How to Earn $100 Per Day From Amazon

How to Earn $100 Per Day From Amazon
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How to Earn $100 Per Day From Amazon

You may have read many stories about people who are actually making thousands of dollars per day from Amazon. Most of us think that it is all scam and no body can earn such a huge money from Amazon. But reality is that Amazon is really a big market and people are really making money from it. It is true though, that only few people are making thousands per day from it. But there are many people who are making around $100 or more from Amazon. In fact if you can earn around $10/day from an amazon based website then you can easily replicate the process to earn $100 per day.

how to earn $100 from amazon imageSo, in this article i will discuss how to make $10/day from one amazon based website. When you are successful with one website just make 9 more such successful websites and your goal will be achieved. Yes, the idea is to make 10 mini Amazon based websites each earning $10 per day.

Let me tell you basic points that will help you make a mini website that can make 10-15 bucks a day from Amazon:

1) Browse and see all of their product categories. Select one category of your choice. For example you may choose Digital cameras category.

2) Choose a good short website name. Don’t worry about keyword in domain name. Just choose the name that shows what your website is about. Google don’t like it if your domain name and website home page title are same. They may penalize your website.

3) Don’t buy godaddy hosting. Instead go for hostgator hosting for reliable service. We don’t want any major down times on our website and also don’t want to block search engine crawlers. See why i don’t recommend hosting.

4) I recommend using WordPress CMS for this website. Select an elegant theme. Don’t use any Amazon banners or graphics on this website. Just use text links for referring people to Amazon.

5) You will make this just for Amazon products. You will not be adding any other Ads on the site like Adsense, Chitika, Infolinks etc. This is to get maximum benefit from your visitors.

6) After you have installed WP then install essential plugins like All in One SEO plugin, Yet Another Related Posts Plugin, Xml Site map generating plugin etc.

7) Now go on Amazon and browse Digital cameras category. Sort all products according to Avg. Customer Reviews. Now you have all digital cameras that are most popular on the site and previous customers have highly recommended them.

8) Just pick one product and write a good review about it. In the start of review add the image of product, mention its price and the number of reviews of product. Then write the product specifications. After that write your review. You can take help from the feedback of customers to write review. A good review can be of around 300-500 words or longer. There is no rule of thumb for this. But longer and detailed reviews convert better as compared to shorter and brief reviews.

9) Once your review is complete, embed your Amazon buy links in the review. I recommend that you should embed buy link 5-8 times in one review. The most important thing: Do add buy link in product image. It means the product image should be clickable and should take the visitor to Product page on Amazon. This is important because many people click product image to buy it.

10) Now just repeat the process and write review on each and every product that has some positive rating. Repeat step 9 and write as many reviews as you can. Give some time to your new baby website and write about 10 reviews per day. In this way you will have about 300 products reviews on your website in 30 days.

11) While writing reviews don’t forget to interlink your website pages, where necessary. At the end of each review there should be related reviews list for visitors who want to know more about other related products. This will increase user engagement with your website.

12) I recommend not to concentrate on back linking to your website. Focus on good product reviews that are useful for your visitors. Just get few links from social bookmarking websites like, and etc. Write 2-3 guest posts on quality websites and get one link per post. A good free resource to find guest blogs is Use your website URL as your anchor text. These few back links are enough for your website for proper indexing and good SERPs.

13) Your goal should be to get around 150-200 search engines visitors per day. You should keep on adding useful reviews till you achieve this goal. Once you are getting 150 visitors per day from Google/Yahoo/Bing you are almost done with your first website.

14) With 150 search engine visitors per day, you will be getting around 50-70 hits on your Amazon buy links. From these 50-70 Amazon visits you can expect around 5-7 sales. If your products are of lower prices, like $5-$20 you can expect 10-15 product sales on average. If product’s prices are around $100 or more, you will be getting about 5 sales. On average you will be earning $10-15 per day in normal days.

15) During special events like Christmas (15 November – 25 December), Mother’s Day (May 1 – May 15), Valentine’s day (Feb 01 – Feb 14) your earnings will be two times or 3 times. It means you will be earning around $25/day from a website that earns $7-$10 during normal days.

16) Once you have achieved above goal with one website, you just need to replicate the process for another niche website. Please keep in mind that sometimes a website may not work for you. In that case don’t put more efforts and time on it. Instead move on to another website. Keep on working till you hit $100/day from Amazon in normal days. It means $250-$300/day during special events.

17) Another suggestion is that don’t interlink your websites. Or Google may ban all of your websites considering it a blog network manipulating Search engine results.

18) Another suggestion is to interlink your Google+ profile with your websites. This increases authority and trust of your website. See how to link your website with your Google+ profile.

I would like to hear about your experiences, comments and suggestions about this topic.

Need a Step By Step Guide to Earn $100/day From Amazon?

If you need a more detailed and step by step guide that you can use to earn $100 or more per day from Amazon as Affiliate, then you should download my E-book from Amazon Kindle. I have put all necessary information that a beginner needs to make their small money making websites.

Kindle Book about making money from amazon associates programWant Complete A-Z Training and Full Resources to Make Money-Making Affiliate Websites?

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  3. Setting up Your Website
  4. Doing SEO to Attract Lots of Traffic
  5. Collecting your Monthly Checks

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How to Earn $100 Per Day From Amazon
How to Earn $100 Per Day From Amazon

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