How to earn from Facebook.

How to earn from Facebook.

Why do you blog? Obviously, “It is my passion and I want to make the living from it.” Every blogger will have the same answer. But, earning is the most difficult part of the journey. Getting rejected from Google Adsense, not able to convert visitors into Affiliate buyers. I know how frustrating it is. However, there is something called Facebook Instant Articles and Facebook Audience Network. It is the best way to earn money till date.

Facebooking is a favorite thing to do today. According to Jillian D’Onfro on Business Insider, globally people spend more than 50 minutes per day on the Facebook app. Now just multiply with 7.5 billion (World population). That’s 375 billion minutes per day, and it is 11959 lifetimes upon keeping 60 years as an average. That is how much we are using facebook per day. Pretty huge traffic, right?

Facebook users are mostly on mobile Facebook. Therefore, Facebook Instant Articles (FIA) and Facebook Audience Network (FAN) works only on Mobile. If you are receiving good numbers of referral traffic from Facebook on your blog, then it is the best way of earning today.

It is a newly developed feature of Mobile Facebook. Unlike the usual blog shares on facebook, the Instant articles serve as its own feeds. Which means, when a user clicks on the instant articles share, it does not direct to your hosting server instead Facebook loads the articles on its server. But it does not mean the traffic will be less on our website. It remains same.

Now you must be wondering why instant articles?

Since the instant articles are loaded from Facebook itself, the page load time is much faster. Sources say that it is 10 times faster than our usual page load.

In this busy world, who gets time to wait for the page to load. If you crosscheck between the Facebook page insights of your blog post share and total traffic you received in Google Analytics, I bet it’s a huge difference. That is because people are not waiting for our blog to load and instead bounce back. That is really sad for bloggers. We put lots of hard works for writing the post and people bounce back without even loading the website.

Well, that is okay now. We have Facebook Instant Articles. It loads like a lightning.

I am sure, you all are well aware of Google Adsense as earnings. Similarly, Audience Network is an Advertisement network powered by Facebook. It is the second most popular banner ads after Google Adsense.

Moreover, it does not have strict policies and criteria like in Google Adsense. Do you have a self-hosted WordPress blog, ten articles written, and a Facebook page? Well, you fulfill the criteria to earn from Facebook Audience Network.

But the only difference is, Facebook Audience Network serves on Mobile Apps and Websites.

This ads network turned out with $ 1 billion revenue a year for Facebook in just two years. Therefore it is recorded as the fastest growth rate of all the advertising network.

Read more on this, from the blog “Why you should be looking at Facebook’s Audience Network” by Andrew Waber.

As I have mentioned earlier, if you receive a good traffic from mobile Facebook referral, you should set up right now. Moreover, the earnings are better than the Google Adsense. The following is my revenue of my Health Blogs.


It was just two months after starting my health blogs and I earned $20. Which is a great start for a newbie and moreover I wrote only 15 posts.

Facebook Audience Network has a Good CPM and CTR. But like Google Adsense, it does depend on demographics.

It is a very long procedure and going to take a lot of time to setup. So I recommend you to grab a coffee and take a break before starting. After all, to earn, you need a little bit of hard work.

Well, I am supposing that you already have a Facebook page and self-hosted WordPress Blog.

You don’t have it? What are you waiting for? Go create it first, write 10 blogs, and come back again.

You can easily create a blog today with the help of WordPress and there are many hosting servers which support WordPress. Furthermore, thousands of tutorial are written on how to open, installing themes and  plugins, writing blogs and everything that you need. After all, thanks to those wonderful and talented senior bloggers out there.

You can start a blog by clicking the Bluehost banner below or on the right sidebar. Bluehost is a very powerful and I personally recommend to host your website on it.

Disclosure: Please do take a note that I get a commission on every account bought through my link. But it does not mean, you will be charged extra. I will be very thankful if you buy through my link. After all, it is how the affiliate earning works and keep this website running.

Are you ready to earn from your blogs?

Congratulations, if you are here, you have a Facebook page and a self-hosted WordPress with 10 blogs written. That is all you need to earn from Facebook Audience Network.

Sign in your Facebook accounts and Click Here to Sign Up.

sign up facebook instant articles

Choose your page in which you want to set up Facebook Instant Articles, agree on the terms and condition and click Access Instant Articles Tools.


Click continue.

Open your Facebook Page and then publishing tools. You can see a new tab in the left sidebar. Now open the sub tab, configuration.



Initial set up:


1) Page role, assign person you want to include as an admin other than you, just in case if this is own by multiple people.

