How To Create Image Dump Website in WordPress

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What is Image Dump Website

Image Dump website are those where user upload or store and share huge amount of images by different category. most of them don’t get traffic from search engine as they don’t provide proper seo factors. but they gets good amount of social and reference traffic.

Problem with Image Dump Website

Problem with image dump website is they store all images on server. very huge amount of pictures, that make difficult to take backups and restore and transferring website from server to server also huge bandwidth and server load.  But we are not going to store any of images on our website instead we are using free image source like Tumblr and Pinterest and posting there  images on our image dump site.

What we are actually going to do is, creating basic website in WordPress and upload huge image links that link will automatically displays as images in website front page, 10 -20 images per page. highly targeting by category. You can also use Advance Tumblr plugin Tumblomatic Automatic Post Generator plugin to create tumblr like website.

BTW This only works on WordPress basic theme or default theme like Twenty Sixteen, Twenty Fifteen. AS other themes need feature images to display on front page and we are not going to upload any image on site so perfect theme are only few that allow all post content on front page. like Twenty Sixteen, Twenty Fifteen. If you try this method and found any other theme works with it then please let us know.

I hope you have WordPress installed. Now To make image Dump site we need two WordPress plugins so install but don’t activate we have to edit it’s code.

Embed image links – by Wonder

Quick Bulk Post & Page Creator

1. Once install go to Plugin> Editor

2. from drop down menu choose Quick Bulk Post & Page Creator plugin.

3. from right side click on includes file name, it will just drop down then click on Post

4. find ‘post_content’ actual code will like this –> ‘post_content’ => ”, replace that code with this one ‘post_content’ => $title,

5. then find this code — ‘post_title’ => $title, and replace it with ‘post_title’ => ”,

once done just save it Activate plugins and clear cache.

6. Now go to Setting > permalink  , we are not adding title or name to post so choose Option Plain or Numeric and Save.

Now website is ready you just have to add image links for that go to Tools option > Quick Post Creator where don’t change anything just past image link in Entries box. max 50 link at time so it will not increase server load. Click Bulk insert. it will automatically create post with image without title or name just images on front page.

You can upload more than 1000 image links in one hour. You can create website to target category wise like uploading only bike images will attract bike lovers just like that. From where you get image links? most of from tumblr why? because they allow image hotlink and they don’t delete image even user removed there account.

How to Get Tumblr image link, All images link from Tumblr user account.

We get many software that allow us to download tumblr images from any user account. but there are very few application that allow us to download list of image link from particular user. here is one best application TumblThree

What is TumblThree?

TumblThree is free application that allow us to download tumblr images also if you just want image links not actual image then it provides list contain image link.

How to get image link using TumblThree?

you’ll get zip or rar file of Tumblthree. extract it. Open TumblThree folder then double click on TumblThree application, don’t need to install just run and close application.

once it start, go to Setting > blog option where uptick all option but tick Download url list Option.

Then copy any tumblr user link, it will automatically add to dashboard. if not then at left bottom,  add URL past that link.

once tumblr user is on dashboard double click on it or just choose add to queue option. after it will appear on right bar, click on it then in details bar Tick download image and download url list. To start Click on Crawl button to stop click pause button. and start again click resume button.

To get images or image link list, go to the Tumblthree folder where file are. open Blog folder in that open tumblr user’s account folder either there will images or image url list. depend on what you choose images to download or just links.

You can also add any other website images too if they allow hotlink.

By using this technique you can create best Image Dump website. simple but partially automatic don’t takes more than hour to work. You can add ads in header and sidebar only as there will no post just images.

To Create More advance Tumblr oriented website you can use Tumblomatic Automatic Post Generator plugin which import tumblr post, images, video to WordPress or just embed them on your website from any tumblr account automatically.

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