How to Add YouTube Videos as WordPress Background

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YouTube Videos as WordPress Background

YouTube Videos as WordPress Background
YouTube Videos as WordPress Background

Many pro blogger use video background to there website to make website more attractive specially on there landing pages. if you have tech or mobile related website and you added background video of any latest tech gadget it will sure attract user attention.  In this article, we will show you how you can add YouTube videos as WordPress post or home page background.

YouTube Video as WordPress Background

Youtube added 4000 hour watch time, 10000 views and 1000 subscribers limit for user to make money from there videos. if you don’t have this limit then you can’t make money from youtube. but there is way that you can actually increase your watch time within a week not sure about subscriber.

it’s simple youtube allow there video to be embed on website page, post and other option like sidebar and even they count video views and watch time from it. So to increase watch time and views you have to add video on your website ether on every page or sidebar or as website background. i’ll suggest add in website background. it will help to get more user attention and also increase views and watch time.

Video Blog Auto Poster Plugin can help you to mass import videos from YouTube, Vimeo, DailyMotion or Twitch, you can make website like 9gagTV using this plugin.

Video Tutorial to add Youtube Video as Website Background

if you don’t like video then continue reading for step by step process.

Mass Impost youtube video as wordpress post instantly using Youtubomatic plugin.

First this you need to do is install and activate this plugin the mb.YTPlayer for background videos. once activate go to plugin setting to add video link and modify options.


How to add YouTube Videos as WordPress Background
How to add YouTube Videos as WordPress Background

Add video link which you wont to add as background in video url box, choose all option to show video on all pages and save clear cache.

We hope this article helped you to add YouTube video as wordpress background.

How this Plugin will help you ti increase Youtube Views and watch time?

well every time your website will visit by user, background video will played automatically till that page is closed. So if user visited website and read for 10 minuets then video will played for 10 minutes even if its 1 minuets video it will reload and play again and again for 10 minuets. this is how you can increase watch time and video views for youtube limit.

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