Go Pricing – WordPress Table Plugin Review

Go Pricing – WordPress Table Plugin Review

Go Pricing – WordPress Table Plugin Review

WordPress table plugin is very useful if you sell product or provide any service through your WordPress site.

They are popular because you can quickly demonstrate to a potential customer the different features of each product and compare them to each other.

If you are selling services or products online with different levels of features, then a pricing table is an essential piece of your marketing effort.

Pricing tables need to be simple. Too much information can overwhelm and confuse the user, while too little information can be ineffective.

You need to find the right balance and provide enough information.

Though large number of premium WordPress themes come with their own pricing tables as a built-in feature in shape of shortcodes, most of them don’t have enough options needed to create quality pricing table or comparison.

If you sell through website, you can display your packages using the pricing table. You can even create different packages for a single product with different features and access restrictions.

Comparison tables can make a difference and boost conversions..


Go – Responsive Pricing & Compare Tables for WP is one of most popular WordPress table plugin. It provides easy to use interface in order to create pricing or compare product tables.

It has been developed for various purposes. You can use it to compare products, create membership pricing tables, can be very useful in affiliate sites…..

Easy to create and customize, comparison tables can be integrated into any page through use of shortcodes, as many times as you want and also in the same page.


go pricing example


Plugin is responsive which means your tables will look great on handheld devices too. Responsive feature can be turned off or on and it is adjustable per your needs or wishes.

Number of tables available to create is unlimited and you can even put more than one table per page/post.

If you don’t know where to begin or feel lazy, don’t worry. Plugin comes with premade demo templates too.


Some of mine examples made with go pricing:


WordPress Table Plugin

After you bought and activate Go Pricing it is best to first check general settings of plugin. Set it up as you like.

NOTE: From version 3 general settings tab consists of only few options like Whether to enable AJAX request mode in admin area, Set user access to the plugin, Whether to enable CSS transitions, Currency options and Option to insert custom code.


WordPress Table Plugin

Go Responsive Pricing and Compare Tables global settings (older version)


Creating tables is very easy and straight forward.  You can create tables from scratch or use one of pre made templates (if you imported them).

There are over 250 starter templates included with this plugin. To make use of them, there is an import / export system included.

Give the table a name and a table ID to get started. The table id is used for inserting your tables into your content area using shortcodes.


go pricing table plugin review

Table settings for your new table


To create your table, you first add a column. You will then be presented with four setting options: General, Header, Body and Footer. The body section is where you add additional rows.

The General Options tab lets you pick a style and main color for the column, you can also choose to highlight the column and pick some decoration styles like shadow or add a ribbon to it.

Header options allows you to give the column a style, a title, price and edit the general settings. The default header can be replaced by HTML.

This allows you to use things such as images, Google Maps, YouTube and Vimeo videos…

In Body section, you will add content you wish to use in your tables/rows.

Each column has a footer section which is where you will typically add your “Signup” or “Purchase” button.


best wordpress table plugin

Go Pricing table options


Adding rows is very simple. There are dozens of icons that can be used for rows and content can be aligned to the left, middle or right. You can change font size, font family, add tooltip….

You can save your column and then hit the preview button to see how your column looks and test it at different sizes.

A very useful feature of this plugin is option to “clone” row. It will copy the settings over to a new column and you can just edit the relevant text and colors etc.


Go Pricing – WordPress Table Plugin Advantages

  •  over 250 pre made templates
  • you can move columns and rows
  • you can easily edit font, color, background color, font size, shadow, alignment etc.
  • you can add unlimited number of rows
  • pricing tables are responsive
  • ability to include social media icons
  • easy to navigate when creating tables


compare table plugin wordpress


Go Pricing – WordPress Table Plugin Disadvantages

  • New (Clean) pre made templates which come with version 3 don’t have thumbnail to see how they look. You need to click on preview
  • Loading (Hey, just a sec!) often takes too long


Go Pricing Table Plugin Features

This plugin comes with many features.
You will be able to create just about any pricing table you would ever need.

  • Unlimited colors and color combination of columns
  • Unlimited and different number of rows in body and footer
  • Any number of columns up to 10
  • PayPal and s2Member button shortcode support
  • Row and column height equalization system
  • Visual Composer compatibility….


Some Go pricing table examples:

pricing table wordpress plugin example

go pricing table creator

go pricing example


Go Pricing vs ARPrice vs Plugmatter Pricing Comparison

  • Pre-made templates

  • Responsive

  • Highlight Feature

  • Ability to use Custom CSS

  • Ability to re-order rows and columns

  • Ability to change templates without losing data

  • WYSIWYG Editor

  • Fonts

  • Font Awesome Icons

  • Ability to add Tooltips

  • Customizable Buttons

  • Bold, Italicize,Underline etc. Text

  • Add Links

  • Shortcodes

    Pricing tables are placed using shortcodes

  • Integration with Google Events Tracking System

  • Advance Split-testing Campaigns

  • Change Size of Tables

  • Create Pricing Table from Scratch

    Without using pre-made templates

  • Number of Columns

    How much columns can you add per table

  • Number of Rows

    How many rows can you add per table

  • Option to add Images

  • Option to add Videos

  • Option to add Google Maps

  • Option to add Audio

  • Animated Pricing Tables

  • Option to Duplicate Row

  • Import/Export Feature

  • Ribbons

  • Live Preview

    Preview button to see how pricing table would look on different devices (desktop,tablet,mobile)

  • Pricing Table Analytics

    Detailed Analytics for Pricing Table Views

  • Support

  • Updates

Go Pricing 3 review WordPress Table Plugin Review
  • 250+

  • Over 650

  • 10

  • Unlimited

  • Free for 6 months

    $6 if you want to extend support to 12 months

  • Lifetime

  • 170+

  • 400+

  • It seems as much as you want

  • Unlimited

  • Free for 6 months

    $5.40 if you want to extend support to 12 months

  • Lifetime

Plugmatter WordPress pricing table plugin
  • 10

    Only in Professional and Developer pricing plan

  • Over 650

  • 6

  • Unlimited

  • You can add images but only in header. You are not able to add images into rows. Image size is fixed at 120 x 120 px.

  • 1 year of support

    You need to renew license every year to be able to use support option

  • 1 year of updates

    You need to renew license after a year if you want to continue receiving updates


Go Pricing – WordPress Table Plugin Final Words

Go Pricing & Compare is great plugin WordPress table plugin.

It would just be nice if clean ready-made pricing templates have visible thumbnails to see how they look.

That would make things easier as people wouldn’t need to click on “Preview” in order to see them.

It is very simple to create tables.  If you need help you can check video tutorials. All you need to do is add a few images and some text and you will have a professional looking pricing or comparison table.

What is truly impressive is the huge amount of included starter templates. You should be able to find a starter template in a style that you need and then customize it to match your requirements exactly.

If you are looking for a good table plugin for a comparison page or sales page this plugin will do the job. It is available on CodeCanyon for only $19.

The plugin has sold more than 4800 copies and currently has a rating of 4.58 out of 5. I personally use it on this website whenever I need to create comparison tables.

I recommend it and my opinion is that this is currently best WordPress plugin for creating tables of any kind.

Now over to you dear reader. What you think about it? Have you try it already?

Review Summary

4.6 out of 5

Options and Settings

4.8 out of 5

Overall Quality

If you are looking for a good plugin for creating comparison and pricing tables, then you will not go wrong with Go Pricing. Decent number of features and affordable price have made this plugin highly recommended by various WordPress users.

4.8 Excellent 4.8 out of 5

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