GoPro’s updated smartphone app makes video editing dead simple – DigiTach

GoPro’s updated smartphone app makes video editing dead simple – DigiTach
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All users have to do is connect their camera to their smart device, drag down the home screen. From there the app will generate polished videos complete with automated edits with effects, transitions and music.

When we spoke too GoPro last month, its CEO Nick Woodman promised major updates to its apps were coming and now they’re here today.

GoPro has just updated launched a new pair of GoPro and QuikStories app that automatically transfers your GoPro photos and video clips to your smartphone while the latter transforms them into a ready-to-share videos.

GoPro claims the QuikStories magic happens thanks to its specialized algorithm that scans for interesting moments within the photo and video content – on top of those users have HiLight Tagged – and develops an edit with transitions and music to match the images.

Of course users can further edit their video clips by adding text, change styles, manually trimming and re-arranging footage, speeding up or slow down clips, switching the music track, or altering the total video length among the many options. The GoPro app can also be told to pull non-GoPro footage stored on your mobile device.

The newly updated GoPro app with QuikStories is available to download today on the Apple App Store or Google Play Store.


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