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5 Tips to Help You Choosing Website Domain Name

How Often Should You Publish a Blog Post?

As a blogger (aka: Internet Marketer) when coming to content publishing, they’ll soon face a big problem mentioning in this blog post.

First, bloggers got their first article published. Second, because the lack of promoting, and they’re not seeing result from their hard work. Third, this is when bloggers start to ask “how often should I publish a blog post” because we don’t see results.

When writing an article, it is difficult and time-consuming.

If I don’t see any result, what is the point of keep publishing content?

Just like playing a video game, if we’re keep losing. We stop playing, right? This is when motivation coming to a wrong place…

If we think we should keep doing something we don’t see result…

…it’s not about you’re going to give up or not.

To save time and get results that will motivate us to move forward.

Instead of saying keep failing, and we’ll be successful.

In fact, every single element below is important:

  • Promoting your content
  • Quality of your content
  • Quantity of your content
  • Content frequency.

They are all important. Promoting seems to be the most important element here. Without promoting, we’re doing our presentation to an empty room.

2 choices on how often you should publish a blog post:

  1. Promoting 1 piece of content
  2. Put up 10 or more great piece of contents and promote.

Here are 2 different example of each choice you’re going to pick for your blog:

  • Brian Dean and Derek Halpern, they choose to promote 1 piece of content.
  • Neil Patel chooses to publish his content daily while promoting.

After all, whichever you choose to go with, you need this,

…popular and proven content.

It’s important that your content is ethical also… an example of Maccas’s advertising their food.

But how do you find popular and proven content for your blog? Let’s get to the meat.

First, use a keyword to find content on Buzzsumo to find popular content based on the number of shared, and it looks something like this,


Based on the number of shares, one thing we know for sure is that the content is proven and people loves the content in these posts.

Second, improve the content to attract more readers and using visual content to attract more social shares.

Improve content based on the elements below:

  • Valuable Information throughout your post.
  • Length – focus on ‘what’s the next problem?’ as your reader want to know, instead of adding another 5 paragraphs.
  • Adding visual throughout your content – graph, model, but not just an image.
  • Small paragraph breaks down to make your post scan-able.

Third, promote. As an SEO marketer and wanting to improve SERPs, it is best to build backlinks to article you’ve written.

Read this article “4 Steps How to Create Viral Content from SEO Experts” for a more specific to backlinks building strategy.

Another way to promote your article is to utilize viral marketing, simply post something on your Social Media profile to get shares and more people to interact.

Note: This requires a strong Social Media presence with a group of highly engaging audience.

Here’s an alternative content promotion: “Top 3 Internet Marketing Tactics to Increase Website Traffic”

In this article, I talked about Online Advertising, Guest Blogging, and Blog Commenting.

How often should you publish a blog post? Plus, a bonus on how to create proven and popular content.

Hence, It’s time to share this article on Facebook and tweet this article on Twitter.

Blog post frequency is the least important as I listed it at the bottom of the 4 bullet points.

In fact, popular and proven content tends to out-performed how many post you’re going to publish.

You can publish 10 posts daily… but

by applying the 80/20 principle to your blog post,

…what if we could focus 80% on improving the quality of a blog post and 20% on producing articles.

Quality helps more people and people are not friends to information overload.

Finally, without promoting, nobody knows your article is published.

Let me know what is your ideal blog post frequency? How are you getting results from articles you published?

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