2) If you want to check out facebook Page Manager app for the phone. It makes sharing and maintaining your pages easy and accessible through the phone.

3) Authorize your site. authorize-your-site



  • Open your WordPress dashboard
  • Open theme editor from appearance and then open header.php. Please be sure of what you doing, and create a child theme before editing anything.insert-meta-tag-in-header
  • Paste the meta tag inside your header tag and update the file.
  • Now go back to your Facebook Instant Articles setup. Type in your website without HTTPS or HTTP and claim URL.


  • Site authorization successfully

4. Scroll down and click on styles.


  • Let us begin styling the instant article.


  • Create a new one or edit the default. Upload a logo and assign different fonts and colors of your instant articles.
  • Save the style.

Importing articles from the blog

Add a new plugin Instant article, “all facebook instant articles” in your WordPress.

Download the plugin here. Download now or search for the plugins.


1) Set up the Facebook instant articles.

  • Open settings and then instant articles.


  • Copy your Facebook page id and save.


  • Now complete filling the fields on feeds accordingly.


  • Tracking: Place the Google analytical tracking code or any code that you use to monitor your traffic.
  • Keep the number of articles 10 right now, you can change later. You need 10 articles for Facebook Instant Articles to submit for review.
  • Style of the articles, keep it empty if you are going to use the default style, which you have set up during styling the instant article.


  • Click the button show feeds
  • Copy the URL of the newly opened feeds.

2) Linking instant articles feeds with Facebook.

  • Go back to the instant article setup from publishing tool on the Facebook page.


  • And then Configuration, scroll down to Production RSS, paste your instant article feed URL and Save.


  • Then click on the production articles tab in left sidebar. You will see the articles from our WordPress blog has loaded.


  • If the articles are not loaded, you probably have configured wrong, you need to start from the beginning.
  • If the articles are loaded, then you are ready to go.

Go back to the configuration. Click the submit for review button. It usually takes 1-3 business days.

Now bookmark this post and come back after 1-3 days.

Open your Facebook page and then publishing tools. approved

Congratulations, now you are ready to make earnings from Facebook Audience Network.

Facebook Audience Network

Scroll down under configuration to Adience Network. Accept the terms and conditions, click get started.


You can see some extra features has loaded under your Audience Network. Click on Your Dashboard.


Above is the Dashboard of the Facebook Audience Network.



Under Audience Network, open placements tab in left sidebar and then click Create Ad Placement.


Enter your new Ad name and type of Ad display format and save. I like native ads than banner because it supports video and multimedia ads. And in some review says that it has high CPM. I haven’t tested myself. Anyway,

I like native ads than banner because it supports video and multimedia ads. And in some review, it says that it has high CPM. But I haven’t tested myself. Anyway, will update you when I test.

Copy the newly created Ads placement ID.

Open you Facebook Instant Articles in your WordPress dashboard. Paste the Ad placement id code, Activate the audience network and save settings.


Under your Feed Tab, increase the number of Articles to be imported to Production feeds in Facebook. It depends on your number of articles and moreover you can always change anytime.


Going back to your Production Articles on your Facebook Page, select all the articles and delete the articles. This 10 articles which were uploaded during the initial settings does not have Facebook Audience Network. Therefore you need to delete it and update it again.


Now go to your WordPress posts. Select one of your posts in quick edit mode. Update it as a draft and update again as Publish this time. This is for sending your RSS feed along with Facebook Audience Network to Instant articles in Facebook Page.


This is indeed a very good option if you do not want to publish every single post manually. Under Step 3 of the Instant Article configuration, you can opt the feature by sliding the Auto-import on. It saves time and I strongly recommend to do that.


All the posts will be loaded in the production articles. But you might get warning signs in some post like above. This is due to some problem while rendering but you can easily fix it.


Open the articles with warning signs, check what is the problem and correct it. A piece of cake, right? As you can see, my problem says, could not download the image. I might have removed the image or changed the image URL. I need to go back to my post with the warning in WordPress, check whether images are configured correctly or not and images are not removed.


Update your account information, fill up your Tax forms under payout in Facebook Audience Network. It is necessary to fill up those to receive payments in your account.

Finally, everything is ready and you are good to go and make some earnings. So, share your blogs on facebook and start earning.

I know, it is a very long procedure but earnings always come with hard work. And I hope, I have not made any confusion during the tutorial. Always leave a comment if you need any help with regard to anything, I will be glad to sort out the things for you.

All the best for your journey in blogging.

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