How To Add Bing Maps to Your Website Without Any Plugin?

How To Add Bing Maps to Your Website Without Any Plugin?

add bing maps to your website

Every now and then, people are up for showing the location of their website. It adds the credibility and trust to your website.

Just a few days ago, I have written an article to add Google map in WordPress. And from the same concept, someone brought up the Bing maps.

If you’re a WordPress user then you would try to find a plugin to add Bing maps to your website.

What if you get it done without using any plugin? Yes, you can.

In this tutorial, you will find the way to add Bing maps to your website manually.

What Are The Steps To Embed Bing Maps In WordPress?

Just like old sake, you should follow each and every step so that you don’t get any wrong code.

Let me guide you.

Step 1:- Visit the Bing Maps official page and search for your location.

embed bing maps

Step 2:- After that, you will see a “share” option. Click to that.

Step 3:- Bing will provide the URL of the map and an “embed” option. Just click and a new tab will pop up in front of you.

Step 4:- This is where you would customize the map. You can choose the size for that. You can even style the map. But the main thing is to grab the code from below.

add bing maps to your website

Step 5:- Click on “generate code” and an embed code will get generated for you. Just copy and paste the code to your website.

Whether you want to show the map in the footer area or the sidebar, it will work everywhere. You just have to paste the code and it’s done.

You have successfully embedded the Bing Maps to your WordPress website.

Mostly, for the websites of the companies, you would see the maps to show, from where they belong. It helps to get the local clients.

Just like Google Maps, you can use Bing Maps.

There is not much difference between two but still, it’s the personal choice.

Can You Now Add Bing Maps To Your Website?

Just because WordPress repository has many plugins it doesn’t mean you have to use every one of them.

Save some work for yourself and try to use the codes instead of increasing the load to your website. For the Bing Maps, there is a special plugin, but why would you even think about it, just generate the code and use it.

What about you? Can you now embed Bing Maps to your website?

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