Does Your Headlines Match The Social Media Groups You’re In?

Does Your Headlines Match The Social Media Groups You’re In?
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Does Your Headlines Match The Social Media Groups You’re In?

How many of you been in groups where some of the blog posts within the group doesn’t really correlate with what the group stands for? The goal of the group is Affiliate Marketing but yet some of the members share blog posts about other topics like telecommunication or Alkaline Water. Do you think they’ll get far in this group? In this post I will talk about the importance of making sure your headlines match the essence of the social media groups you join….

Breaking News  “Social Media spark a revelation that we, the people, have a voice, and through the democratization of content and ideas we can once again unite around common passions, inspire movements, and ignite change.” ~ Brian Solis


There are many, many blog posts about how to create attention getting headlines for your blog posts, but the next thing that’s important is if those headlines correlate with the social media group.


Many people join social media groups just to find out that they’re not really benefitting from them.


There are many reasons because of why!


In my Last Post I talk about some of the reasons why bloggers get little to no traffic when they join social media groups. Coming from my own experience I suggested 6 things to look for before you join a Social Media Group.


What you want are serious bloggers, as well as others, to come to your blog, read, comment, and share with the hopes of getting leads and sales.


I’ve seen this with many bloggers, including myself, where we share blog posts which has nothing to do with the group. I appreciated the fact that still the serious bloggers in these groups still commented and shared my posts, but it really wasn’t helping me or them.


By far if people browse through a group because of the name of the group, then more than likely they’ll be expecting conversations and/or blog posts related to the groups name.


As I mentioned in my Previous Post there are many bloggers that do “drive by postings” thinking that they will get a lot of traffic, but one thing is for sure and that is if you’re headline has nothing to do with the group itself, then not a lot of people are going to read your blog posts.



When I think about this, I think about department stores.


Before you go to a department store, or any store for that matter, you have a general idea of what you’re going to purchase and which store you want to go to.


You go there, get your things, and you leave.




Well for the most part, you don’t want to waste any time. You make that window of time to get what you need so that you can focus on something else.


It’s a win/win… You get what you want, and the store of course get what they want.


Many of us aren’t just going to get into our cars, waste gas, drive around town with no destination in mind, hoping that we run into something that we want.


When we post in these certain categories of groups, you want to have your audience in mind. They’re more than likely not going to wander around to each social media group, not having the slightest idea of what they want, and luckily hop on your blog which has nothing to do with the group.


If you go into a group about Affiliate Marketing, you would expect to find information about affiliate marketing. But there were quite a few occasions where I found blog posts where they talk about mobile phones or health drinks. It may be a blogging community that does Affiliate Marketing, but promoting your products within these groups is a bad time to do it.


In this post I talk about how many of us aren’t generating traffic from our Target Market. If this happens that’s an indicator that we must break down our Target Market much further creating a persona of the perfect prospect or customer that are already interested in what we’re promoting. The people will not only help you with traffic, but it’s also the case that you will attract sales.


What To Look For In Regards To Your Headlines And Blog Posts  Business project 


Before I go any further, I just want to let you know that this is just from my own experience with Social Media Groups. I found that when I follow these guidelines, I get better responses to my blog posts.


I also feel that when I follow these guidelines, I’m contributing more to the groups that I’m a part of where they are the members or visitors. Also I’m learning myself through the comments I get.


So Here are some guidelines that I now follow that may help those of you that are looking to benefit from Social Media Groups through blogging:


Make Sure Your Headline Correlates With The Name Of The Group 


If you join a Network Marketing or Affiliate Market group on a social media site, you want to make sure that your headlines are geared towards the title. Your more serious bloggers are going to use the name of the group to write about topics surrounding what the group stands for.


I found that it’s best not to talk about any products or services unless it relates to the purpose of the group. If it’s something like mindset or personal development, then thats ok. If you have to use analogies to get your point across, that’s fine too. But you definitely don’t want to get out of focus. Keep in mind that there are other people who aren’t members coming to these groups to look for answers.


If The Name Of The Group Is Generic Find Out What The Members Are Talking About The Most


There are quite a few groups out there that are pretty generic with names like Blog Commenting Tribe, Worldwide Blogging, A Bloggers Cafe. So yes, these groups are just about blogging, but what you want to find out is what topics are talked about the most.


You may not find this in groups with a large number of members, but smaller groups are much easier to discern. This gets more into niche marketing when you can break down a big target market like blogging as well get more out of these groups you join!


Figure Out What Members Are Receiving The Most Shares And Follow Their Lead


You can also figure out what users are getting the most shares. This will allow you to figure out a pattern. What are visitors responding to the most and why? There is something in each of these kinds these posts that really stirs something up inside of these readers. You want to figure out the similarities and compare differences. Is it the topic, or how they deliver the topic? You want to pattern yourself after these bloggers.


Gradually Go Into Topics That Are Off The Goal Of The Group And Get Back Into Alignment


I’ve seen quite a few bloggers that talk about their products, services, family, friends, etc… and they will go way off the goal of the group. If anything you want to make sure that you get back on topic and maybe use these as examples or analogies to do so. The goal is to make sure you give value to the members as well as visitors that come to the group.


You Don’t Have To Share Every Blog Post Within The Group


Let’s say that you do go off the goal of the group where each blogger within the group are serious and shares each other posts regardless of the topic. I feel that it wouldn’t be beneficial to the group as a whole if you share a post that has nothing to do with the name of the group or it’s goal. It would be best to post in another group related to your topic of choice.


The only exception is if the group is more of a multi-topic group where there are bloggers who share information from different niches. But from my experience it’s best if you focus upon a specific niche group and align your blog posts to it. You will get more out of the group as well as visitors and the members as I mentioned before.


Now It’s Your Turn!


What do you think about this? Do you think it’s beneficial to share just about any topic with a specific niche group? Do you post anything that’s off the goals of the groups you’re a part of? Do you feel that it’s still beneficial to post any topic as long as the members are sharing it? Please leave your comments below and share this post with your friends. I look forward to reading them!

Does Your Headlines Match The Social Media Groups You’re In?

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