Despacito Stars Criticize Maduro For Using Song

Despacito Stars Criticize Maduro For Using Song

The singers behind the famous Despacito song are not happy after Venezuela’s President Nicolas Maduro used an altered version of their song to promote the constituent assembly. Maduro presented an altered version of the global hit during his television show on Sunday. Parts of the lyrics were changed to promote the plans for the constituent assembly, which has been heavily criticized by world leaders.

The singers behind the famous song, Luis Fonsi and Daddy Yankee, were not happy and immediately responded on social media.  During the television show, the president is seen clapping while the audience is dancing to the song. Luis Fonsi was the first to respond, saying he did not authorize or was asked for the use or the change of the lyrics of his song. He added that his music is for those who want to listen to it and enjoy and not for propaganda.

The Despacito song made its debut a few months ago and has been a huge hit across the world. The song is currently one of the most popular on YouTube and last month, it reached two billion views. The popular song even has a version featuring Justin Bieber.

Daddy Yankee also responded on social media, saying Maduro’s dictatorial regime is a joke. He also said that Maduro illegally using a song does not compare to the crimes he is committing and has committed in Venezuela.

It’s been more than three months since the protests began in the country. More than 90 people have lost their lives in the protests, which could increase as Sunday’s elections get closer. On Thursday last week, a general strike left streets empty and businesses across the country closed. The general strike came less than a week after the opposition held a referendum in which more than seven million Venezuelans voted. The government has downplayed the referendum and has continued its plans for the constituent assembly.

The plans for the constituent assembly have been criticized by world leaders and US President Donald Trump has warned that if the elections happen, there will be economic sanctions. The constituent assembly would give the government power to rewrite the constitution. The opposition says this is a move to keep Maduro in power and not hold any elections. The opposition has called for a two day strike on Wednesday and Thursday.

Despacito Stars Criticize Maduro For Using Song

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