How to create 80 catchy headlines for your blog post in 30 minutes?

How to create 80 catchy headlines for your blog post in 30 minutes?

Everyone knows the power of a headline.

You spend equal time to create a post and then to create its title.

It shows how important it is to create an attractive headline of your blog post.

I tell you how to create 80 even more than that catchy headlines of your blog post.

You need just 30 minutes to create them. So you can spare more time to create a post.

If you have total four hours to create a post; you can spend 3 and half hours for writing a blog post.

Just in 30 minutes you will create a huge number of catchy titles to pick the best one.

But the question is if I have to use the best one out of them what I would do with the rest.

Lovely question and I would give its lovely answer as well.

For guest post

Pick two from the rest to create guest posts. It will help you promote your post.

For presentation

Make a presentation on another one that is equally good.

For Tweet This

Put two of them within your post inviting readers to tweet it through Tweet This plugin.

Social media share

Create images with ten of them to share on social media to get more clicks. People get bored of same thing so your share with changed title will attract them.

At least half of them you can use to promote your post on social media, create guest post and other promotional material.

catchy headlines

Even then you can store rest of them to create more posts for content curation and to submit your small posts in LinkedIn Share and

In short create a post with complete package to get the maximum results. In this era of stiff competition standalone activity can’t bring huge results.

So let’s begin the journey

Don’t worry. I will not ask you to do meditation or brooding to get the ideas of your blog post title. It is simple and no height of creativity is required.

Just a little common sense is needed though it is getting very uncommon nowadays.

Multipurpose keyword research

Do your keyword research as usual but with the objective of getting more and more highly searched keywords of same nature.

So you would have more ideas. It is not must but try to get more and more same type of keyword of same searches.

For example if you want to share a post on video blogging collect all related keywords like how to make a video, how to create a video, video blogging, tips to create videos, challenges for video blogging, scope of video blogging etc

catchy headlinesCategorize your keywords

Put keywords in excel sheet with category. The ones that could be used to create a how-to post. Also another set to create list post and then rest of them that could be used according to the mood of your headline.

Make final excel sheet

Now create a table with four columns like: S.No – Keyword – Category – Title. Fill the first three columns as you already have done their basic work above. Now let’s conceive the idea of catchy title for each keyword.

25 ideas in one go with Inbound Now

This is the link to get 25 blog post ideas in one-go.  It has built-in formats of 50 titles. You simply have to put your keywords and explaining word into it to get the idea.

catchy headlines

For example if your keyword is writer’s block so your explaining word could be a solution like tips to solve, methods to get rid of or alternate solutions etc.

Simply you have to apply your judgement and can fill in the blanks to get 50 ideas. Maybe due to the nature of your keyword half of them will not work. So you have half that means 25 to pick the best one from them.

Another 5 ideas with HubSpot

This is the link to get another five ideas by just writing your keyword. If you have alternate phrase of same keyword with same number of searches you can get another five easily.

catchy headlines

For example if your keyword is how to create a blog so its alternate could be how to make a blog that has more or less same number of searches.

Up to 50 catchy headlines by rephrasing from Content Forest

Here is the link to get all titles most relevant to your keyword that were already published. They usually are 500 to 1000 if your keyword is highly searched. So pick the best 50 out of them and rephrase them to use to your next blog post.

catchy headlinesRephrasing no problem

Rephrasing is not difficult if you know the basic grammar of parts of speech. A word that defines noun is called adjective and that defines verb is called adverb.

For example tips are defined by an adjective ‘easy’ and ‘work’ is defined with adverb ‘fast’. So in rephrasing you can replace one adjective with another one. Fast could be replaced with quickly. Easy could be with cool.

Big Bonus

catchy headlines

You can also take help from Jon Morrows Headline Hacks and also can use these Power Words to create catchy titles.

No creativity required

It means to conceive any idea not much creativity is required. Thanks to digital technology. Earlier I also used to spend hours and hours to create a few headlines to pick the best one.

But after finding these tools now I hardly spend a few minutes to generate several and finally pick the best one. I also put in stock rest of good one to use them for promotion purpose.

Do you have any other tip to create catchy headlines for blog post? I would love to hear your thoughts. Also how much time you usually take to create a headline. Is it quite easy for you or have to face a lot of difficulty.

I am sure you will share this post on social media with your friends and family in addition to subscribing below my email list to get the updates in your inbox.

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How to create 80 catchy headlines for your blog post in 30 minutes?

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