Do Borrowed Units Affect Kindle Books Sales Rank?

Do Borrowed Units Affect Kindle Books Sales Rank?
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Do Borrowed Units Affect Kindle Books Sales Rank?

As I discussed in another post, the sales rank of kindle books is determined by number of units sold within 24 hours. But is there any relation between sales rank and number of borrowed units?

Number of Borrowed Kindle Books is Increasing

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In recent days, the trend of borrowing kindle books is increased. I think this is due to Amazon’s new Kindle Unlimited program. Now readers can lend any book from the pool of 600,000 available kindle books by subscribing in Kindle Unlimited program just be spending $9.99/mo.

When I look at my Kindle books sales report, the numbers of borrowed units are increasing day by day. On some days, the number of borrowed units are more than number of sold units.

Relationship Between Kindle Book’s Sales Rank and Borrowed Units

Due to increasing trend of kindle books borrowing, it becomes more important to find whether borrowed units effect sales rank of books or not.

I have tested this many times by looking at my sales reports and all the times, the results were same. The result was: “The Borrowed Units Directly Affect Kindle Book’s Sales Rank Just like Paid Units Do“. It means that if your kindle book is borrowed then your book’s sales rank will be increased.

This is good news for kindle publishers.

What is My Concern?

My only concern is that “What will be the average royalty per borrowed book after Amazon’s Kindle Unlimited Program?“. For the last many months the average royalty of single borrowed unit was above $2. If it stays above $2, then it will be a great news for publishers. But if goes down then publishers may see decrease in their overall earnings.

But I cannot draw any conclusion at this time. Let’s wait for some months and see what happens.

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Do Borrowed Units Affect Kindle Books Sales Rank?
Do Borrowed Units Affect Kindle Books Sales Rank?

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