Common blogging mistakes every newbie makes

Common blogging mistakes every newbie makes

I was a Jackass all the time. It has been more than three years after starting a blog and here I am back to the very beginning. If I had not made those silly blogging mistakes, I would have been somewhere else.

Or maybe if I had met my friend Sherab Tenzin a way back before I started my blog, I would not have done those Mistakes. He is one of the PRO bloggers who has inspired me through the blogging journey.

I was really amazed by his blog article “Be a PRO from day one -tips from Pro-blogger” . Thanks to him, and it was never too late to start from the scratch.

Well, everyone makes mistakes but one need to take it as a lesson to build pillars for success.

If you are a newbie in the blogging world, you should avoid those mistakes from the very beginning.

1. Hurry Makes you Worry.

How simple it sound. I was in a rush and I took it as a race. As soon as I  got my credit card, I purchased a hosting service and domain name, installed WordPress and started to blog. I wanted to earn online badly and get rich very quickly. Being Hurry was my first mistake and the beginning of all the mistakes.

For instance, I forgot to plan, didn’t have strategies and did not do any proper research. I wasn’t even in the right niche but kept on hitting publish button.

I didn’t give a shit about anything else, rather than checking my analytics account. Well at the end, I didn’t even have 20 viewers a day and just forget about the earnings.

Therefore, don’t be in a hurry. Play a steady game with well-planned strategies. Make research, write down the points, ask Pro-Bloggers for help and finally start a blog. Don’t be just like me.

After all, Blogging is Not a Destination, It is a Journey. Click To Tweet

“How to plan your New Blog Perfectly, a post written” by Mr. Greg will be a great start. He explains in three parts, which I found it very useful and need to go through before starting a Blog.

2. Divided we Fall and United we Stand

I took blogging as a fight and as a competition with the fellow bloggers. But I was wrong. The fact is, it was a war where we need to fight together to have a Victory.

Well, what can I say, “My another newbie blogging mistakes”


How To Start And Run A Blog By Yourself” is a bit misleading as the title for this article. In fact, if you want to start and run a blog, it’s next to impossible to blog successfully without the assistance of many other people

Donna Merrill

The point Donna Merrill made out in her post is quite clear and straightforward, explains how important it is to blog along with fellow pro Bloggers.

We need lots of help from other in setting our blog’s architecture, Need suggestion to improve our blogs, need referral backlinks to rank our site higher, need to interact with pro bloggers and follow their steps to make connections with them. This will make you a successful one.

3. Don’t forget to say Hi to Mr. 301 and 302 redirects.

Initially, we create and delete pages, posts, and categories too often. That’s a greatest newbie blogging mistakes everyone makes. My point here, I don’t mean to say don’t delete pages and posts. I mean for each deleted pages, categories, and posts, you should create a 301 and 302 redirects. Even for the slight change in your URL, you need to create those Mr. redirects.

This may sound so ridiculous for a newbie, but seriously I realized how important it is after deleting a post. You know, we never know when Google has indexed our pages and posts. I thought that post, which is least visited and less content won’t make a difference.

But you know what? Google has already indexed that URL, and every time I get clicks from Google towards that posts it was taken to 404 error page.

Google which is a computer robot, thinks my site is haunted place when it is landed to 404 error. That gives a very bad impression to Google.

Giving Bad impression to Google, we all know what it means.

If you are using premium Yoast SEO, it creates automatic 301 redirects after deleting anything. But I know it is expensive to afford premium Yoast SEO plugin as being a Newbie blogger.

Fortunately, there are other options, like simple 301 redirects and Blogger 301 redirect. There are a lot more but I found those two plugins with more downloads and good ratings. But frankly, I haven’t used them so you need to check it yourself. I have recommended based on their downloads and ratings.

Create 301 and 301 redirects for every post, pages, categories you delete from the beginning of your blogging. Later on, you will land up like me, with a bad impression to Google.

4. Content is a King

Yes, content is a King and a key to everything for bloggers. Oh hello! I mean if you don’t write garbages and shits like me. All I did from the beginning of my blogging was, I kept on writing. I was misled by the concept of posting daily for Google rankings and AdSense approval. It was horrible.

I kept on writing for the sake of having more posts and making a schedule of a daily post but with garbage contents. I lacked proper research, a good quality content, resourceful contents and relevant articles.

Visitors on my blog kept decreasing and one day I realized, quality is always superior to quantity.


Content is where I expect much of the real money will be made on the Internet, just as it was in broadcasting.

Bill Gate

What Bill Gates said and the current Google algorithms work are similar. Content is a King unless you don’t write garbages. Consider writing a good quality content rather than quantity contents. After all, we all know, where garbages goes.

5. Forgot to collect Email Subscribers

What will I do with those emails id? that’s what I thought. I didn’t care unless recently I did a campaign for my health and fitness website, That’s when I knew the true power of email content marketing. I received pretty good traffic from email referral. And I wished I would have collected the emails from the very first day.

Start to collect emails from the very first day. Just imagine, selling your contents directly into their inbox, how sexy it will be to have millions of email subscribers

6. SEO optimizations

I kept on writing without any keywords. I didn’t do any keyword research and didn’t bother about those site title, meta tags and all. And you know what, though I wrote more than 30 articles, I never got a single organic search. How sad it was, right? Not getting a single organic search after writing more than 30 articles determines how bad I am on SEO optimizations.

Download Yoast SEO, from your very first article, write it accordingly to SEO.

7. Too much Blogging ruins Everything

I worked hard, burned the midnight oil and every single day I kept on spending time for my blogging. The fact is, too much blogging ruins everything. We need a break sometimes.

This may confuse you at one point, but seriously you need a break.

Our minds get so filled with blogging stuff and don’t get enough space for our brain to work. We lack expressions by staying confined with the Blogs. The words won’t even come up in broad spectrum rather it will be a narrow one.

It is worth taking a break, forget about blogging, give some time for yourself and that’s when your brain will be fresh to start blogging again with more expressive words and creating wonderful articles.

Shut down your computer, take a day off and have an evening walk. Don’t strain your brain too much with Blogging.


No matter how many mistakes you make in life, what’s more important is to learn from your mistakes and become a successful one. I made a lot of mistake in my blog but it was my first pillar for success. I hope those newbie blogging mistakes I mentioned helps you to become a successful blogger.


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