Eight reasons why you need blog for your Business.

Eight reasons why you need blog for your Business.

Gary Vaynerchuk took up his Family’s wine business right after his college and it grew from $3M to $60M in just five years. He neither had a “money tree” planted in his wine company nor a “supernatural power” to boost up his wine business up to that level. But he had determination, dreams, and smart planning.

Most importantly he had a business blog.

Eight Reasons why your Business needs Blogging Websites.

  1. Advocacy is King of Entrepreneur. Your brand popularity, your product details, and your business locations are really important to boost your business. Why do you think, amazon is the best online shopping? It is because of advocacy. The business blog is the perfect solution to advocate your brand.
  2. Reaches more people. A blog helps to reach to more people, in faster and easy way, through sharing your blog contents in social media.
  3. It’s cheaper: Doing campaigns with banner ads, google Adwords, Facebook Ads, local magazines and newspaper are very expensive. Business blog if written perfectly with SEO strategies and right keywords, no need of Adwords, your website will be on the top of the Search engines. John Lincoln has a more on SEO strategies for your business blog.
  4. Buyers will always research online: There are hundreds, probably thousands of others who are selling same products as yours. They will compare, research online and then only they will proceed to purchase. Blogs can make your buyers know that your product is best from the rest.
  5. Can deliver more information for your buyers. A well-written blog with good images of your products will help your buyers get more information about your product or services.
  6. Blogging keeps your website updated and fresh. According to, the google algorithm changes more than 200 times a year. Out of it most important is the freshness of the website. It will be difficult to create pages, change website architectures in order to keep the website fresh. The best way would be the business blog which we can change and add constantly.
  7. Rank High on Search engines. You might have one product or more. But contents of your website would not match up the other competitors if you don’t have a blog for your business. Instantly you will rank low in Search engines and get less traffic for your website. But blogging can help you with ranking high on Search Engines.
  8. Built connection with customers. Krista Bunskoek, PR and Content Marketer @ Wishpond says that blogging can help to built trust and connection with your customers. Your customers can read about your products through blogs, discuss with other buyers through comments and hence it can help to build relationships. More you are into a relationship with customers, more money you can earn from your business.

No matter how hard you work, it does not matter if you don’t have smart planning and strategies. Opening a blogging website is the next biggest step and smart strategies for your business.

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Watch how blogging boosted their business by Metier.


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