How to Build Strong Bonds with Readers

How to Build Strong Bonds with Readers
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How to Build Strong Bonds with Readers

Imagine a spider web.

When my wife Kelli and I traveled to the remote jungles of Costa Rica we saw spider webs 6 feet – aka 2 meters – across. Massive golden orb spiders spun these webs, like the one I photographed above who lived outside of the house.

On further inspection I saw how these Shelob-like creatures built their webs; 1 node, and 1 connection at a time.

After creating a node the spider spun a linking strand, connecting it to another node.

After a few hours of noding and linking a massive web appeared in the jungle, reaching far and wide.

Your blogging friend network is no different. Each friend you make is like a node. Each strand you create is the connection you establish between nodes.

As you make more friends and developer stronger bonds with your blogging buddies your online presence expands far and wide, not unlike the huge webs of the golden orb spider.

Benefits of Having Blogging Buddies

  • generate traffic
  • grow your email list
  • increase your profits
  • boost your comments

10 is better than 1. 100 is better than 1.

You can try to blog on your own, leading to failure. Or you can make a bunch of friends by helping fellow bloggers and see your online presence expand exponentially.

Follow these 4 tips to build stronger bonds with your readers.

1: Respond to Every Comment Build strong bonds

Respond to each and every comment on your blog to forge strong bonds.

  1. I just responded to a comment from my friend Donna Merrill on my blog. Although we are established buddies each comment fortifies our friendship.

Be timely. Check your comments once daily. Respond to build friendships.

Click on your commentor’s blog links. Visit their blogs. Read. Comment.

Build those relationships to grow your blogging community through the power of blog commenting.

  1. 2: Check Email Frequently Build strong bonds

Check your email on a daily basis at least to build strong bonds with your readers.

If you really want to bump up your connecting skills check email 3-5 times daily to be responsive, timely and engaging.

I formerly made the major league booboo of checking email a few times weekly. Even though I grew my blogging business and created a flood of helpful content I needed to be more in the email loop to establish powerful friendships with my audience since folks tend to view engagements on a daily, not weekly, basis.

Since I checked my email 3 to 5 times daily I noted more:

  • product sales
  • traffic
  • list subscribers
  • comments
  • clients

Interested folks flocked my way. All because I responded to email in a timely fashion.

3: Ask Pressing Questions Via Social Media

Ask pressing, probing questions via social media.

Develop intimate bonds with your readers.


I hop onto Twitter once every day to ask followers about their blogging problems. What do they struggle with? How are they running into blogging obstacles? I may pepper in a few questions to identify any nasty pain point that seems to plague them.

By asking about their suffering I connect with my readers on a deeper level. Some folks share their struggles with me. I answer via a Tweet or perhaps an entire blog post or video.  One more bond forged.

Ask readers about their problems on social media sites like Twitter and Facebook. Provide solutions to their problems through your conten.

4:Poll Readers through Your Email Newsletter

Polling readers through your email newsletter is an easy way to build bonds with your subscriber base.

Take time to ask people what bothers them. Appreciative readers will gladly share responses.

This dialog deepens your bond and fortifies your relationship.

Simply use your autoresponder polling feature to ask questions and field answers.

Connect with your readers.

Forge strong relationships.

Your Turn

How do you build relationships with your readers?

Ryan Biddulph. Blogging has helped me travel the world for the past 5 years. I want to help you live your dreams by showing you how to build a successful blog.

Editor’s Note:

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How to Build Strong Bonds with Readers

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