vblogging or vlogging. Now in this post, I’ll show you how to embed YouTube videos in WordPress blog posts and increase your viewership. Even…… (0 comment)