How Does SEO Affect Your Blog

How Does SEO Affect Your Blog

Many of you want to know does SEO affect your blog in a great way? If it’s something that you want to consider, then one thing I believe is that it’s an integral part of building your blog. Let’s see how SEO can still be a strong factor in your blogs growth…

SEO Affect Your Blog “Only on the internet can a person be lonely and popular at the same time.” ~ Allison Burnett


Many of you find that SEO benefits your blog in a great way while others of you can build a great audience without it. But how can SEO affect your blog in a beneficial way?


Well I have to tell you…


I noticed that, although I get a decent amount of comments (which I can do better in), whenever I implement SEO, my shares go up. But whenever I don’t implement SEO in my blog posts, I get less that 100 shares.


Still, can SEO affect your blog in a beneficial way?


Well for me it has, and I do believe that for all of you who are bloggers, it can definitely help to drive more traffic to your blog.


The foundation of our traffic is definitely through the relationships that we build with others. Each of us go through different blogs within our niche and outside of it. You start to notice who is actually putting in work as far as building relationships and those that are using other tactics to build their blogs.


Whenever I go to other blogs, I see the same faces, which is great! This is the common denominator that we would definitely have as far as engaging with each other. And of course, it helps us even further if our blogging friends already have a lot of readers that come to their blogs whenever we leave a valuable comment.


But although I believe that Relationships will always win over, especially when you want to convert traffic via your blog, I believe SEO is an integral part of starting those relationships. So how well does SEO affect your blog you might ask? Well here’s a great Infograph I found on Visually that may answer this question!



Think Seo Doesn

Explore more visuals like this one on the web’s largest information design community – Visually.


Why Does SEO Affect Your Blog Positively In Regards To Shares And Traffic?


About a week prior to this current blog, I converted my blog using the Genesis Framework with this Child Theme which serves many benefits. It uses HTML 5 Markup Language and above all, it’s mobile ready. I had to start getting hip to mobile marketing and leave the mindset of being in the year 2010 when smart phones were barely coming out.


But prior to that, I had a free theme. A couple of posts before I installed this new theme, I thought, hey what the heck, why don’t I make use of my SEOpressor! So with that being said, I went ahead and implemented keywords as well as followed the checklist of what I needed to do in order to make more blog more SEO compliant.



lo and behold, on my first SEO compliant blog, I had over 250 shares, where the majority of shares were from Twitter. Not trying to get beside myself, but I thought I did a pretty dam good job on the content and plus having SEO on top of that. I had to pop my collar on that one!


On the second SEO compliant blog, I had over 850 shares, where most of it were also shared on Twitter. That really blew my mind since I didn’t think the content was all that great! But I definitely didn’t complain.  So I put two and two together and saw a pattern here! Keep in mind that when I got these amounts of shares it was within a week’s time!


Like I mentioned before, I may not have as many comments as some of the popular blogs, but I do know one way of getting more shares! So why does SEO affect your blog in this matter?


In one of my shorter posts, I talked about How Scannable Is Your Blog. I notice from the checklist of SEOpressor that the fundamentals of SEO is just making your blog posts a lot easier to scan and more interesting for your readers. When this is done, this gives your blog post brownie points for Search Engines to help point traffic your way! Especially when it comes to Social Proof with the comments left by some of your readers.



Now do you really need to implement some SEO? Just from my experience, I believe that it would be wise to. Some bloggers say that whenever they implement SEO into their blog posts, they’re traffic increases by a lot. While other bloggers are more focused on relationships and they still get a great amount of traffic to their blogs. So it’s definitely really depends on you.


Now It’s Your Turn!


Judging by the infograph you can see the positive affects of implementing SEO. SEO can affect your blog in a positive way. So what do you take of this? Do you implement SEO in each of your blog post? Does your blog do fine without implementing?

Do you focus mainly on relationships, and the rapport that you build with your readers does you a lot of justice as far as generating traffic?


What are your reasons for using or not using SEO within your blog posts? Have you seen the increase in traffic whenever you use it? Do you find it confusing? Please share your comments below and share this post with your friends. I look forward to read them?


Sherman Smith is a home business entrepreneur who is driven to share valuable tips from his own experiences and from what he continuously learn about driving traffic, generating leads and sales conversions. Through his own struggles with building a business, he understands what many are going through in this venture of online marketing. More importantly he also noticed that it all starts with the mindset and in order for one to be successful in anything, their mindset have to be adjusted as necessary.

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How Does SEO Affect Your Blog

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