Dubai Starts Painting Smiley Emojis On Police Station Ceilings

Dubai Starts Painting Smiley Emojis On Police Station Ceilings

Dubai is looking to become the happiest city in the world and one of its latest ideas is to add huge smiley emojis on the ceilings of police stations. The gigantic smiley emoji is already part of one police station in Central Dubai. The happy emoji, which is painted onto the dome of the police station, features a Dubai police hat.

The police station is the first to have the emoji on the ceiling but the city plans to have many more on other police stations soon. The emoji is being painted on the ceilings to promote happiness.

Dubai Looking To Become Happiest City

The United Arab Emirates was recently ranked as the happiest country in the Gulf region. But in recent years, Dubai has been planning to become the world’s happiest city. In 2016, the city was in the top 30 as one of the happiest places to live in, according to the World Happiness Report. Dubai is looking to make the top ten happiest places in the next few years and get to first place at some point. The new emojis at the police station are being added to create more positive and happy vibes, according to the director of the station.

The people that get arrested or visit the police station in central Dubai will probably not miss the smiley emoji because it covers most of the dome. According to the director of the police station, the smiley emoji can also be seen by passengers in planes and helicopters. He says the emoji will promote the power of happiness and positivity among the people.

The city of Dubai has ten police stations and one of them already has the new emoji that can easily be seen by anyone who enters the station. The city is planning to add the smiley emoji to the other stations soon.

Dubai Starts Painting Smiley Emojis On Police Station Ceilings

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