how to add avatar pic in WordPress blog comments column

how to add avatar pic in WordPress blog comments column


Picture Credit Chery Schmidt

Adding Your Picture To WordPress Blog Comments Helps Brand You (A Guest Post by Chery Schmidt)


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G symbol (The Whitehead) above shows blog comments posted without Gravatar picture Credit: #Philipscom

I am so glad to welcome and introduce my Guest Author Chery Schmidt to my readers.  She is a well know author and a former Bar Manager turned full-time blogger/Global Entrepreneur who is Passionate about Helping Average People Build Their Business.

This is a Guest Post written by Chery on my request.

We, especially the blog authors do post comments to our fellow blogger’s pages.  But unfortunately, in many cases, the identity is not revealed or exhibited.

When we comment on Word Press Blog pages the default image shows up.  Sadly most of such comments though it’s well written and well suited for the post, it may not appear on the comments page.  The main reason behind this is the avatar picture along with it is not showing its real identity. Thus the blog owner does not go into it and approve it.  Instead, if a comment is posted with a real Avatar Picture it will surely get noticed by the blog owner and it will be soon approved and appeared in the comment column.

Chery Schmidt needs not much introduction in the world of blogging.  She is an established author in the World Wide Web.  She lives In North Woods of Wisconsin.

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Pic. Credit. Anh Nguyen

In this post, Chery Schmidt speaks about this important subject and how we can easily add our image along with the comments.

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She Writes Read on…

One of my pet peeves is when someone leaves me a comment on my Word Press Blog and the default image shows up.

So today I am going to take you step by step on how easy it is to add an image and the importance of having your picture show up.

chery roundFirst off let’s talk about this image, you will want to use a picture of YOU!

This image is called gravatar and will follow you all over the internet, Yepper’s where ever you leave a comment this will be there.

We all know that one of the most effective ways to build your brand and get recognized by others is to start commenting on other

blogs.   Right?

Get Noticed, Start Commenting On WP Blogs

The more blogs you comment on, the more exposure you are going to get.

Let’s say you leave your message with some great advice on 4 different blogs a day.

Now don’t you think others are going to start wondering who you are and what you do?

Of course, they are, and they are going to start clicking back to your blog to see what you’re up to.

Show Your Face Next To Your Comment

You are branding You, Right?

So why not have your face next to your comment instead of the default image.

This just makes sense, it is actually pretty easy, follow my directions below to add your picture to your WP blog comments.

If you are using, then you already are set up with an account at (These 2 sites are linked together) All you will need is the same username and password to get access.

If you are using

Go to

Input the SAME email address you have listed in your ‘User’ profile section (User Section found from your WP Dashboard > Click on ‘Users’ > You will see the email address attached to your WordPress profile there)

most-relevant-50-2014-08-05-21-19-58-807ZGravatar will send you a Confirmation Email to this address

Use link in Confirmation Email to go back to to ‘register’ a Gravatar account

Upload your photo, you can upload from your computer or off the internet somewhere, you also have the option to use your webcam.

You can then crop your picture to make it fit into comments better.

You can rate your picture that you use for commenting on blogs.

Give it some time to ‘register’ your new Gravatar photo.

Then go back to your WordPress Dashboard > Click on ‘Settings’ > Then ‘Discussion’ > Then scroll to the bottom & select ‘Gravatar’ as your ‘Default Avatar’ > Hit ‘Save’ > DONE!

Again, it may take up to an hour, I have heard for your new Gravatar image upload to ‘register’ itself online.

Now you are ready to go and place your picture next to your blog comment?

One thing I found out which is really neat is that your picture is automatically going to go on all of the past comments you have out there as long as you used the same email as with gravatar.

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Check Out These Profile Pics

final collage 1 Sue 1 naman board roundupCollagegood ba32-Internet-Experts-Shared-their-Secret-Link-Building-Techniques-Rusty-Blogger-800x445Malayalam News 22 6 16Roundup by Savita singh on blogging and shared by Minuca

No more worrying how come your picture is not next to you post, because this will be done for you with each and every blog comment you leave.

Now leave this page open, open a new window, go to and get this done, then come back here and give it a test by leaving a comment and see what your picture looks like next to it.


Chery’s Blog Page Banner

Here’s To Success, Here’s To Happiness

Success Coach

Chery Schmidt

Partnering With Like Minded Entrepreneurs To Set Up Solid Foundations So They Can Start Doing What They Love

Chery Schmidt Lives In Beautiful North Woods of Wisconsin. Blessed Mother & Grandma that Loves life, Former Bar Manager turned full-time Global Entrepreneur who is Passionate about Helping Average People Build Their Business.

★ She loves to live, laugh and enjoy life…The greatest joy in her life is her family. I live in positive emotions and I love to surround myself with positive like-minded people who have a burning desire to succeed. 

To experience Chery’s teaching first hand, you’re welcome to visit her blog HERE

Thank you so much for your kind visit.

Keep Visiting.

Please air your feedback, doubts, suggestions if any through the comment box given below. Share your experience in this regard. I appreciate your valuable time on the pages of Philipscom.

Have a great time of sharing and caring!


Yours Sincerely

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how to add avatar pic in WordPress blog comments column

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